Holiday Entertaining Giveaway with KitchenAid, Harry & David, and More!

RE Entertaining GiveawayIt’s the most wonderful time of the year, the best season of giving, and a time for us all to step outside of our comfort zones and try something new.

To all of my wonderful readers here at RE, I am grateful for each of you, and I want to offer this amazing giveaway today to encourage YOU to host a REAL dinner party!

Giving of yourself, putting the time into planning the menu and creating a delightful party-a joyful time of celebration-making sure it all comes together for your guests, is what REAL entertaining is all about.

Entertaining is not showy, but down-to-earth, relaxing, rejuvenating, refreshing, and REAL.

I SO love cooking, sharing, decorating and entertaining this time of year.

Keeping simplicity in mind, here’s how you can do it:

1. Blend a delicious soup, Butternut Squash Soup with Pancetta and Crispy Sage, and serve to your guests for a casual Soup Night with soup, bread, salad, and Dulce de Leche Pear Pie w/ Oatmeal Cookie Crust, using Harry & David’s organic pears. Delicious.

2. Don’t forget to wear your new Hip Hostess apron!

3. Make sure the spirit of Christmas is in the air with free Pandora music playing, and a NEW beautiful piece of wall art, Joy to the World!

Follow this delicious MENU:

Goat Cheese, Honeycrisp Apples, Honey & Rosemary Thins

Beauchamp Orchard Salad with Honeycrisp apples or pears

Butternut Squash Soup with Pancetta and Crispy Sage (recipe in Lori’s book)

Pumpkin Biscuits or crunchy bread

Dulce de Leche Pear Pie w/ Oatmeal Cookie Crust (recipe in Lori’s book)

ONE reader will WIN ALL of the following items:

KitchenAid® 5-Speed Contour Diamond Vortex Blender (color stainless steel)
Need a blender that is reliable? Love this KitchenAid 5-speed blender that has an ultimate blending performance to stir, chop, mix, puree and liquify, with pulse 1-5 settings and a crush ice mode. It’s great for pureeing and making very nice smooth soups! (Recipe above).

KitchenAid 5-speed blender

The Recipe Girl Cookbook: Dishing Out the Best Recipes for Entertaining and Every Day
Lori’s cookbook is amazing with an easy layout, delicious recipes (did you notice the soup and dessert above?), and for entertaining, she gives the gluten free option, too. You have to try her Dulce de Leche Pear Pie w/ Oatmeal Cookie Crust and Butternut Squash Soup with Pancetta and Crispy Sage recipes!

RecipeGirl Cookbook Cover 600

Harry & David Organic Royal Riviera® Pears
This delicious box of pears, harvested and packed in accordance with the USDA National Organic Program, is an amazing gourmet organic gift to give, but also to make stellar recipes with, like the Dulce de Leche Pear Pie w/ Oatmeal Cookie Crust, or use the pears for delicious appetizers! You can also order or give a larger box, here.  And then top it off with a variety of organic fruit, Organic Triple Treat® Fruit Deluxe. So many choices … and great ways to give healthy gifts over the holidays, from the branch to doorstep!

Harry & David Organic Pears

Red Letter Words – 11×14 gallery wrap canvas – YOU PICK!
Dee’s wall art with an “erased chalkboard” look, is modern and casual but with a vintage touch. They offer many beautiful pieces with scriptures, hymns and inspirational sayings to choose from, that speak to your heart. For Christmas .. in your dining room where you’ll be serving your guests – sometimes the MESSAGE speaks louder than words. Visit Dee’s site, here.


The Hip Hostess – beautiful sheath apron!
Debbie’s beautifully sewn aprons will last for generations. Check out her Etsy shop, here. Tie one around your waste and get to work in the kitchen whipping up a delicious meal for your family and friends! She designed this apron with clean lines and simple design, using high quality fabrics with a kitchy cuteness. The button detail & scoop neck give this apron a chic modern look. A perfect gift for the hostess, or cook – if you’re looking for gift ideas this season.

Hip Hostess Apron

Holiday Entertaining Giveaway!


What 2 things hold you back from down-to-earth, easy entertaining in your home?

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You will have a total of 13 chances to win if you do all of the above. The only requirement for the giveaway is to answer the question! USA entrants, only. 5 days only! Contest ends  12/13/13 at midnight PT.

Red Letter Words, KitchenAid, The Hip Hostess, Harry & David, and Recipe Girl all provided product for the giveaway. Thank you loyal sponsors!


  1. 1. People’s reluctance to come – their assumption that if they enjoy my hospitality, they have to respond in kind.
    2. The general busy-ness of life.

  2. I always want lots of options so everyone finds something they like to eat. And I want everything thing to look perfect, even though I know that’s not usually possible.

  3. Too many kids’ activities going on & my husband owns his own business (CPA) so he works a LOT.

  4. Overextending myself and too many activities!

  5. Menus that are too ambitious and clutter!

  6. I follow you on Pinterest!

  7. The only thing that holds me back is busy schedules for everyone and maybe money. I love to have people in, but it is super hard to pick a date that works.

  8. I always host my family, but I have always wanted to have friends over for a holiday party. I have always been nervous about everyone getting along, and if it would be a success!

  9. Football games and swim meets…. time and schedule!

  10. PS I follow you on Pinterest & Twitter!

  11. schedule and feeling like everything needs to be ‘perfect’

  12. Never seems to be enough time and I am exhausted after working long hours.

  13. Being too busy and stressed, feeling like my house is never put together enough.

  14. Total confidence in my cooking abilities and cooking for people with dietary restrictions.

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  19. Small quarters and a husband who is not a big help!

  20. Too busy to plan & pick a menu……everyone likes!

  21. I follow on twitter as Halleelujahmom

  22. 1. Space and 2. Seating to accommodate even an appetizer-style gathering

  23. I follow you on facebook as well, as Holly Campbell… Thank you for the generous giveaway! :)

  24. The size of my kitchen and the size of my house. If the “Holidays” were in the summer months in Ohio I would have it made but small space limits us for even family gatherings! I have all the gumption and the most necessary set-up as I used to entertain before I got married, now I don’t have any space to put anyone! Makes me very sad.

  25. 1. a clean house and 2. ideas of what to serve that will make everyone happy!

  26. I like you on all those social media outlets!! :)

  27. I worry about the cleanliness of my house and the behavior of my children :) And finding time to plan for get togethers at my home!

  28. 1. Space
    2. Seating

  29. Time!
    Being a relative new-comer to the neighborhood – not knowing a lot of folk… but maybe an open house is just the thing to change that!

  30. 1) Trying to get everyone together
    2) Lack of preparation time.

  31. I am a fan on Facebook

  32. Wanting the house to be perfect, even though I know you say not to worry about it and menu ideas.

  33. I follow you on Twitter.

  34. I like/follow you on all of the social media outlets mentioned!

  35. The two biggest obstacles to entertaining are budget and how to keep the kids (of various ages) fed (without having to make a second kid friendly meal) and entertained. A very close third on my list…and what has kept me from entertaining most recently during the holidays…is that I find entertaining drains every last bit of my energy. And I need and prefer to have my energy available to my kids/family this time of year.

  36. I follow you on twitter.

  37. I’d say the one thing that holds me back is time..taking the time to invite people over and realizing it can be very simple.

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  40. I waste a lot of energy worrying!!! Organization, planning, cleaning, & preparation. I love it all when I have the time.. Time & my managing of it may be the problem.. Thanks for your Blog we love it!!

  41. I love following all of your Pinterest boards.. great thank you

  42. time and thinking of what to serve

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  45. 1. The tiny size of my house
    2. Lack of inspiration for cooking

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  50. My husband (he would rather not be bothered and when he gets behind the idea it turns into too much effort – he likes to impress where I don’t) and the general business of life.

  51. Worrying about how clean (or not) my house is and taking on too much in an attempt to make the event “memorable”. haha, and then the only thing i remember is how much work it was to put on!

    I liked, followed, and tweeted! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  52. We actually do have parties and get togethers, did so the weekend before Thanksgiving, it was great. BUT….I was stressed about fitting 11 people in my small home/ dining area. Also, I always get stressed about being ready on time!!!

  53. I just “Liked” RE on FB…thanks for a chance to win!!!!

  54. 1) I feel like I can’t get my house clean enough to invite people in (mainly due to the kids clutter) and 2) it’s hard to coordinate with all my friend’s busy schedules.

  55. Not having enough time in the day is what holds me back but I try to plan and balance it all out !!

  56. Perfectionism and small home.

  57. Follow you on FB.

  58. !. In all honesty, I hate my carpets and am embarrassed of them.
    2. Being prepared ahead of time with the timing to give others advanced notice of my invite.

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  62. I liked you on Facebook. What holds me back is lack of planning, and the quantity of food I need to prepare for guests. I have six kids at home.

  63. Sad to say, but don’t have anyone to entertain & a small home

  64. Family arriving to early and hungry.
    Hose no being cleaned the way I want it to stay.

  65. I love to have people over but often business and just not making time, keeps it from happening.

  66. 1 The need to clean and reclean the house for six weeks before.

    2 The fear of failure.

  67. I would say not having my house clean enough ( I have a 1 year old boy) and feeling like I dont have a house that looks like a Pottery Barn catalog.

  68. 1. Hate to say it but time is always a factor.
    2. Coming up with an easy menu that looks and tastes good!

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  71. What a fun giveaway, Sandy–Thank you!!

    We host a lot for our extended family, which is fun, but in general, I am held back from entertaining by
    1. We just moved to the Portland area this past year, and we still don’t know many people and
    2. Our three kids are now old enough that finding time when everyone’s home is a genuine challenge.
    But we’re still trying! I miss hosting people more frequently; it’s one of life’s great blessing to me.

  72. I follow you on Interest. Dee Fedor / OrangieLemon

  73. I follow on Twitter. Last comment was Interest!

  74. I always try to make too much food and worry if people will come or not

  75. I love the planning and cooking/baking part of entertaining but I hate cleaning-cleaning my apartment before having people over and cleaning up the dishes afterward!
    I am also held back by my very limited number of dishes and silverware : )

  76. 1. I worry that I need to have my house totally picked up and looking spectacular, especially in the holiday season.

    2. And sometimes after entertaining the kids are a train wreck the next day because it was so much stimulus. Hosting something small and just with adults seems to work but takes planning.

  77. Three kiddos and their crazy schedules and not having the perfect home to entertain in.

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  80. Sometimes money/budget holds me back and often the thought of managing my children holds me back from inviting people over.

  81. 1. Too many people on too many different diets (gluten free, diabetic, allergies, vegan, paleo, vegetarian, etc) so hard to find a menu that pleases everybody. 2. computer, scanner, printer, etc.on dining room table.

  82. Clutter and stress over what to serve and entertainment.

  83. I like RE on Facebook.

  84. I feel like everything has to be perfect with the food, decorating and my house and I get overwhelmed putting to much thought into this. This usually discourages me from doing anything.

  85. I enjoy following you on Pinterest!

  86. What holds me back is 1. fear of mistakes with the food (which is silly because friends/family aren’t going to hold that against you) 2. lack of space (but I hope to fix that next year by moving to a bigger place).

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  90. I would love to have the courage to mix things up with the guest list. Meaning, inviting guests that don’t know one another. I’m also reluctant to invite guests to come ALL the way to our house instead of meeting up somewhere.

  91. 1. Having moved a year ago, we’re still just starting to get to know people. It takes a lot of emotional energy to ALWAYS host people we don’t know well. Sometimes we’re just tired.
    2. It’s easy to get so busy, especially this time of year, that we just don’t have time to have people over.

  92. I like you on FB!

  93. I follow your boards on Pinterest!

  94. Busy schedule and hubby away for works a lot.

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  98. shared on google+
    jc c

  99. -

  100. Trying to coordinate a date that works for all!

  101. -

  102. I shared your page on FB! Great giveaway Sandy.

  103. 1. My house is not put together enough – open walls, etc. projects half done everywhere, embarrassing.
    2. Other people’s constraints like specific dietary needs, or thinking they don’t have time, or can’t reciprocate, so thy don’t come – ‘but we’ll have to do that at some other nebulous, unspecified time. quirky smile’
    3. Financial concerns when some are not willing or able to contribute to the food situation (though their car is piled high with McDonald’s bags.)
    4.Dealing with inevitable situations that will arise when there are many children in one place and most of their parents respond as if, as hostess, it is your job also to babysit and otherwise act as surrogate parents to their children as well as your own whilst they bum around enjoying the feast, fun, and conversation. (see #1 in relation)
    5. Open rude critiques on everything from our location to the food to the decor because it produces uproarous laughter and obviously we aren’t high class enough for others expectations.
    6. After trying again and again, systematically eliminating rude people from our list : those who cannot carry on a positive conversation for more than 3 minutes at a time, and those who don’t appreciate our preferences for no alcohol, tobacco, tv, texting at the table/ during meal time, bringing your pets, climbing on and otherwise abusing our furniture and tables, walking on our floors with the boots you wear in the oil field all day, attempting to potty train in one evening – at our house, driving on the lawn, stealing from our home while there, or when leaving not getting us in trouble with our neighbors and the police for breaking the noise code, and those who simply will… not… leave…. – who else to try?

    I think my comment has a tone to it as if I am frustrated. I am, but I will keep trying for that magical balanced night with little drama. At the very least, each disaster of a night has produced many opportunities to teach our children about common courtesy, how having a lot of money / things isn’t as important as having character and class, manners, appropriate behaviour and decorum, hosts as well as guests need to be respected, sometimes family is safer than acquaintances and friends, and there are people out there who are thankful for your efforts – you just have to keep trying.

  104. Never having the house clean enough, and scheduling around kids’ nap and bedtimes.

  105. The two things that continually hold me back are my confidence in my abilities and my children ;)

  106. Time and not comfortable.

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  108. I follow you on pinterest and “like” you on Facebook!

  109. I follow Reluctant Entertainer on Pinterest

  110. Trying to match people’s schedules and time to enjoy preparing for the festivities!

  111. What 2 things hold you back from down-to-earth, easy entertaining in your home?

    1. My clutter. I keep a very clean house but I love piles. Piles don’t work with people so I have to move a lot of stuff. I wish I weren’t a clutter person but I am.
    2. Time. I work full-time and am exhausted on weekends and evenings. When to even shop? I love to both cook and bake and love entertaining. Time really holds me back.

  112. I follow you on Twitter

  113. And… I follow you on Facebook too.

  114. I’m starting to feel like a groupie… I follow your Pinterest boards too.

  115. and…. Instagram too! You make me drool on a daily basis with your photos. Pics of pears especially!

  116. Family and old friends live far away and still working on making new friends that we would feel comfortable entertaining.

  117. Just tweeted about the giveaway.

  118. Space is really limited in our apartment. Also I need more entertaining dishes/platters

  119. 1. I never know what to make to serve guests.
    2. Not enough seating for guests.

  120. I follow you on Pinterest.

  121. I like you on Facebook

  122. 3 things: my 8YO, 6YO, and 4YO! (Actually, they’re cool. It’s their toys & art stuff that take over the table.)

  123. I follow you on FB! :)

  124. Being old and slow is the biggest factor but I if I start early and plan well I’m OK. Just not go at spur on the moment…I too tired by the time the party begin from scurring around.

  125. I am actually the main person in our family and group of close friends that DO entertain. Lately, I’ve let the fear of a couple damaged areas of my home hold up from inviting people over.

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  128. The biggest thing that keeps me from entertaining is a desire of wanting my house to look perfect . I’m working on overcoming this! The other thing would be a busy schedule and feeling tired.

  129. I am the only person in my house, but I am being able to invite. 16 people ( 7 are my grandkids )

    I Ifollow you in Facebook and with your I ideas, pictures and recipes , wouldn’t be. too difficult .

    I love to entertain my family and friends, so I use all help I can.

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  132. 1. I develop a little bit of anxiety while I await the event. It’s funny, because if someone just drops by, I’m completely comfortable offering anything/everything I have. It’s just the anticipation of a planned event that gets to me.
    2. I like/fan/follow/subscribe: Facebook , Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, Twitter (@lexiquin)
    3. Tweet!

  133. 1. Fear of failure
    2. Fear of people not wanting to join in

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  134. 1. my husband’s perfectionism makes it hard for him to enjoy entertaining
    2. scheduling

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  136. 1. Fear of the meal not tasting delicious.

    2. Fear of the house not looking beautiful.

  137. The two things holding me back are:
    1. Clutter
    2. Time

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  140. 2 things:
    Busyness of life
    Not enough energy

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  144. I liked you on Facebook and Pinterest, in addition to my comment above. :)

  145. Finances and others dietary needs.
    Lynn G.

  146. I definitely has the misconception that I must have everything cute and perfect looking. Half of the time I’m not worried about how something will taste, but if it looks good. I am also VERY slow at cooking/preparing even though I love being in the kitchen. So a few friends over for appetizers would still involve me up until 2:00am with nothing to show for it!

  147. I follow you on pinterest!

  148. And on Facebook :]

  149. Love every product in your giveaway!!
    1. Lack of having a dinner menu I am confident in.
    2. Wanting my house to look perfect for “the day”.

  150. 1. My house is more than slightly disorganized!
    2, Irrational fear that everything will be a flop (burnt, forgotten ingredients, etc.)

  151. Lack of plan ahead-ability
    Some construction going on…

  152. I’m a twitter follower

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  154. Available down time and I wish we had more space for larger groups! (GREAT giveaway, Sandy!!)

  155. Available space is my biggest obstacle.

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  158. 1. I have a small kitchen and seating only for 4 (we eat in rounds, lol)
    2. I have 4 small children who need my attention all the time. I get down to cooking when they nap :)

  159. I think the biggest reason why I don’t entertain is due to fear – that if I have a mixed group – wives and hubbies – I won’t know what to do or talk about.

    Women are pretty easy. We chat.

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  165. And the second thing is the fear of being boring…which I know is a lie – but it’s scary to put yourself out there.

    Sandy, I added you to Google + , and I’ll tweet again – Super giveaway!

    Blessings to you, my dear!

  166. I follow you on twitter as (@ttapia0905)

  167. A busy schedule and trying to accommodate everyone’s else’s schedule.

  168. 2 things that hold me back from down-to-earth, easy entertaining in my home are time and ideas! It always stresses me out to entertain because I always think it has to be some big production and it takes time and I’m not a very creative person so I have a hard time coming up with ideas for entertaining, such as theme, food, drinks, décor, etc.

  169. I like Reluctant Entertainer on Facebook.

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  172. Nothing, that’s the only entertaining I do!

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  175. 2. Things that hold me back are 1) the stress of it all 2) space

  176. 1- My house doesn’t stay clean because of my son’s toys and activities. 2- Whenever I have people over, they tend to stay a long time.

  177. 1–the whole having to clean the apartment bit. I’m not one of those people who loves cleaning, and I avoid it as much as possible.

    2–my tendency to over plan. I love planning events, but always go a bit over the top and it never seems to come together the way I want to.. Or I plan and get everything done and then no one comes. That’s happened on more Han one occasion :-(

  178. not being a good cook, clutter

  179. My kids not letting me keep a clean house and not enough extra time to cook for a crowd because of too much to do.

  180. Feeling like I don’t have enough space and getting stressed about wanting things to be perfect.

  181. The two primary things that hold me back would be;
    1) The small size and layout of our house isn’t really large group friendly.
    2) I need a bigger fridge and oven to cook for more than half dozen friends at same time. I really want everything to fresh out of the oven when we are ready to eat.

    Happy Holidays!
    Thank you

  182. Tiny kitchen. Lack of time.

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  186. Cleaning the clutter, and desire to have everything done before people arrive!

  187. I follow on twitter (@goodcookdoris).

  188. What holds me back is my perfectionist tendencies that Everything has to be just right or it bugs me.
    Second is running around so much before the guests arrive that I’m spent when they get here and am dull at conversations.

  189. A lack of space and a lack of commitment :(

  190. Keeping the food and drinks served as well as cleaning up messes keeps me from easy entertaining.

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  195. 1. Schedules – so many activities going on for everyone
    2. Menu – never know what to serve to make everyone happy!

  196. My home is too cluttered, and I get too nervous/anxious when expecting company.

  197. 1. Cleaning house
    2. Trying to keep Entertaining conversation going

  198. 1. Small kids
    2. Not enough help/support from husband

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  202. My perfectionism and trying to get the whole house cleaned at the same time while still having time to cook.

  203. Lack of free time and a small kitchen holds me back from entertaining.

  204. Wanting everything to be perfectly clean and not having the finances to entertain the way I’d like.

  205. I like you on fb.

  206. I follow you on pinterest.

  207. 1 – Trying to make everything perfect
    2 – General busy schedules

  208. Working 12 – 15 hour days, my house usually isnt spotless.

    Lack of energy. :(

  209. 1. I work so many hours that I am so tired on the weekends.
    2. I am the only single person in my group of friends. I always feel like the 5th wheel, even though I know they love me and always invite me to everything. I need to get over it and start reciprocating,

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  212. Feeling generally overwhelmed by this season of life and discouraged by all the too busy and cannot find a free night that works answers from friends.

  213. I follow on Pinterest

  214. Two things that hold me back — husband’s health and time — I know those are lame.

  215. Wanting the house to be perfect and the fact my place is smaller than my friends. I can’t invite them all at one time and they complaining about missing out, even if they are invited later.

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  219. My kids, and never seeming to have enough time!

  220. I’m a Facebook fan

  221. 1. My house being in entertaining shape.
    2. The stress it tends to bring my wife, even though I’m the host.

  222. Liked on Facebook.

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  224. I like everything to be perfect.
    Scheduling concerns.

  225. Not enough room to have all of our friends over and scheduling difficulties at this time of the year. Next summer will be a different story when we can be outdoors!

  226. The two things that hold me back from down-to-earth, easy entertaining are the state of our ongoing upgrades to our home, and the fact that medications make me very, very tired by the time I get home from work.

  227. I follow you on FB

  228. 1. Space and seating.
    2. Time scheduling

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  232. Not having enough room and too busy at work right now. Looking forward to next year for changes in both

  233. I follow you on Pinterest @asthenight.

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  235. 1: Faith in my abilities as a cook/hostess
    2: My home being prepared for guests

  236. I love entertaining, but I just cannot do it simply, so I do it less frequently than I would like. I love to try out new decor and new recipes when I have company, and perhaps decorate a cake. All of this takes a lot of time.

  237. I follow you on Twitter @AsTheNight.

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  240. Lack of time and not so great cooking skills

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  242. The two things holding me back from entertaining more as a single mother are a serious lack of money and too much day-to-day chaos always going on! If the car or the shower handle’s not broken, someone’s sick or wreaking havoc of one sort of another. I do love to cook though. It’s a good thing with two teenage boys still at home.

  243. Limited Space and post party clean up

  244. I follow RE on Twitter (@NanaKatF)

  245. The two things holding me back from entertaining more as a single mother are a serious lack of money and too much day-to-day chaos always going on! If the car or the shower handle’s not broken, someone’s sick or wreaking havoc of one sort of another. I do love to cook though. It’s a good thing, with two teenage boys still at home.

  246. Not knowing what to cook that everybody would like and having to clean my house.

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  257. Followed on Facebook , Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, and Twitter.

  258. The two things that hold me back are lack of a cohesive vision and limited space.

  259. I follow RE on Facebook.

  260. I follow RE on Pinterest.

  261. Following RE on Google+ (Katrina Fries)

  262. 1. Cleaning up my clutter
    2. Not liking to cook

  263. 1. small space. 2. no funds.

  264. Business and the amount of cleaning to be done before and after!

  265. Definitely a mixture of procrastination and the fact that I am currently living in a small apartment. Thanks for the giveaway!

  266. Follow all RE boards on Pinterest

  267. Follow RE on twitter!

  268. Follow RE on Google+

  269. 1. My home is too small.
    2. I bring lots of food to other functions, so it’s like entertaining only not at my house.

  270. I liked you on Face Book and Pinterest and shared you on Face Book.

  271. A lack of space and everyone’s conflicting schedules.

  272. time and groceries … :) otherwise, with plenty of planning ahead, we can entertain but its not usually relaxing… :)

  273. I follow Reluctant Entertainer on Facebook

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  276. I follow Reluctant Entertainer on Google plus

  277. wanting everything to be perfect and wanting to decorate and cook with all DIY pinterest ideas. They are much harder than they look!

  278. I like you on faceboook, follow on twitter and google +

  279. 1. Busy Schedule
    2. Financial hard times
    Sure would be nice to win this one

  280. My teeny tiny kitchen and my perfectionism

  281. I’m not comfortable entertaining anyone but family my kitchen is so small.
    I’m always afraid my house isn’t clean enough.

  282. I follow on Facebook and Pinterest, thanks for this wonderful chance!

  283. The usual; time and money. :P

  284. not knowing how to say no and overthinking everything.

  285. i follow you on twitter

  286. i follow you on pinterest

  287. i follow on instagram

  288. Being busy and not knowing how to decide on what to serve

  289. I liked you on Facebook as Ummehaani Ghadai

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  291. my house is way too small and i wouldnt have enough glasses/dishes/silverware for more than 8 people LOL

  292. i “like” you on facebook :)

  293. Caring for my elderly in-laws and I’m not that great of a cook.

    Thoughts in Progress

  294. 1. Lack of hosting space

    2. Disturbing the neighbors

  295. I shared and liked on Facebook, Instagram,Twitter and Pinterest! :)

  296. Too much inventory crowding my house and a tiny, tiny kitchen.

  297. Two things that hold me back from down to earth entertaining are: a busy calendar and trying to make things too perfect. I want everything to be “just so” and put too much pressure on myself.

  298. I tend to overestimate the amount of food that folks will eat and become overly ambitious in making things, causing me to feel more stress than I need to. Luckily, my family and friends are wonderful and remind me that it’s really all about the great company, not that everything was perfect :-)

  299. sibling rivalry. My sister always ends up doing better than me. so that is one. And another one is, people do like better than home experience.

  300. like you on fb, twitter, pinterest and instagram.

  301. The two things holding me back are trying to be too perfect (I want the house, food, decor perfect)…and trying to make things that everyone will love. Thanks for the giveaway.

  302. Two things: A small house and a long guest list AND finding the time to squeeze something in!

  303. Mainly a small kitchen with a small oven. But I manage. And the dietary restrictions of others.

  304. I follow you on Facebook :)

  305. … and on Pinterest :)

  306. The two things that hold me back are coming up with a menu that you know everyone will like and a lack of room for entertaining.

  307. I follow Reluctant Entertainer on Facebook.

  308. I follow Reluctant Entertainer on Pinterest.

  309. I am following Reluctant Entertainer on Google+.

  310. I follow Reluctant Entertainer on Twitter.

  311. two things that hold me back are that I tend to stress out, and planning a good enough menu

  312. My wife is in school so she’s usually tired or busy. And also because we still need to set-up our kitchen since we are newlyweds

  313. Too much to do, to little time

  314. Small kitchen and some picky eaters!

  315. Sigh…perfectionism.

  316. I follow you on instagram

  317. I follow you on facebook :)

  318. and you are in my google circle

  319. Coordinating with others’ schedules and my introvert tendencies

  320. The two things that hold me back are my house is too small and with my husband being ill lately, I just don’t have the time or energy to entertain people.

  321. I follow you on Facebook

  322. Clutter and lack of resources to buy the special ingredients I’d like to get.

  323. I’m following you on twitter (@ljskop).

  324. My small dining room- not too many people can fit plus the fact I only have the weekends to entertain and everyone is too busy for big group gatherings all at once. It really only happens once in a while that everyone can get together!

  325. I follow you on FB- Natalie Swiatek Giambanco

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  328. I follow you on Google+- mustsellbuy2much

  329. I shared on Google- mustsellbuy2much

  330. With two kids and two pets I can’t keep my home clean for more than 5 minutes. I don’t ever want anyone over!

  331. My main problem is that I sometimes forget to keep it simple. I start looking at recipes and plans get out of hand. Thank you for the giveaway!

  332. time and good ideas

  333. Having a clean house and a good, easy menu!

  334. I shared on facebook.

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