The Power of Simplicity: KitchenAid & RE Book GIVEAWAY

Happy November 1, friends! I’m excited for today, because it’s GIVEAWAY DAY (hosted by, and a big thank you to The Nester at Nesting Place, if she sent you over).

With many entertaining moments right around the corner, I want to encourage RE readers (by giving away a signed copy of my book) to reach out this month, to invite others into your home, to keep simplicity in mind by planning an easy menu, and not feeling like you have to do it all by yourself.

One secret to successful entertaining is to be relaxed and engaged when you greet your guests at the front door – something that often does not happen when there are too many details that we sweat about, or when we are frazzled from our preparations!

A simpler approach will help you enjoy your guests more, without a whole lot of fuss or formality and without feeling like you’re a slave in your own kitchen. – The Reluctant Entertainer

How can you make entertaining easier?

KitchenAid is here supporting my message, “The Power of Simplicity” by giving away this beautiful product, a beautiful 13-cup Food Processor, highlighting its revolutionary features, including an externally adjustable slicing blade.

I’ve found that having efficient tools and appliances in the kitchen definitely makes for easier preparation, and makes my experience in the kitchen much more enjoyable.

So … Here’s what we are giving away today.

KitchenAid® NEW 13-Cup Food Processor, designed for precise slicing

• First Ever and Only Externally Adjustable Slicing – Easily adjust from thin to thick slicing by simply sliding the lever from left to right.

• Optimized Speeds for Better Results – The uniquely designed blade and multiple speeds give precise slicing and accuracy for soft and hard foods.

• The Only 3-in-1 Ultra Wide Mouthâ„¢ Feed Tube – Adjusts to three different widths for processing foods horizontally or vertically.

A copy of my book, The Reluctant Entertainer, signed to whoever you’d like.

Here’s HOW to WIN the NEW KitchenAid® 13-Cup Food Processor & the book, The Reluctant Entertainer

1. COMMENT: What’s your favorite appliance in your kitchen that you cannot live without?

2. Join our Facebook pages and leave a comment telling me that you did (Reluctant Entertainer and KitchenAid).
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It’s your choice to just comment, or do all of the above. That’s a lot of chances to win today! GOOD LUCK, Friends!

Contest ends Thursday, November 3, 2011 at 11:59 PM. Winner will be announced Saturday the November 5, 2011.

The Nester is featuring all of her sponsors today over at Nesting Place, so head over there for a kazillion more giveaways and chances to enter for some incredible prizes. You can enter as many as you’d like! Go for it! Perfect way to get some early Christmas shopping done. KitchenAid provided this giveaway item today, but they did not pay me to write this post.


  1. I think it would be my Kitchen Aid Mixer. I even mix my meatloaf with it!

  2. really good knives!

  3. Facebooked the giveaway

  4. Tweeted the giveaway

  5. following you on twitter

  6. Love my Kitchen Aid mixer!

  7. Like RE and KA on FB

  8. Following on Twitter

  9. Sshared on FB

  10. RT done

  11. Love my mini chopper for everyday use!

  12. Can not live with out my food processor!!!

  13. My kitchenaid stand mixer is my favorite appliance by far!

  14. My KitchenAid Mixer is my favorite kitchen appliance! I am wanting a food processor for Christmas, so this would be perfect! :) I’ve also wanted a copy of your book for a while! Thanks for the giveaway

  15. My kitchenaid mixer!

  16. It’s a tie between my KitchenAid Mixer and the food processor, love them both! I would love to give this one to my Mom so she can keep making her awesome salsa (right now, she chops by hand….and cans over 100 jars a year!)

  17. I would say my Kitchenaid Mixer…I use it for almost all of my mixing for baking….love it.

  18. Probably Kitchenaid Mixer! I have been wanting to try a food processor so this would be so fun to win!

  19. My favorite appliance is definitely my Kitchenaid stand mixer – can’t live without it!!

    • Most definitelty, my Kitchenaid mixer is my favorite! I’ve had the same one for over 20 yrs. It really lets me multitask in the kitchen. I put my timer to good use, turn it on for the time specified in a recipe and either clean up the mess thus far, load the dishwasher or start a load of laundry!

  20. Can I coffee pot count? ;) Great giveaway, I would have to say that the blender gets used the most in our house.

  21. I LOVE my Kitchen Aid Mixer!

  22. I follow you on twitter now!

  23. I love my Kitchen Aid mixer!

  24. I love my KitchenAid mixer – it’s beautiful and makes me smile.

  25. Kitchen Aid Mixer and my coffee pot

  26. Like so many others, my Kitchenaid mixer is top of the list. I’d love to have a matching (well, brand anyway) food processor!

  27. I follow you on Facebook.

  28. I am a fan of RE on Facebook

  29. I am a fan of Kitchenaid on Facebook

  30. Oh goodness, I am so missing all of my appliances that we left in storage- it’d be a toss up between the crock pot and the Kitchen Aid mixer! Here, it’s the blender…we love our smoothies!

  31. I could never live without my kitchenaid stand mixer. Never.

  32. I follow you on facebook. :-)

  33. I follow kitchenaid on facebook.

  34. Fav appliance has to be my blender because I love smoothies.

    deb meyers

  35. I am fond of the microwave and my santoku knife.

  36. I joined KitchenAid Facebook page

    deb meyers

  37. I linked to your Blog, Sandy, on my FB page

  38. I liked R.E. from it’s earliest days, and like it still!

    deb meyers

  39. hmmmm… dishwasher. i can really make a big mess!

  40. Can’t live without the coffee pot! My food processor died a few years ago and I never replaced it. Sure could use a new one.

  41. That would be my coffee maker. Love my coffee!

  42. I love my Kitchen Aid mixer! Love, love, love it!

  43. It was my little Kitchenaid food processor until I lost the blade…so now I need a new one (and a bigger one…mine was tiny!). Fingers crossed I win! Thanks so much!

  44. My Kitchenaid mixer! I have never once regretted buying it with our wedding gift cards. I use it nearly every day.

  45. It would have to be my cute red Hamilton Beach blender that I gave my husband for Christmas last year (he was not excited), under the pretense that he loves milkshakes. Really it just looks super cute in my kitchen…even collecting dust. This year, I plan to give him the matching toaster over. He’s really looking forward to it. Wants it much more than a new mountain bike.

  46. LOVE my kitchen aid mixer!

  47. I love,love my KitchenAid mixer!
    I need a great blender.

  48. My KitchenAid mixer!

  49. My KitchenAid mixer, for sure!

  50. My favorite appliance is my magic bullet! It makes my morning protein shakes just right.

  51. I love my crockpot! It’s so easy to have dinner ready at the end of the day!

  52. I love my KitchenAid stand mixer. What a great help when making bread to cookies and bars to casseroles.

  53. love this giveaway! i couldn’t live without my keurig (:

  54. My KitchenAid stand mixer is my fav appliance.

  55. I liked KitchenAid & Reluctant Entertainer on Facebook!

  56. I love my KitchenAid. I call it my

  57. I already like you and KA on FB.


    We LOVE our crockpot :)

  59. Until a few days ago, I would have said my food processor…and then it broke! I would be so grateful to win a new one and get back to making delicious treats.

    Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  60. My favorite ‘necessary’ appliance is a panini maker. Useful for so much more than just paninis (although those are great anyway!). :)

  61. my coffee pot… and then of course, my kitchenaid!!! :)

  62. Can’t live without my Bosch mixer…gotta make the bread!

  63. My Keurig :)

  64. I don’t have many good Kitchen appliances (SAD!!)…do everything mostly by hand or with a small hand mixer.

  65. I “Like” both facebook pages.

  66. I follow both on twitter (I am @awew).

  67. good pans for stovetop cooking

  68. Coffee maker! 2 cups of half-caff in the morning makes my day – and everybody else’s – a lot happier.

  69. It is a tossup between a coffee maker (I’m a homeschooling mom with three young kids!) and my standmixer. I love my food processor too but mine is from about 10.5 years ago, and the bowl is cloudy and has seen better days.

  70. Oh definitely my kitchenaid these days. Cookie dough & royal icing… A food processor is the next thing on my wishlist though! I have a mini one that is nice, but not convenient for many projects.

  71. I follow you and KA on Twitter @GoodessFoodie.

  72. i follow you and kitchenaid on twitteer

  73. I could not live without my coffee maker!

  74. I like you and Kitchenaid on fb!

  75. It’s got to be the crockpot!

  76. I can not live without my immersion blender. Ever since our babies could eat solid food I’ve used the blender daily. While my children are older and don’t need mashed food, I still use the blender every morning for my daily green smoothies. Its small and easy to bring with us when we travel!

  77. Ooh, kitchen appliances. Oh, how I love them. I love my KitchenAid stand mixer. It’s beautiful and functional and blue and just perfection. My food processor is on its last legs, so this is awesome!!! And of course I already have your book which I love, but a free copy would make a fantastic gift for someone. So great.

  78. My favorite appliance would have to be my Emerson Electric Wine Bottle Opener. I simply cannot get a bottle of wine open any other way!

    Thanks for this giveaway! I do not own a food processor, so this would be a fantastic prize for me!

  79. My favorite? I think it’s my KitchenAid Stand Mixer. I love that thing, and I have no idea how I lived without it! I also cannot live without my immersion blender. Handiest tool in the kitchen, in my opinion. Sadly, I do not have a food processor, but I happen to think that would be life changing, too. :)

  80. I use our crockpot a lot!!

  81. Definately the coffee pot!!

  82. I would have to say my favorite kitchen appliance is my KitchenAid stand mixer! Now I just need a food processor to go with it!

  83. I liked both of you on FB!

  84. I LOVE my waffle maker!

  85. Came over from the “Nesters”. It would be my Kitchen Aid Mixer …… how could I get through the Hoildays with out it! :)

  86. Like RE and KA on FB.

    I love my KitchenAid hand mixer since my 20+ yr old hand-me-down stand mixer has gone kaput.

  87. Umm…I’m having a hard time deciding between our coffee maker and my Kitchen Aid mixer. :)

  88. My food processor (which is now broken). And I’m not just saying that because of this giveaway :)
    A new (good) food processor is on my Christmas list.

  89. My Kitchen Aid Mixer. Almost 12 year old and still going strong!

  90. I like your facebook page!

  91. We have a stick blender that is awesome! I never would’ve purchased one but I received is as a gift… couldn’t live without it. Right now use that little guy with an attachment as a food processor, but an actual food processor would be awesome to have, I could “process” more food quicker!

  92. Like many others, I have to say my KitchenAid stand mixer. I don’t know what I would do without it. Best GIFT EVER! I often ask myself and others, how exactly did my great grandmother cook without one?

  93. Like so many others, I’d have to say that I’m attached to my Kitchen Aid Mixer.

  94. love my kitchen aid mixer.

  95. I LOVE my Kitchenaid MIxer. But would love this too! :)

  96. Oh, it is a tossup between my stand mixer, my food processor (which is too small…I would love to win this one!) or my COFFEE POT (is that considered an appliance or a life line??). Love this giveaway!!!

  97. My dishwasher beat out my coffeemaker, only because I have a stove-top latte maker that would serve me if I had to give up my coffeemaker! NOTHING would replace my dishwasher…except my two children! :)

  98. Definitely good knives. I would LOVE this food processor! I have a teeny tiny one in comparison, and it’s a pain to have to make one recipe of my family’s favorite homemade salsa in four batches.

  99. I can NOT live without my set of Henkel knives. Love these things!

  100. Follow you on FB

  101. I already follow RE and KitchenAid on facebook!

  102. I follow Kitchen Aid on FB too!

  103. My favorite appliance would have to be the dishwasher. With 4 kids it gets used constantly!

  104. favorite kitchen item: kitchenaid stand mixer

  105. I am a fan on FB!

  106. I follow RE and Kitchen Aide on twitter!

  107. i joined facebook page!

  108. I have a 28-year-old cuisinart food processor that is pretty banged up – but still going! I use it all the time! I also have a 20-year-old kitchenaid mixer I’m pretty fond of! It stays on the counter and is in use alot!!!

  109. I am now a fan of KitchenAid on FB…not sure how I missed that one since I am a HUGE fan of anything KitchenAid!

  110. My garlic press. It gets used almost every night.

  111. I have been using my crock pot a lot more lately.It makes great moist chicken and roasts!

  112. I facebooked about the giveaway!

  113. My coffee maker is the thing I cannot live without! laurin

  114. Definitely my food processor. I keep burning up the shaft that holds the grater blade.

  115. I love my kitchen aide mixer.

  116. Oh – and I already follow you on Twitter – but now I’m following you on Facebook!

  117. Following you both on twitter @tigg1990

  118. I am just learning the whole TWITTER thing but I am now a follower of @SandyCoughlinRE and of @KitchenAidUSA on TWITTER.

  119. Right now it’s my crock-pot.

  120. I love my crockpot!!

  121. I posted the giveaway on Facebook! It is a good one peeps!

  122. I follow you both on facebook!

  123. I follow you both on twitter! (CouponClipNMama)

  124. The appliance in my kitchen I can’t live without is definitely my Kitchen Aid stand mixer. I’ve had other brands, but this one has been passed down from my husband’s grandmother, decades old, and it’s still working like a charm!

    Thanks for hosting the giveaway — what fun!

  125. Liked Kitchen Aid on Facebook.

  126. I tweeted about the giveaway!

  127. It has to be my KitchenAid, she has helped me keep my sanity while preparing for large groups :)

  128. I love my kitchen aid mixer. Rick & the kids got it for me for mother’s day 7 years ago. If I had to keep only one appliance, that would it!

  129. My favorite kitchen appliance is my KitchenAid Stand Mixer. I could live without it but I wouldn’t want to.

  130. I would have to say my mandolin…I use it for so many different types of dishes!

  131. like so many people above, I could not live without my kitchenaid stand mixer.

  132. I like you on fb

  133. Just tweeted on twitter….”oh boy…13-cup Food Processor GIVEAWAY @SandyCoughlinRE and @KitchenAidUSA today. #giveaway”

  134. I couldn’t live without my Kitchen Aid Mixer. Love it!
    I’m a fan on FB too!

  135. I love my Kitchen Aid Mixer!

  136. I love my Kitchen Aid Mixer!!

  137. My KA mixer has changed how I cook for and feed my family. I love it!

    Thanks so much…..

  138. My favorite appliance is my digital food scale. However, that food processor might take over as my favorite! ;)

  139. dishwasher. hands down, without a doubt. i can happily knead bread by hand, but oh man. i just do not enjoy doing dishes. i became a new person the day we moved into a house with a dishwasher!

  140. I can not live without my Kitchen Aid mixer or my immersion blender. LOVE them both!!

  141. Hmmm…I don’t have a Kitchen Aid mixer and it appears after reading all of these comments that I am seriously missing out!! I love my toaster oven. I use it all the time and it’s so much easier than heating up the entire oven.

  142. I like both on Facebook (Andi Bauer Trautman)

  143. My coffee-maker. Without it, nothing else would get done!

  144. My food processor! SL:FJDS:LFJ. Can’t live without it.

  145. Definitely my electric skillet – perfect pancakes every time!!! :)

  146. I really like my stand mixer!

  147. I love my dishwasher. I do!

  148. Love my vitamix!

  149. Love my kitchen Aid Mixer, by far!

  150. Fabulous giveaway! My favorite kitchen appliance is my KitchenAid handheld mixer. It’s been going strong for 10 years, and I use it all the time!

  151. I love my KitchenAid Mixer. It was a splurge item that has paid for itself over and over.

  152. My KitchenAid Mixer!

  153. I am a RE fan on Facebook

  154. I am a Kitchen Aid fan on Facebook

  155. my blender! i make a lot of milkshakes and protein shakes.

  156. I can’t live without my KitchenAid Mixer!

  157. I love my 30 year old kitchenaid mixer that was passed down to me from my husband’s grandma!

  158. Of all my kitchen appliances, my Kitchen Aid mixer wins most used hands down. Besides mixing batters and doughs I even grind my own hamburger with the attachments! Great machine.

  159. And I shared your giveaway on facebook :)

  160. I tweeted!

  161. I follow both of you on Twitter!

  162. I love my Kitchenaid mixer and my vita-mix blender!!

  163. I’d have to say I couldn’t live without my hand mixer. I’d really love a stand mixer but I’ve been able to get by without it. if I didn’t have at least a hand mixer though I’d be stuck.

  164. My magic bullet — everyone in the house can have exactly the smoothie they want without a lot of mess.

  165. I like kitchenaid on FB

  166. My favorite would be my KitchenAid Mixer. I’ve had it for about a year and it saves me so much time when I bake (I only had a hand mixer before).

  167. I would have to be my food processor. Just when I thinking about putting it away – I use it again.

  168. AND I tweeted about the giveaway. Have a great day! :)

  169. I cannot live without my hand mixer

  170. My favorite kitchen appliances are my Kitchen Aid Mixer and Food Processor. Both are used so much they are on their way out! Just thinking about them makes me want to leave work and create! Thanks for this great giveaway!

  171. Liked ya and KitchenAid on FB.

  172. I like both Reluctant Entertainer and KitchenAid on Facebook

  173. I followed both accounts on twitter.

  174. The appliance that I could not live without would be my mixer.

  175. I love my Kitchen Aid Mixer! Saves so much time!

  176. I couldn’t live without my coffeemaker! Sad confession: I’ve never owned a food processor!

  177. I posted about the giveaway on FB.

  178. I follow RE and KitchenAid on twitter @shanerus

  179. I can’t live without my coffee maker!

  180. I like Reluctant Entertainer and KitchenAid on Facebook

  181. I posted about the giveaway on my facebook page Shane’s Killer Cupcakes

  182. Recently my necessary kitchen appliance has been my blender. Old thing, but works like a charm!

  183. I would say my food processor, but it kicked the bucket, soooo…… I have got to go with my Immersion Blender. Love it to death. :)

  184. I know I could make rice in a pot but much prefer to use my handy rice cooker~

  185. I would have to say my food processor, which is why I would love to win this one. :)

  186. I face-booked about your fab {GIVE-AWAY} <3

  187. I am now following both of you on Twitter, @WGCreates.

  188. My kitchen aid mixer. I imagine the food processer would be a great addition.

  189. I did a retweet on my Twitter account, @WGCreates

  190. Fav “appliance” :ok, so this one doesn’t plug in but…I really luv my handy-dandy chopper! Makes life so much easier. :)

  191. My Vitamix andf Kitchenaid mixer, just can’t possible choose between the two, they go hand in hand, They both also last forever! Quality!!

  192. My hand chopper from Pampered Chef….does that count as an appliance?

  193. {Heart of Hospitality} with Cathy …likes YOUR fb page AND KitchenAid’s too! :) <3

  194. I can’t live without the microwave. Yikes, I know. I’ve tried unplugging it and somehow it gets plugged back it. :)

  195. Hot pot! I know, I sound like a college student. I started using one then and never looked back. No judging. :)

  196. I love my kitchen aid mixer, it’s the work horse of the kitchen! Thanks.

  197. I really need my Kitchen Aid mixer…have to have it.

  198. Definitely the stove

  199. My Kitchen Aid mixer!

  200. Followed you on facebook. thanks.

  201. What a great giveaway. I would love to win!

  202. I liked both facebook pages!

  203. I would love the mixer…because right now I’d have to respond that my fave “appliance” are my knives! :)

  204. my percolator – it makes the BEST coffee

  205. My fav appliance would be my mixer (even though i need a new one). My son loves to “mix” with me!

  206. I use my Food Processor EVERYDAY usually 2-3 times a day- it’s going to die soon, I need another one!!

  207. I can’t live without my Kitchenaid mixer. It was my grandma’s, and even with extremely heavy use I’ve only had to replace a couple minor parts on the 30+ year old machine. My no-name food processor is literally falling apart, so I’d love to win one. Thanks for doing the givewaway!

  208. My KitchenAid mixer for sure!

  209. My kitchenaid mixer. it was handed down to me and when it dies, I am going to cry.

  210. I love my kitchen knives and my iron skillet! :)

  211. My fav is my smoothy blender… the thing is i have used it for smoothies less often than i use it for mixing and blending soups and sauces.

  212. Hey Sandy! :)

    I “liked” you on f/b previously.

  213. Oddly enough, the one thing I can’t live without in my kitchen is my smaller food chopper. I cook for one or two on a regular basis, so I don’t make large quantities. I love that thing!

    That said, I also have a kitchen aid mixer and if someone tried to take it from me, my dukes would go up! :)

  214. I don’t actually have many appliances in my kitchen but my favorite, can’t-live-without-it, is probably the crock pot. I love being able to set something inside to cook while I’m at work!

  215. I can’t live without my Coffee Maker – A Cuisinart Grind and Brew of yummy deliciousness. But a food processer might change my life, too. :)

  216. My KitchenAid stand mixer is my pride and joy. I absolutely love it!

  217. Following the blog now.

  218. I also ‘Like’ you on Facebook!

  219. Retweeted about the giveaway. :)

  220. I follow KitchenAid on Facebook!

  221. My favorite appliance would have to be a toss-up between my food processor (which I have completely worn out) and my stand mixer!

  222. Oh definitely my coffee maker and, it is actually a Kitchen Aid. I would never have a good start to the morning without it! :)

  223. I cannot do with out my mini food processor! It’s an old “Oscar” and I use it all the time!

  224. After going almost a year without one, I have to say my stove!

  225. Liked you on Facebook.

  226. My favorite appliance is my KitchenAid food processor! I would love to win a new one b/c the old one soon needs replacing! It’s a work horse!

  227. Love my kitchen aid mixer!

  228. I just liked KitchenAid on Facebook, and I’d already liked you! I actually do love KitchenAid and my KitchenAid stand mixer is my favorite appliance that I could live without but wouldn’t want to! I used one for years when I worked in a bakery and it became an absolute necessity in my own kitchen. LOVE IT!!!!

  229. I can’t live without my kitchen aid mixer. It was the best wedding present I got 23 years ago. I am loving the give away, because my food processor just broke last week.

  230. It’s no contest…the kitchen aid mixer!

  231. Like Kitchen Aid on Facebook!

  232. I’ve followed you on facebook for awhile now & I just started following KitchenAid today. Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  233. I love my KitchenAid mixer, but not just for the mixer. My favorite “appliance” is the attachment for it: the slicer/shredder. I use it for carrot cake, for cheese, for all sorts of things! I love it!

  234. I liked Kitchen Aid and the Reluctant Entertainer on facebook!

  235. I posted about this giveaway on facebook.

  236. I cannot live without my KitchenAid Mixer.

  237. My Kitchen Aid mixer is my favortie appliance in my kitchen. I bake and am in the kitchen a LOT :)
    I would LOVE to be an owner of a processor….fun times ahead :)
    Thanks. . .

  238. It would be great to have a new 13 cup Kitchen Aid Processor!!! :-)))))))))

  239. I can’t live without my knive set in my kitchen, second would be a tie between my kitchenaid mixer and emmersion blender!

  240. I already “like” Reluctant Entertainer on FB and would love your book!

  241. I absolutely cannot live without my french/dutch oven. I use it practically everday!

  242. I “liked” kitchenaid on fb…didn’t think about them being on fb! going to check out older posts! love all their products and would love to win!

  243. I tweeted about the giveaway (JustUsFour1)

  244. My most used kitchen appliance is a tie between my scale and my mixer!

  245. I also now follow you on twitter.

  246. My KitchenAid mixer – I love KitchenAid! And I love your blog! Thanks so much Sandy!

  247. Ummm. My coffee maker is essential. Seriously, I am a wreck without it.

  248. For me, it’s a tie between my crock pot and my Kitchen Aid stand mixer. LOVE both of them and use them almost daily!

  249. I so want a copy of your book! Right now my favorite appliance is my veggie matic (that is what I call it, it is a slicer. . we eat salads all the time and make homemade salsa all the time) But perhaps if I has this food processor I would use that instead. Thanks for a generous giveaway!!

  250. My coffee pot ( : I couldn’t live without it!

  251. My favorite appliance is probably my set of sharp knives. They make everything so much easier!

  252. I “liked” you on Facebook!

  253. I “liked” Kitchen Aid on Facebook.

  254. I cannot live without my Kitchen Aid mixer. I use it for EVERYTHING! :)

  255. I love my Kitchen Aid mixer! My m-i-l gave it to me about 2 years ago. I didn’t know how wonderful it would make baking. I love it so much!

  256. I love my KitchenAid mixer. I use the meat grinder attachment all the time. My husband loves using it to make his cookies.

  257. I have a 4.5l Kitchenaid mixer that I absolutely LOVE. Have been eyeing the food processor for a while.

  258. I follow RE and Kitchen Aid on Facebook.

  259. I tweeted about the giveaway.

  260. I love my stand mixer, but know how useful a food processor would be in my kitchen!

  261. My favorite appliance is my electric kettle. I use it every morning when I make my cup of tea.

  262. I posted this giveaway on FB.

  263. I follow RE and KitchenAid on Twitter.

  264. I shared the giveaway on Facebook.

  265. My favorite appliance is my KithenAid mixer, so a food processor would be awesome!

  266. I follow you and Kitchenaid on FB.

  267. I love our convection bake, toaster oven. Our house, in a warm climate, doesn’t have A/C so I love having this little gem to bake things on hot days.

  268. Tweeted about the giveaway.

  269. I love my kitchenaid mixer-banged up as it is. I would love to win a food procesor.

  270. At this point, it is my blender. I have been making healthy protein packed smoothies in the mornings, and I would be lost without it. I do not have a great food processor so this looks like fun!!

  271. My vintage Vita-Mix is my favorite, but it does not do what a food processor does … it cannot chop! So I miss that, and do not have a food processor currently.

  272. I’ve wanted your book forever! And I just saw a commercial last night for the KA food processor…it looks amazing!

  273. I guess my microwave.. I’m a very reluctant entertainer and rushed mom with two jobs. COuldn’t live without it.

  274. If we’re talking large appliances, I can’t imagine life without most of them…particularly the refrigerator. :-) But small appliances, probably my hand mixer. I don’t use it every day, but I can’t imagine making meringue or whipped cream without it!

  275. It’s the coffee maker! My morning cup of coffee is one of each day’s simplest pleasures.

  276. I follow you both on Twitter (@allthingsjane)

  277. I can’t live with my sharp knives.

  278. I like you both on Face Book.

  279. Coffee maker, for sure!

  280. I can’t live without my garlic press. I use it every day or at least every day that I cook. Thanks for the giveaway.

  281. I like using my crockpot.

  282. The appliance I can’t live without is my Kitchenaid Mixer! I would love to win the Food Processor!

  283. I blogged about the giveaway!

  284. I can’t live without my Kitchenaid Stand Mixer. It changed my life when I finally got one, and now I can’t imagine my kitchen without it!

  285. I also liked both of you on facebook.

  286. AND…I linked to the giveaway on my facebook page. Fingers crossed!

  287. I cannot live without my Kitchenaid mixer. I use it at least 3 times a week. Can’t function without it.

  288. I couldn’t live without my kitchen aid mixer!!

  289. My favorite kitchen appliance is definitely my KitchenAid Tilt Stand Mixer…love it.

  290. I agree 100% about making your guests feel special the moment they walk in the door. We always try to greet at the door! :)

    The appliance I can’t live without? My KitchenAid electric stand mixer. I use it for so many different things and it never fails me.

    Thanks for the great giveaway!!

  291. My favorite kitchen appliance is my microwave! Ha! Makes life so much easier. I hope it is considered an appliance.

  292. I can’t live without decent knives. I am known to travel with mine!

  293. I love my Kitchenaid Mixer!

  294. I also tweeted: @AmandaGBB

  295. I follow you on facebook!

  296. My favorite kitchen appliance is my Kitchenaid blender. I can’t live without smoothies and daquiries ;)

  297. Hmm…I think it’s a toss up between my blender and my food processor. Or maybe my immersion blender for making soups…

    I’d love a new food processor!!

  298. I follow kitchenaid on facebook :)

  299. I’m a fan of RE on facebook!

  300. I’m a fan of Kitchenaid on Facebook!

  301. I shared the giveaway on Facebook

  302. I adore my KitchenAid mixer!

  303. I liked your FB page and Kitchen Aid’s FB Page :)

  304. My KitchenAid mixer, for sure.

  305. My favorite appliance is probably my VitaMix… I use it for everything from grinding wheat to making smoothies – so versatile. A food processor would definitely be a bonus, though – the VitaMix’s weakness is chopping…. Thanks for the giveaway!

  306. favorite appliance i couldn’t live without my toaster for the sake of pb toast with home made jelly. I ‘ve never had a food processor, thanks for a chance to win one with a copy of your book… now that would be sweet! Janita

  307. My favorite appliance is my slowcooker, I use it all the time.

  308. I’m following you on twitter

  309. I love my Kitchenaid mixer. I’ve had the food processor on my “someday” list for quite a while. It would be so nice to have since I cook for so many people.

  310. i’m your face book friend and kitchen aid too.

  311. I’m following Kitchen Aid USA on Twitter

  312. My go-to appliance is my tiny, little food processor because my big food processor is on it’s last legs, so winning this would be amazing!

  313. I use my crockpot at least once a week, often two or three times. Thanks for the giveaway, hope to win :)

  314. I posted about this giveaway on FB!! :)

  315. Now following you on twitter…

  316. I tweeted about this giveaway! :)

  317. Retweeted the give-a-way….

  318. my kitchenaid mixer. I just made fresh bread last night!

  319. My toaster oven is my favorite appliance! It’s a lot faster than using the oven and tastier than the microwave.

  320. I follow you & KitchenAid on Twitter.

  321. posted on twitter about the giveaway. thanks again

  322. I blogged about your giveaway!! So excited!! :)

  323. liked contest on FB

  324. I love my Kitchen Aid mixer…couldn’t live without it!

  325. I am sad to say that I could not live without my microwave!

  326. My KA mixer is probably my favorite appliance, it is so versatile with all the attachments you can get for it.

  327. I am a follower of RE on FB.

  328. Also follower of KA on FB. :)

  329. Ditto to all those other Kitchenaid Mixer fans!!

  330. I also follow RE on Twitter.

  331. I love my kitchenaid stand mixer!

  332. I am also a follower of KA on Twitter. Thanks for hosting this giveaway! :)

  333. Can’t live without my salad spinner. Weird, I know!

  334. Can’t live without my kitchenaid mixer. That thing rocks my world!!

  335. Liked you on FB!

  336. It would be my coffee pot. Thanks for the giveaway.

  337. My pressure cooker! I make dals (lentils) almost every day.
    Thanks for the giveaway

  338. Shared the link on FB

  339. Following you on Twitter

  340. My favorite kitchen appliance is my thrifted espresso machine!

  341. I need this food processor! Your book looks lovely and I could also use tips on entertaining, which I love. My KA stand mixer is by far the most valued appliance in my kitchen :)

  342. I am a fan of KitchenAid and the Reluctant Entertainer on Facebook (as pão e queijo blog).

  343. My coffee maker. Without it I. Would. Be. Lost.

  344. I love our steamer. I use it every day to steam fresh veggies and taters.

  345. Can’t live without my oven…cause I love to bake.

  346. Even though I now have a stand mixer, I can’t live without a hand mixer!

  347. Definitely my KitchenAid mixer. I love it! Would love to win this giveaway! Thanks for the giveaway!

  348. My kitchenaid mixer — use it all the time.

  349. I love my Capresso water heater. Making tea is quick and easy!

  350. I would say my kitchen aid mixer, but its actually my mothers. I recently married and haven’t been able to get one of my own yet.

  351. my dishwasher, i love that people don’t have to hang all evening cleaning up the mess, we just clear the table straight to the washer and viola, more time to sit and visit.

  352. I’m also a subscriber.

  353. I don’t think could do without my favorite paring knives- I use them absolutely every single day…Wow..if I win this pretty little appliance I am going to have my hubby wrap it up and tuck it under the tree for me…which will spare him his silly hunt 2 days before Christmas…my oh my, does he get taken advantage of by those elfish clerks…. But, best of all would be your book!! I own it and love it- super highlighted and re-read multiple times…but I have several girlfriends who would LOVE it, too…Blessings, Becky J.

  354. I love my KitchenAid mixer. I use it all the time!

  355. I like you on Facebook.

  356. I am a college student, living in a dorm, so honestly my favorite thing is just having access to a community kitchen with an oven and stove top! So while all the other girls are eating ramen noodles, I make sure I always have “real food”! :)

  357. I can’t live without my KitchenAid stand mixer. We have a bread hook and attachments for grinding and making ice cream!

  358. Oh my gosh, would you believe my food processor just broke?? Very happy for the chance to win this one!
    My favorite appliance would have to be my kitchen aid. Love having a stand mixer.

  359. I don’t even know what it is called but it is a little devices that is a grill, waffle maker, sandwich maker all rolled into one.

  360. Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer. Duh.

  361. My KitchenAid Mixer and my waffle iron would have to tie!


  362. Now a fan on FB!

  363. I joined both Facebook pages :)

  364. Probably my electric griddle. It broke, and life in the kitchen was harder than I anticipated until I replaced it!

  365. I LOVE my Kitchen Aid Mixer and I also love my Breville Blender. Now I’ve never tried a Kitchen Aid mixer, but I’m sure it’s just as awesome!

  366. I ‘liked’ you on Facebook :)

  367. I shared your giveaway on Facebook :)

  368. I know it’s not an appliance, but I could not live without my Calphalon skillet! I use it every single day, sometimes twice a day!

  369. I follow both on Twitter :)

  370. My favorite appliance is my KitchenAid stand mixer, which my grandmother so kindly gave me as a wedding present. I don’t know how people mix dough, etc. by hand!

  371. VITAMIX. For sure. Love it. Can’t believe I waited so long to buy it.

  372. My immersion blender!

  373. Love my KitchenAid mixer. I use it nearly every day!

  374. I like you on FB!

  375. I don’t have a KitchenAid so i guess I’d say my favorite appliance is my microwave, lol!

  376. Following on Twitter!

  377. Definitely my kitchen aid mixer… there’s nothing like freshly baked cookies and cakes!!

  378. I tweeted about your awesome giveaway!

  379. I love my KitchenAid mixer.

  380. I liked you all on facebook.

  381. I let my friends know about the give away on facebook.

  382. I tweeted about the giveaway.

  383. I posted about the giveaway on FB!

  384. I love my Slow Cooker!!!

  385. I am following you both on twitter.

  386. I love my mini chopper, but I would cry without my dishwasher!

  387. I really enjoy my KitchenAid handmixer!!

  388. I couldn’t live w/out my blender. LOVE smoothies!! Thanks for the fun giveaway! :)

  389. “like” you on FB!

  390. “Like” Kitchen Aid on FB!!

  391. Follow you on Twitter!

  392. My favorite kitchen appliance is my downdraft oven vent. The stove top itself is not my favorite, but I love me that downdraft feature.

  393. I love my crockpot.

  394. My favorite kitchen appliance is my oven. I cook in it pretty much daily. I hope it holds up, because I do put it through a lot of work.

  395. We re-tweeted and will post to Facebook, as well — in our kitchen, we cannot live w/out our emulsion blender. It’s essential for quick preparation of some of our favorite dishes.

  396. (Like practically everyone else) my Kitchenaid mixer! What a labor-saver.

  397. I follow both on twitter

    @annstiptoes on twitter

  398. I am a FB follower as well.

    (angela akinniyi)

  399. Gustare Oils & Vinegars is @GustareOliveOil and on Facebook (Gustare Oils & Vinegars) — our website is — ciao!

  400. My KitchenAid mixer! I’ve had it for twenty years and it’s still going strong!

  401. My Kitchen Aid toaster oven…… WITHOUT A DOUBT!!!

  402. My favorite is my Kitchen-Aid hand mixer. I got it for a wedding present seventeen years ago. I use it for things like mashing potatoes, mixing frosting, etc.

  403. Definitely the coffee maker! Nothing else gets done without that one first!

  404. My crockpot is my lifesaver. With my husband and I both working & a 3 yr old, it’s the best way to have a nice home made meal and not have to spends an hour cooking when we get home!

  405. I think my favorite is my Kitchen-Aid mixer!

  406. I can’t live without my knives! I had regular, generic knives before these and will never go back!

  407. I follow you on Facebook.

  408. I already like Reluctant Entertainer & Kitchenaid on facebook!

  409. It would have to be my microwave!

  410. Following you & Kitchenaid on twitter!

  411. Liked RE on Facebook

  412. Tweeted the giveaway!

  413. Posted to facebook!

  414. My kitchen aid hand mixer! My little girls and I like to mix up yummy treats together!

  415. I really like my vitamix!

  416. My fav appliance I cannot live without? My hi speed blender! Every morning I have a fruit and yogurt smoothie for breakfast!

  417. Liked KitchenAid on Facebook

  418. My fav appliance I cannot live without? My hi speed blender! Every morning I have a fruit and yogurt smoothie for breakfast! Thanks for this opportunity to win this food processor!

  419. My Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer

  420. I just recently started using an electric griddle for things like quesadillas and french toast and am so happy with how much faster I can cook larger batches of these things than in a regular skillet. Thanks for the chance to win!

  421. I couldn’t live without my KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer

  422. My Kitchenaid mixer is definitely my most used and beloved small kitchen appliance.

  423. Liked RE on facebook

  424. I follow Reluctant Entertainer and KitchenAid on Twitter.

  425. I follow Reluctant Entertainer and KitchenAid on Facebook.

  426. I love my mixer – it’s not a fancy one, but she and I have bonded over many a cookie/cake batter – thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  427. I love (need) my coffee maker!!

  428. Liked RE and Kitchenaid on Facebook

  429. Facebooked the giveaway

  430. I tweeted about the giveaway @namenendez

  431. I could not live without our crock pot! Posted to facebook and shared. And liked both pages.

  432. My Kitchenaid Mixer is HIGH on my kitchen ‘love’ list! It’s definitely my favorite!

  433. I have a Bosch mixer that I use all of the time, but I really need a food processor!

  434. I follow you on Facebook!

  435. The appliance I can’t live without? Truthfully? My toaster! :)

  436. I use my knife (pronounce ka-nife) and cutting board everyday. Can’t live without ’em!

  437. My favorite appliance!? My microwave of course! :) I’ve always worked so I would make meals in advance and reheat them during the week for supper. What did we do before microwaves?

  438. My microplane zester =)

  439. Can I say my dishwasher is my best appliance friend second to my all messy friend, stand mixer ;)

  440. I like Reluctant Entertainer and KitchenAid on Facebook

  441. I am following RE and KA on twitter

  442. I tweeted about this giveaway

  443. Couldn’t live without my coffee maker =)

  444. I’d say it’s my oven. I love to bake and make casseroles :)

  445. I would love to win a new food processor. Mine is about 25 years old! My appliance I could not live with out is my coffee maker. I need my Joe! Thank You, Beth N.(

  446. I need this! Love my kitchen aid mixer — and a good spatula :)

  447. It is a toss up between my dishwasher and my microwave. I use them both everyday. I just read the reviews on the Kitchen Aid processor yesterday and they were fab!

  448. I love my Bosch mixer!

    Lynn G.

  449. The toaster oven is used everyday, but my favorite is the automatic rice cooker.

  450. I’m a simple person. My electric tea kettle is used NUMEROUS times each day.

  451. My favorite is whichever does the job at hand. Love my 20-year-old KA stand mixer. Love my immersion blender. Wouldn’t have had hot oatmeal for breakfast today without my slow-cooker.

  452. Already follow you both on Twitter.

  453. Like RE and KA on FB.

  454. I don’t have many kitchen appliances. I want a Kitchenaid mixer. I would say one of my favorites is my waffle maker. I love waffles and it’s so easy to use.

  455. I like the Reluctant Entertainer and KitchenAid Facebook pages

  456. I cannot live without my kitchen aid mixer!!!

  457. I *liked* you and kitchen aid on FB.

  458. I cannot live without my wand mixer :)

  459. coffee maker. can’t live without it.

  460. I couldn’t live with out my crock-pot. There is nothing better then ‘cooking’ a meal while you are at work!

  461. My favorite would be my microwave. How else do you thaw out all those last-minute meals??

  462. I use my Kitchenaid stand mixer all the time to make breads and other baked goods.

  463. I am following you and Kitchenaid on FB. (I also added your blog to my Google Reader.)

  464. I shared your giveaway on my FB wall.

  465. I can’t live without my mini food processor. Especially as I often prepare meals for one or two. It saves time when slicing whole onions or shredding potatoes for rosti, etc. However, I’d use it more than I already do if the shoot feed was much wider. It’s a pain to have to quarter (or 1/8) many vegetables and fruits for shredding/slicing.

    P.S. I’m already a facebook member of Reluctant Entertainer and Kitchenaid and posted about the giveaway.
    I’ve now added both to twitter and have tweeted about the giveaway and if I had a blog I would be doing that too.

  466. Blogged about this giveaway!

  467. I don’t know what I would do without my toaster oven. I use it for so many little cooking jobs!

  468. Currently my hand mixer but if I win this that could change:)

  469. I couldn’t live without my kitchen aid mixer. I do everything in that baby.

  470. I have to say I love my kitchen aid mixer…but I have been pleasantly suprised just how much I use my food processor…and could very much use a bigger one! And I have also have had your book on my mind THIS week! Cannot wait to read!

  471. I can’t live without my stove and oven, I would say. We don’t have many small appliances (and no dishwasher), but I do love my KA stand mixer and my vacuum sealer.

  472. Followed on facebook!

  473. It would have to be my Kitchen Aid mixer, LOVE it!

  474. I make decorated cakes and cookies and I couldn’t live without my Kitchenaid 6qt professional mixer… Love IT!

  475. This morning I would say my coffee maker!

    But last night we had a family over for supper, and I made cinnamon apple slices in my slow cooker, it was wonderful to give the cold daddies and little girls who had gone out trick or treating a warm dessert, and I had done all the work early so I was available to our guests. (I served the apples over vanilla ice cream or just all by themselves).

    But I didn’t meet them at the door….I was watching for them and ran out to meet them at their car and help carry things in. :-)

  476. My kitchen aid stand mixer. 15 years old and still in perfect condition

  477. i don’t have very many appliances- hoping to change that after my upcoming wedding- but my go-to is definitely my immersion blender. that little guy is powerful! i use it for everything from smoothies to soup to marinara sauce and it rocks them all.

  478. I would have to say my Wustof knife.

  479. My Bosch mixer. I’d love to add a food processor to the list!

  480. My favorite appliance would be my coffee pot!

  481. Oh, I really like my Kitchenaid mixer!

  482. Liked you and KA on Facebook!

  483. Our favorite appliance is the coffee maker! We start with grinding whole beans, and the smell from that makes us anticipate the end result of a freshly brewed cup of coffee. Coffee definitely brings people together, chit-chatting over something warm and lifting. And it’s so simple! Simple entertaining!

  484. Couldn’t live without the toaster since my son has toast EVERY morning, but I’d really love to have a big mixer!

  485. My blender. I love having smoothies for breakfast – quick and healthy!

  486. Liked you both on FB

  487. Does my stove count as an appliance? If so, my oven!

  488. My coffee maker :) and my favorite knife.

  489. Following you both on Twitter

  490. My favorite appliance would be my crockpot – it hardly ever leaves the counter!

  491. I also “liked” Reluctant Entertainer and Kitchenaid Facebook pages. Thanks for the wonderful giveway!

  492. Probably my Kitchen Aid handheld mixer! I use it a lot.

    Thanks for your 31 Days posts, they have been really inspirational!

  493. My convection oven!

  494. At the moment….the microwave! :)

  495. My Bosch! Love making homemade breads & pizza dough with it!

  496. I cannot live without my immersion blender- especially in the fall when I make tons of soup!

  497. I love my convection toaster oven. Great for toasting, obvs, but also cooking smaller meals!

  498. Couldn’t live without my rice maker!

  499. I could not live without my coffee maker (and my toaster oven)

  500. Just posted to my Face Book wall!!!

  501. Liked both KitchenAid & ReluctantEntertainer on Facebook.

  502. I love my Kitchen Aid stand mixer, but I’m not sure I could live without my coffee maker!

  503. I couldn’t live without my Kitchen Aid mixer. Love it!!!

  504. Honestly, the first thing to come to mind is my cheese slicer. It works better than any other slicer I’ve used. It’s a very simple thing, but it makes my life a lot easier. We really like cheese. :)

  505. I can’t live without my Ktichen Aid Stand Mixer, nope can’t do it.

  506. I love my Kitchenaid stand mixer.

  507. I love, love, *love* my Kitchenaid stand mixer!

  508. I could not live without my coffee maker…

  509. I liked you on FB :)

  510. I’m now following you and KitchenAid on Twitter!

  511. And I just tweeted the giveaway! Thanks, Sandy!

  512. I love my kitchen aid mixer, too!

  513. I use my food processor all the time and could definitely go for a new, upgraded one. Thanks!

  514. I supposed I could if I had to, but I wouldn’t want to live without a microwave :)

  515. My favorite kitchen appliance is my Vitamix blender!

  516. My favorite appliance is my espresso machine! Whatever would I do without it?

  517. I “like” you on FB!

  518. Hands-down best, most used appliance in my kitchen is my Blendtec!

  519. The appliance I cannot live without is my KitchenAid mixer!

  520. I already “Like” Reluctant Entertainer and KitchenAid on Facebook!

  521. I already follow you and KitchenAid on Twitter!

  522. Hmmm…well, my favorite big appliance is my stove. It’s a lovely gas stove with an entry level convection oven. My husband sacrificed to buy such a nice stove for me, and when I use it, I am so grateful.

  523. My high speed blender! I use it almost everyday.

  524. I absolutely love my kitchenaid mixer! Such awesome quality. It’s my must have. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  525. My favorite appliance would be my microwave. It would be my stove if I had a new

  526. I like Reluctant Entertainer and Kitchen Aid fb pages.

  527. I shared this giveaway on my fb page.

  528. My Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer. I really don’t know how I’d live without it, so I just won’t even entertain the thought!

  529. My microwave and my convection oven. Oh! and of course the coffee maker! :)

  530. I love my electric hand mixer! Use it way more than the stand mixer and blender combined.

  531. liked you on FB, how did I not do that before?

  532. not sure if this counts but i’d say my coffee maker, cannot start my day without a hot cup of coffee!

  533. I liked you on Facebook!

  534. I love my Kitchen-Aid mixer. Can’t make it through the holiday baking season without it.

  535. I love our George Foreman griller. It makes cooking so easy for my boyfriend and I!

  536. I reposted your giveaway link on FB

  537. I can’t live without my convection oven, it’s my go-to for quick dinners and for extra oven help :)

  538. My fave appliance is probably my little mini chopper. It’s so much easier to use for small chopping jobs than pulling out my old big food processor.

  539. It would be my KitchenAid stand mixer. Definitely.

  540. Definitely can’t live without my KitchenAid Mixer!

  541. Most used has gotta be my panini press.

  542. I don’t think I couldn’t live without my microwave. I used it multiple times daily.

  543. my favorite kitchen appliance is my crockpot. so versatile and always great outcomes. :)

  544. I am a Facebook fan

  545. I am a fan of KitchenAid.

  546. It’s my stove. That’s an appliance, right? Where would I be without a stove?

  547. A good set of knives~

  548. Love my stand mixer. It get s regular use!

  549. I could not do without our cuisinart coffee maker w/ thermal carafe. My husband can fix a pot early, early when he gets up, then when I get up, theres still hot coffee.

  550. I LOVE my kitchen aid stand mixer!

  551. I just joined your facebook pages!!

  552. You just got follow on twitter too:)

  553. I absolutely can not live without my KitchenAid Stand Mixer and my food processor runs a close second. I lost both in a house fire in July and ordered my mixer on Sunday so I would love to win this to replace my food processor. I also lost your book in the fire so this would be fabulous! Thanks for such a great giveaway.

  554. Love my toaster oven and mixer.

  555. I follow both of you on Twitter.

  556. I tweeted about the giveaway.

  557. my toaster.

  558. My newest addition is what I can’t live without, my kitchen aid mixer!! LOVE it and wonder how I lived without it so long?

  559. I’m just starting out. No faves yet!

  560. I could not live without my baby bullet, it makes perfect baby food purees.

  561. My favorite kitchen item that I couldn’t live without is my Kitchen Aid Mixer!! I don’t know how people live without them! I’d LOVE to win this beauty!!!
    thanks for the giveaway Sandy!!

  562. I love my veggie steamer. Not a big expensive tool but it keeps a pot off the stove and turns off when it’s done. Love it.

  563. I follow you both on facebook


  564. Right now I can’t live without my hotpot, because the hot water it produces allows me to make coffee. Enough said.

  565. Sadly probably my toaster!!!! My daughter loves waffles and toaster struddles

  566. MY favorite appliance is my coffee maker. :) While the food prep machine looks great what I am excited to win is your book! Looks great!

  567. I love my kitchenaid mixer. I make a lot of things with it. But I need a food processor. Only have a mini one and my family is growing. :)

  568. I can’t live without my food processor. Mine just broke, and I’m looking for a new one. Thanks for the info and opportunity to win!

  569. My toaster oven. Love that thing!

  570. Its a toss-up between my toaster oven and my set o Henckles knives.

  571. my crockpot

  572. like you on fb!!

  573. I could NOT live without my coffee grinder or coffee pot, but that’s two isn’t it?

  574. It would be my stand mixer, though it truly isn’t my favorite brand of one. I’m just so thankful I have one!

  575. I love my KitchenAid mixer!

  576. I couldn’t live without my Keurig coffee maker!

  577. My favorite thing is my panini press. I am amazed at how many things I can make with it!

  578. I am following both on Twitter.

  579. I “like” RE on FB!

  580. My KitchenAid Mixer is my favorite appliance.

  581. I liked Kitchen Aid on FB!

  582. I’ve tweeted about this contest.

  583. I’ve shared this contest on Facebook.

  584. I love my mini cuisinart.

  585. I’ve liked both pages on Facebook.

    Thank you!

  586. I could not live without my indoor grill/griddle.

  587. I LOVE my VitaMix blender! The only bummer is that when I got it, I gave my food processor to a friend bc I thought I wouldn’t need it. That is the only kitchen tool I miss, but I still love my blender :)

  588. Liked on fb!

  589. I adore my Kitchen Aid Stand mixer. I got it 23 years ago for a wedding present.

    Thanks for the give away!

  590. FBed the giveaway!

  591. I think my fav appliance would have to be my microwave! :) My husband’s would be our blender. He loves to use that thing. :)

  592. My KitchenAid Mixer wins hands down!

  593. My fav appliance is my coffee maker, LOL! I would love the food processor, ours broke and I have been wanting another one! Thanks!

  594. My keurig coffee kcup my top used appliances. My most prized is kitchen aid mixer for baking. I already follow you on Facebook and twitter too. I would love the giveaway thanks!

  595. kitchenaid mixer! now that i have one, just wouldn’t ever want to live without it again!

  596. I can’t live without my blender for making smoothies in the morning!

  597. I followed you on Twitter

  598. I reposted your giveaway link on Twitter

  599. Cannot live without my coffee pot!

  600. I wouldn’t want to live without my Le creuset 10″ fry pan…which I use ‘at least’ once a day.

  601. I love my toaster!

  602. yea…my last comment…not an appliance, but true all the same…and I like RE and Kitchenaid on FB. Blessings!

  603. yea…my last comment…not an appliance, but true all the same…and I liked RE and Kitchenaid on FB. Blessings!

  604. it has to be the dishwasher or ice maker…could not do without either one!

  605. I love my kitchenaid stand mixer

  606. My favorite appliance is my toaster. I like toast.

  607. I can’t live without my kitchen aid mixer!

  608. I could not live without my toaster oven.

  609. It would have to be my mixer……… grandmother passed away when I was 12. She was a wonderful baker :) I am using her mixer! It still works amazingly great! I love to remember her and all our wonderful memories of us together when I use it!

  610. Oh, what an awesome giveaway!

    What’s your favorite appliance in your kitchen that you cannot live without? Can I say two? My big ol red Kitchenaid Stand Mixer and my Pampered Chef Mix n Scraper.

    I love my little baby Kitchenaid food processor too.

    Ok, time to stop.

  611. Yes, I follow you on Twitter. Of course. :-)

  612. And now I follow KitchenAidUSA on Twitter too!

  613. I’m Facebook fans of both too.

  614. My favorite appliance in my kitchen is my bendy spatula, it helps me scoop up all that I need to efficiently and is perfect for eating brownie batter :)

  615. I follow both of you on twitter!! @sarathewise

  616. I tweeted the giveaway!! @sarathewise

  617. I use my Aroma Electric Water Kettle every day!

  618. Boy that’s a tough one. Of course most of us have ranges and refrigerators, but as far as those “extra” appliances, I use my microwave oven most. I don’t actually cook in it, but I use it for reheating foods and for thawing meats.

    I also have a 25-year old Oskar Jr. that I use for chopping small amounts of things. I’ve never had anything larger than the Jr. size and it holds maybe a cup of stuff? It’s a wee little thing but it never lets me down.

  619. I can’t live without my oven. I’d say our weber grill if it counted as an appliance cause we can’t live without it!

    Glad Nester sent me to your blog! I could learn so much from you! Gonna spend a good hour here…again. Lol

  620. I hate to admit it, but I could not live without my microwave!

  621. Love my mini chopper.

  622. The appliance I could not live without is definitely my wheat grinder. Love it. Comes in handy because I bake everything from scratch using only freshly ground flour.

  623. I would go with my immersion blender. I love making soup with it.

  624. My stick blender- I put it through the dishwasher 2x on sunday because I was cooking so much- I didn’t realize how many times I use it until my husband held up the dishwasher safe end and asked “Didn’t I wash this once already today?”

  625. My favorite appliance in my kitchen is def my coffee maker

  626. I am a fan of Both on Facebook- Jamie Brigham *FB Name*

  627. Just liked you on FB! Love your blog!

  628. I am following Both on Twitter- @cinderella10383

  629. I love my microwave!

  630. I shared this giveaway on Facebook- Jamie Brigham *FB Name*

  631. I tweeted about this giveaway- @cinderella10383!/Cinderella10383/status/131570712279396352

  632. love my kitchen aid mixer

  633. i love my kitchen aid mixer!

  634. my immersion blender! i use it for our looooong MN winters, making all kinds of soups!

  635. As simple as it sounds, I like my apple slicer. With lots of little kiddos, that little wonder gets lots of play at our house.

  636. I can’t decide between my oven or my coffee pot – I love to bake but I need my coffee! :)

  637. I love my pink Kitchen Aid mixer. I love it because it is pink. I have a husband and 5 little boys.
    I just love looking at it in my kitchen. It makes me smile because there is something girly in my

  638. It is avocado green, over 40 years old, and passed down to us from my husband’s mother – my every-day useful KitchenAid stand mixer. Today I just shred chicken breasts in it in under 20 seconds!

  639. Definitely my Kitchenaid stand mixer, I use it all the time!

  640. probably my husband…he’s either in the kitchen helping me out, or testing my food and giving me just the feedback i need.

  641. First off- Thanks for a great month last month. Your warm connections series was wonderful! I apologize for not knowing, but you have a book out? How cool are you?!

    My favorite kitchen appliance is my “work horse” aptly named Brutus. My kitchen aid mixer. However, I’m also very fond of my immersion blender.

  642. I follow you on Twitter!

  643. My mandolin because I don’t have a food processor. I do use it a lot to make soups, etc.

  644. love my coffee pot.

  645. hi sandy!
    i love my ninja and use it a few times daily to puree baby food :)

  646. Without a doubt, Kitchen Aid mixer. It lives up to it’s reputation. :)

  647. It’s a tie between my crock pot and my coffee maker! Both are life savers!

  648. I don’t have very many electric appliances, but my favorite one is my electric water kettle!

  649. The kitchen appliance I cannot live without would be either my Kitchenaid mixer or my crockpot. They both are life savers..

  650. I am a FB fan of RE. :)

  651. I love my Jenair gas range. We cook 3 meals a day in this house pretty much every day, so it gets a workout. It has some nice features that make my life easier and help my food turn out better including a keep warm mode and a temperature probe that allow me a little more freedom to be present with my guests.

  652. I would say my food processor. Which is why this one looks so appealing!

  653. I can’t do without my Kitchen stand mixer. Thank you for such a wonderful opportunity and I love your entertaining attitude.

  654. I would not want to be without my microwave. But then again what would I do without my toaster? We eat toast almost every day! Thanks for the lovely blog, you are so encouraging.

  655. My bright yellow lemon juicer

  656. Wow! What a nice giveaway! Aren’t we blessed to have toasters, blenders, mixers, food processers and microwaves that we can’t live without?! That’s a tough decision, but perhaps a blender would be most missed. Maybe I would say food processer if I win one…thanks for the chance!!

  657. I can’t live without my toaster oven this time of year, it is great for those extra side dishes during the holidays that don’t fit in my other oven with the Turkey and such!!

  658. Can’t live without? Espresso pot. Not for me, for my husband. We have 3 different sizes of the true Italian ones and even shipped the coffee halfway around the world with us!

  659. My kitchen aid mixer!

  660. I have to agree with many others that I love and couldn’t live without my Kitchen Aid mixer!

  661. Mine is my kitchen aid Mixer!

  662. liked you on fb

  663. I’m sure it would be my Kitchen Aid mixer if I owned one. I do not so it would have to be my Santoku knife.

  664. I “like” you on FB

  665. I love my kitchenaid mixer it is my favorite.

  666. I really could not do without my bread machines. Yes, that is plural! I have two bread machines that make all the dough for my families bread, pizza and rolls that we eat. Makes eating healthy more affordable!

  667. My favorite small appliance would be my (15 yr old) Kitchen Aid mixer :)

  668. The crockpot, especially during the cold-weather months. It’s a lifesaver for the lazy cook.

    Thanks for the opportunity!