10 Outdoor Entertaining Yard Sale Finds!

Meredith (Like Merchant Ships) and I recently put our heads together to share our top favorite entertaining finds.  Ones we’ve found at yard sales over the years.
And since we’re in the prime season for outdoor entertaining, my list includes bargains I’ve found for the outdoors!
1.  Beachy redwood couch and table, perfect for appetizers – $15
2.  Set of 24 glass dishes for large group parties – $15
3.  Industrial patio heater – $125 (regular price $350)
4.  Sturdy umbrella stand (we sprayed black) – $2
5.  10-cent salad bowl (my favorite large summer bowl)
6.  Planter turned to napkin holder – $1
7.  $1 white serving platter (amongst many!)
8.  Antique cooler (and very cool for drinks!) – $5
9.  Wicker drawer set to hold candles, napkins, place mats, etc. – $15
9.  Outdoor bathroom art – $5
10. Beautiful goblets – 8 for $5 (very to photo)
My list outdoor entertaining list consisted of about 30 items, but I paired it down to 10.  Now head on over and check out Meredith’s list!
Entertaining is attainable – on a dollar! 
Meredith and I both are the first to tell you this!  And we also want to encourage you to step out this summer, to find some great entertaining items that work well for you!
I’d love to hear what’s been your favorite entertaining find?

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30 comments on “10 Outdoor Entertaining Yard Sale Finds!”

  1. Don't you just love IKEA napkins?! Kelly

  2. You're amazing! These are great finds… Get's me motivated to go garage saling!

  3. You found some great deals! I was just telling my daughter we need to get a feel for the garage sales in our area!

    Fun post, off to check out Meredith's finds!


  4. I really need to hit some garage sales!!!

  5. Now this is feeding my bargain finding addiction for sure. Love your great finds! Right now I'm searching for bargains that will end up being a bohemian patio themed bridal shower for my daughter's friend. Think peacock colors, silky fabrics, pillows, etc. etc. Keep your eye out I'll be driving the I-5 on my way to Seattle from LA and can swing on by to pick up what you find…:0)

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