Not Reluctant and Pear Butternut Spread

Pear Butternut Spread

Two things I love about fall time entertaining is the weather, which has been fantastic and warm this week in southern Oregon, and cooking with pears, making a Pear Butternut Spread.

The combination of pears and butternut squash – my or my!

Pear Butternut Spread

This week I created a new recipe that I love, and I’m excited to be sharing it with some fellow bloggers who are coming to my town next week for a blogging event, and they are having diner in my home!

I’m a bit nervous, I must admit, even though I do write about not being reluctant, about being prepared, and the whole “you can do it” spirit here on RE.

Pear Butternut Spread

You can read more about the bloggers who are coming, here, but I’m also very excited to be hosting some pretty awesome foodie friends (and … ahem … a few design bloggers, too!) in my home.


I’m putting my fears behind me, even though I know my house is not perfect. And I’m putting one foot forward, and I’m just going to do it.

When I think of the power of breaking bread together with people in our lives who bring us so much joy, it’s the least we can do to serve them a meal – of love, comfort, and great food!

Today I’m sharing a recipe I’ll be serving next week for an appetizer, but Sh-h-h-h …  don’t tell my friends!

This Pear Butternut Squash is absolutely scrumptious on top of pancakes or waffles, crostini (and goat cheese like I served it), toast, or even a Monte Christo sandwich! Yum!

Here’s the easy part: Just leave the skin of the pears on – NO PEELING! You’re blending it together anyway, and I always like to keep as much fiber in the food as possible.

Do you get nervous when you know company is coming for dinner?

Pear Butternut Spread


  1. This appetizer looks delicious, Sandy! Your get-together is going to be fabulous! :)

  2. What a great spread! that sounds like a lucky group of bloggers – have an awesome time :)

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  4. I am actually not a huge pear person, but I bet when cooked down with the squash this is such a delicious spread! Perfect for entertaining!
    Have fun at your get together!

  5. I love how you added pears to amp up the natural sweetness of the squash, yum!

  6. Sandy this looks incredible! I bet it makes your house smell so good, too! Pinned!

  7. Sandy- I love pears! This fun appetizer (or dinner :) ) looks absolutey wonderful! Can’t wait to try it while pears are in season!

  8. I love pears and I love butternut squash so this sounds amazing!! Perfect fall snack or fun appetizer but I guess that’s why you shared it, huh? :D

  9. I can’t wait to see you, hug you, taste this and enjoy your beautiful home! xoxo

  10. I have never combined pears and butternut squash – I must try this!!

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