Have I told you how much I love my center island? I’ve put it to really good use … almost every weekend! (nice and tidy when we first finished the kitchen …)

Even with impromptu meals, like this spaghetti feed a few weekends ago after the local Soccer CUP in town, we had a table-full of teens who came for dinner at 10 PM!

I set out a stack of plates.

Made sure the food was lined up.

And a place for the kids to sit.

The next morning my husband and I reflected on how the dining table was full, the back patio (lit with patio lights) had kids sitting on it, the guys were out by the fire.

The ladies were inside (serving, chatting, cleaning …)

Summertime is really a good time to have a lot of people into our home with different eating areas. Everyone had a place to mingle. To enjoy. And this night we filled those soccer players up with pasta!

I have to admit, since I have more space in my kitchen I’m more apt to do “impromptu” than I was before. Although you can’t let space or size stop you from creating memories. You have to get over the fact that certain situations aren’t perfect when practicing hospitality. That is what I’ve learned for sure. I am blessed now, but I don’t want to forget the few years where I struggled to make it work. It was a good lesson for me and one that I share often with others.

Are you good with impromptu, or do you let size, space, or even your cooking get in the way?

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