Avoiding Holiday Stress: $200 Minted Giveaway

Avoid Thanksgiving, Hanukah, Christmas, and New Year’s stress by ordering your holiday cards now with this $200 Minted Giveaway! Contest closed: winner has been chosen.

Avoiding Holiday Stress

Friends, it’s time to start prepping for the holiday season, with Thanksgiving here soon, Hanukah, Christmas, and New Year’s right around the corner.

What better way to celebrate, than a $200 giveaway from Minted to help you get your holiday cards prepared NOW! Also, if you are looking for an easy dessert to make this week for breakfast, brunch, or dinner, don’t forget this delicous Pear Upside Down Cake Recipe!

Making the card

Before Abby went off to college, we took advantage of the beautiful central Oregon weather, and headed out to one of the meadows near our house.

Avoiding Holiday Stress

Of course Haggis came with us.

What I love about Minted is all the designs, how you can add pictures to the back with your personalized message. Plus, did you know that you can get your own personalized postage stamps? You can also plan your own parties, with very festive decor!

Avoiding Holiday Stress

Love the printed return address, on the envelopes, the recycled paper that you can choose, your choice or corners (rounded, squared, scalloped) …

Minted makes it all super, super easy!

Avoiding Holiday Stress

Avoiding holiday stress

I’m not stressed about this holiday season, but that’s partly because I’m focusing on these simple steps, and the art of slowing down:

1. Keep it simple. I’ve always written about letting go of traditions that do not work anymore for your family. This year, living in a new home, in a new area, with smaller space, we will simplify. Fewer commitments, less sugar, less holiday decor and clutter. More gatherings, more healthy meals, more memories, and a real tree. More slowing down …

2. Home is the most important. Whether we’re out partying, getting a tree, going to events, movies, concerts, church … most of our memories are made in our home. Make it what you want it to be, but what I’ve learned is to not drag the family into my expectations (usually revolving around old family traditions). Keep a fresh attitude, decorate simply, make good food, invite people over to make real memories.

3. Order holiday cards early. There’s nothing like waiting until the last minute for holiday cards. Not a good idea. It adds stress on you, your family, and to be honest … I really like to take my time when addressing the envelopes, and thinking about the people we are sending them to. Maybe while sipping a cup of tea, Haggis by my side, my hubby helping me … make it enjoyable!

$200 Minted Giveaway

And I’m glad I can start on my cards today (with my Good Earth cup of tea) … because they have arrived!

Get your cards ordered now, and comment to enter to win $200!

What family photo will you be using for your holiday card this year?

Contest closed: winner has been chosen by random drawing: KEverett

Contest ends 11/25/16 at midnight. Winner will be contacted by email.

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This post is sponsored by Minted, but as always, all opinions are my own.


  1. We are using a photo of the twins at the beach at sunset. Just too darned cute!

  2. Love the picture of your family!  We will all be together at Thanksgiving.  We should probably take a before meal picture, it maybe difficult to get everyone out of their comfortable chairs after eating turkey!  Wishing you a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving!

  3. We hope to take a photo on Thanksgiving at my grandfather’s farm in Va. Fingers crossed the weather cooperates! 

  4. Ours is always a picture of the kids and our dog in front of the tree.

  5. I love Minted!! My husband isn’t a big photo fan, so I keep trying to sneak pictures of us so I have a variety to choose from. Not an easy task! Lol! Love your card choice!!

  6. We are using a summer photo of the family; thanks for the chance.
    jslbrown2009 at aol dot com

  7. We will probably try to get a photo at Thanksgiving of our entire family or just include a picture of our two kids.

  8. We haven’t made the choice yet. Waiting to be with Emily to choose. Tradition!!

  9. After a rather hard year for both my husband and I, due to health annoyances, we are doing a restart and have a photo shoot scheduled. It is wonderful to not be working so I can take time to enjoy doing cards this year.
    Really like the simple designs! I had not heard of Minted before and after seeing their website I can’t wait to use them for several things I have been wanting to do. :)

  10. We will be using a picture from last thanksgiving.

  11. I will use a photo of my kids in front of the Christmas tree.

  12. We have some great photos from a recent Disney race and plan to use one of them. I will never outgrow Goofy! 

  13. A pic of my sons and me taken will hiking near the Wisconsin dells. 

  14. We are a family of 15 that will be in Sunriver over thanksgiving and hope to get a picture of us all or at least our seven grandchildren with us. Looking forward to our time over there to relax and fingers crossed for some snow. Last year was beautiful with the 15+ inches of snow 

  15. I” hoping to get a good photo of my girls while we’re at my families farm for Thanksgiving…otherwise, I don’5 know what we’all do! ?

  16. Every year on Black Friday, we avoid the shopping centers and head west to our favorite Christmas Tree Farm. We take family photos and one of them will be used for our annual Christmas card. The kids (26, 25 and 20) are already looking forward to Thanksgiving and all of our family traditions. Can’t wait!

  17. we’d probably use one from my youngest daughters senior photo session, but we’ll have to take another one also since our son-in-law (so weird to say still) couldn’t make it for the senior one.

  18. We are a retired couple with a small dog. We have a photo session scheduled for Wednesday morning. Have used Minted before and love their designs and service.

  19. We are using our selfie from Sevilla this year!  Thanks for posting about Minted, great reminder.

  20. We’ve always done a family Christmas card with a picture of the family on the beach.

  21. My sister’s children will be on my cards.

  22. I love everything Minted!   Thanks for the tips.

  23. Just got our family photos taken, with a new baby this year! Now all we need to do is order our cards! 

  24. Just me and my dogs on my Xmas card this year.

  25. Love the encouragement to keep it simple!

  26. Just doggies on this years card.

  27. We will be using a picture that was taken at our 50th Anniversary.

  28. Definitely one with Maggie our black lab. We have several pics to choose from. She’s a lot of fun. 

  29. We had a family photo done this summer at the beach. I’ll use that one. 

  30. We just got a new puppy so she’ll probably be featured.

  31. I will be using a new family photo we had taken this year on our beach trip!

  32. Our kids, the dog and the cats in front of the Christmas tree!

  33. I will be using our photo taken in Hawaii

  34. We’ll try to take a family photo over Thanksgiving to use!

  35. We are using a cute fall picture of the girls. The friend who took the pictures really caught their personalities!

  36. We usually get family photos done, but used our photo budget for newborn photos when our youngest arrived last December.  So we will be using a family selfie we took on vacation as the sun was setting over Lake Michigan.  Thanks for hosting.

  37. It has to be a collage as the four of us were never all together since last Christmas! I actually just realized that because of your question! :( Both my kids are on the east coast and we’re on the west coast (and they’ll be with their grandparents in Michigan for Thanksgiving)! Minted looks like make top quality cards!

  38. We had pictures done on the Canadian Thanksgiving holiday in October. 

  39. I recently got photos taken of my son and I!  They’re the first time that he and I got professional ones taken,  and he’s almost two!  So I’m really excited to finally do our first card! 

  40. We’re using a family photo of our miniature schnauzer and dorky for our holiday card this year.

  41. I adore Minted. My family and I just did a mini session with our photographer and I can’t wait to get our proofs so we can get those holiday cards out!

  42. It’s never *too* difficult to choose a photo to share with loved ones for the holidays, since we actually take very few of ourselves! Probably a hiking snap from a CO trip, or maybe just one of the cats…

  43. I hope to get a picture of all 8 of us at Thanksgiving. Coordinating schedules with older kids is difficult. 

  44. We had some fall pictures taken, so we will use one of those for our Christmas cards.

  45. We’re getting back on the card wagon after skipping last year. The breather was well needed. I’m actually excited about them this year!

  46. I always love seeing your cards!  I think the one with Haggis framed for the dinner theft was my favorite favorite!  We still need to take one!

  47. Using a vacation picture of our sailboat off Anegada, BVI with hubby walking down the beach… Super excited about this one! Your family pics are gorgeous.

  48. i love good earth tea! the sweet & spicy flavor is my favorite :)
    we are using a picture we took in a local park this fall with all the leaves orange and yellow (me, my husband, and toddler). i would have loved to have our dog in it too, but i took the pictures with a tripod/self timer and it was hard enough to get a shot with a toddler looking/not freaking out :p

  49. We took some photos at a nearby brewery (sounds strange, but they have the most lovely grounds in the country, it’s like a park).

  50. Our family photo we took in Fiji this summer. On the back, we will feature our three kids ages 14, 12 and 7 each up on a surfboard. And a small pic of us celebrating 20 years of marriage. 

  51. We took some photos at the beach and in Discovery Cove. We might use one of those or take an updated one. I haven’t made up my mind yet. Thanks for the giveaway. Happy Thanksgiving and an early Merry Christmas everyone.

  52. We are going to take some of the kids in front of the tree once it goes up this week!

  53. We took a photo in front of my daughter and her husband’s fireplace this fall. She was holding her little one who was wearing a I’m going to be a big brother shirt. That should be a fun Christmas announcement!

  54. We moved to Chicago from WA state in 2015 and haven’t taken a good family photo in a year or so.  But, we hope to venture into Chicago this December to look a the Macy’s store front displays and hopefully, take a great family photo somewhere in there.  A little last minute, but keeping my fingers crossed.

  55. We still need to take one! But I definitely am getting a beautiful gold foil design from minted!

  56. I haven’t selected my picture yet.

  57. We are using a photo of us all together from last Christmas!

  58. What a great giveaway! You’d think as a family photographer, I’d have plenty of family photos to choose from. But I haven’t been able to get one of our own family yet! Maybe this week! 

  59. We usually put a few pictures on our cards, but definitely one of us on vacation in Nova Scotia earlier this year!

  60. Lovely cards!

  61. minted is the best!!!

  62. I always use a picture of the kids in nice dress clothes. Most people want to see the kids versus my husband and myself.

  63. We are using our tree farm photo! :)

  64. My family will be together Thursday so I’m hoping all 22 grandkids will be there (with their parents) and ready for a family photo. That’s what I will be using for my card this year and hoping for the Minted win. Thanks!

  65. We’ll be leaving (Bend) and going to my sister’s for Thanksgiving. My dad always gets great family pics. Unfortunately, my husband won’t be there. Might try to photoshop him in.

  66. I would use a family photo of us on vacation in Colorado!

  67. My husband and I are in grad school so we took a few pictures together in front of our favorite building that we like but I hope over Thanksgiving we are able to get a few more shots with extended family and friends. Love Minted and love your thoughtd about the Holidays.  Sometimes I get so bogged down I forget what is really important. 

  68. Family picture taken at church that’s 1/2 the challenge finding somebody to take your picture it always turns out better that way then trying to set up your camera somewhere with the timer. At least when you have kids the faster the picture taking is over the better. 

  69. We will use a picture of our kids in our favorite outdoor area.

  70. We are honestly so behind on family photos. haha. Just a beautiful foil pressed card would be perfect for us this year.

  71. A gorgeous beach photo with the family on Anna Maria Island Florida this year..the color of the water is AMAZING!

  72. We will be using a family selfie from vacation!  We used up our photography budget for a newborn shoot in January : D  Thanks!

  73. We had our pictures taken at a local park and we chose one on a bridge with some great trees and sunlight in the background. Thanks for the great giveaway! Love your photos!

  74. Family photo of us playing in the snow.

  75. We are using an older family photo done in a studio.

  76. I love minted..great giveaway.
    And, I like your rear view photo..a lot!

  77. We do funny family portraits every year playing in the snow, sled riding with our dog chasing us etc.

  78. I am hoping to take a good family picture this weekend of myself, my husband and my two children.

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