Especially Auntie Ellen: RE Book Party Celebration!

It was a night like none other.

A few weeks ago in the heart of downtown, at this fabulous home store in Medford, Oregon, a celebration took place.

A few weeks prior, if you happened to drive by this window on East Main Street, you would have seen this display in the front window. (Thank you to the creative and talented KJ!)

Yes, my husband and children planned a wonderful, intimate celebration for my new book, The Reluctant Entertainer. But as I walked through the front doors of this beautiful store, my eyes caught an amazing flower arrangement on the book signing table …

They were from my St. Louis cousins, and if you read the post about this party you’ll already know all about my Auntie Ellen. (Also, my book is dedicated to my late Auntie Ellen.) So I read the card carefully. And then on the back it read …

My Aunt Ellen had style and pizazz. She knew how to throw some of the best parties in St. Louis. And many learned from her as she passed the art of hospitality down to her children and family members. So in a way I felt like Auntie was with us on this night of celebration.

My husband gave a heartfelt talk about the RE message and how it is helping people today, and Auntie was mentioned (along with my late Mother).

A book party? I struggled with the idea–for some reason I went back and forth in my mind about whether I even wanted to have this celebration. At one point, I even canceled it and said, “No.” But the very next day 2 things happened. I ran into my good friend, Carrie, who owns Goodness Gracious Catering in Grants Pass, OR – and said she wanted to cater my party for me!

So many supportive friends.

I signed book after book.

Gave a lot of hugs and received a lot of hugs.

Two very special ladies – my sisters.

Exactly one year ago, my friend Dee and I met to begin the recipe reviews, chapter order, etc. in my book. She had promised to help me. My kitchen was in the middle of its remodel, and I remember how overwhelmed I felt. I asked Dee, “Will anyone really buy my book?” Dee reminded me just this week that God had a plan for me, and for others, by sharing the RE message. (Dee with her husband Bill, and a post about Dee and I reading through the RE galleys, here.)

The food was amazing – Thank you Goodness Gracious Catering!

Music and relaxation in a beautiful setting.

A time of joy and celebration over a long, hard project completed. I really wish my editor, Natasha, could have come! She (and Melinda, who did layout and design) deserved so much credit for this beautiful book, that is for sure.

I was indebted to the owners of Terra Firma Home, Mark and Krissy, for their love, warmth, and generosity. (There’s no way we could have fit 100 friends into our home.)

And once again, especially Auntie Ellen, whom I felt her love from afar.

Wouldn’t it be fun if we could all celebrate RE together?

I’d love to spend time with my readers. In a few weeks I’ll be attending BlogHer Food ’10 conference and hope to meet some of my blogging friends there. I’m also excited because they will be carrying my book in their on-site store!

(Thank you to my daughter who took the pictures at the party. Even though we missed pictures with many friends, I still think she did a fantastic job capturing the moment. Love you, Abby! And Garrett, Elliot, Paul, and Krissy.)


  1. Such an awesome celebration!!!

  2. The first picture of you is fabulous and what a night to remember. Definitely something to celebrate. I’m going to get my hands on your book. I’ve been sending subtle hints for a Christmas present. LOL! Subtle like, flat out telling and sending links. HA!
    Have a fabulous day my friend.

  3. Sandy, you look so beautiful! Congratulations again!

  4. The pictures are beautiful! I know it was a very memorable evening. The food looked fabulous as well. I am really enjoying reading your book. Congratulations on it’s success!

  5. So proud of you! Congrats on a wonderful party and wow 100 friends! How wonderful! I don’t know anyone in my new town so my book release party is going to be just a tad bit smaller LOL

  6. Love your book and the book party looks amazing. You are my inspiration.


  7. So proud of you Sandy. (Ellen is too). Can’t wait to purchase the book!

  8. I wish I could have been there too! Looks like it was a lovely evening, truly reflecting your message and your heart.

  9. Hooray! You look so pretty, and it’s so neat to see pictures of your book signing!

  10. What a gift you are to so many Sandy. Thanks for inspiring me! Congradulations!

  11. Congratulations! What a lovely evening.

  12. Again, I’m so very proud of you! My heart swells seeing all the beauty in your life! Wish I could’ve made it! But so happy to get to see pics of a beautiful evening! Congratualtions! You deserve this!

  13. CONGRATULATIONS!!! You deserved that party. :o)

  14. What a beautiful party and it looks like an amazing time was had by all! Congratulations on your book as well!

  15. Every author deserves a fabulous party with wonderful friends and family! I own a copy of your book myself, the party was well deserved! Congratulations!

  16. Oh yay! I’m so glad you did this and didn’t cancel. It is celebration worthy and so appropriate! Congratulations again and again. So happy for you and for the thousands of women who are/will benefit from your inspiring, encouraging message. Love you, friend.

  17. Many, many congratulations from Alabama. I received my book a couple of weeks ago and it is the first thing I pick up at night after dinner. You are a very blessed lady! Keep up the good work.

  18. Okay, I have two things to say:
    1)Congratulations on the book party!
    2) You are one hot mama!!!

  19. What a night….one you’re likely to never forget! I love seeing the pics, and feel the warmth from the photo’s. Congrats to you! PS. I have this book at the top of my Christmas Wish List. Can’t wait to see it!

  20. Awwwwww, Sandy! What a beautiful party. And what a night to remember! Congratulations!

  21. Yes Sandy! Clearly someone will buy your book:>) I just purchased two, one for myself and another for a dear friend who is starting a hospitality ministry in her church. You r book is wonderful, I can’t put it down, and when I am done, I will be passig it along to my daughter who just moved into her first home. It’s a beautiful book and a wonderful subject. Congratulations I am sure God is using you to help people connect:>)

  22. I got it; I got it!!!! I am looking forward to snuggling down in my newly made fall bed linens and a cup of herbal tea tonight and reading it cover to cover! I am so excited. My husband is traveling and your book is my date tonight!!!

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