Ro*Tel Spring into Summer Entertaining GIVEAWAY for 2 Winners!

Last week I wrote about our Mexican-themed party with family and friends.

The two dip recipes were devoured; everyone loved them! (I’m now in love with the guac recipe with no sour cream or dairy products.)

Which, by the way, are the easiest recipes if you’re hosting a Memorial Day get-together this weekend! I’d also like to introduce you to a few more Ro*Tel recipes from my friends, at the bottom of *this post. :)

One of the things that made the party so easy was that I decided to use paper products.

I found a really cool scarf that I used for the buffet area.

We just set the dishes out and let everyone dive in.

I made rice, beans, rice, ground turkey, and then all the toppings for either tacos or burritos. These dips, together on the tacos, were a fantastic addition – wow! the flavor! (Thank you, Ro*Tel!)

We loved sitting in the outdoors, which reminds me of years ago, all the games we used to play while entertaining–adults and kids. Its a little different now with teenagers, as they seem to want to sit around the table and talk. I love this season of life!

Today, so you can host your own “Spring into Summer” party, I’m giving away TWO prize packs from ConAgra Foods, valued at $75 each.

Here’s what’s in each prize pack:

2 cans Ro*Tel Original Diced Tomatoes & Green Chilies
Recipe cards
Chip-and-dip serving bowl
Green chili string lights
Outdoor game set

Answer to win (2 winners):
Do you usually serve dips when you entertain in the summertime? If so, please share your favorite dips?

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Starts today, Sunday, May 27th and ends Wednesday, May 30 at 12 noon (PST).

Sorry, giveaway open to US readers only. Winners will be chosen randomly and notified by email. 48 hours to claim prize or another winner will be selected.

(Disclosure: I am in a working relationship with RO*TEL and ConAgra Foods and have received compensation and product for this post.)

*More “kicked up” party food favorites perfect for Memorial Day weekend entertaining:

The 7-Layer Dip from Aggie’s Kitchen

Cheesy Corn Stuffed Jalapenos from Aggie’s Kitchen

Guacamole That Rocks and Spicy Black Bean Salsa from my post last week

Quick and Easy Blender-Style Salsa from Mountain Mama Cooks

Crock Pot Chicken Nachos from Mommy Hates Cooking

The Best Queso Ever from Bake at 350

176 comments on “Ro*Tel Spring into Summer Entertaining GIVEAWAY for 2 Winners!”

  1. I like to serve seven layer dip, with refried beans, sour cream, cheddar cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, salsa, and guacamole with chips!

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  5. boring, but ranch sour cream dip is always a hit.

  6. twitter follower of Rotel (fenwickmama)

  7. I “liked” Ro*Tel on fb.

  8. Yes, we do a lot of enertaining in the summer and throughout the year! Almost always a dip or two grace the table. Sometimes simple dips like salsa or guacamole, sometimes more complex heated dips like my family’s favorite which is baked in a sourdough bowl and features spinach, bacon, cheese and garlic. I’ve even modified that recipe, for my vegetarian and non-pork eating friends, by using lump crab meat. Either way there are never any leftovers!

  9. I now follow you on Pintrest.

  10. I always have to serve fresh black bean salsa , a guac dip, and a spinach artichoke dip with our chips. And yes, it seems we always have tortilla chips at most get togethers we have no matter what time of year!

  11. like you on FB :)

  12. I follow Rotel on twitter

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  15. guacamole is always a hit here.

  16. I follow you on pinterest

  17. I am already a subscriber

  18. Love guacamole or different kinds of salsas.

  19. I do serve chips when we have a cook out. Generally we just eat the chips plain or with some store bought salsa.

  20. I follow you on Pinterest

  21. I love to serve this Black Bean Salsa dip whenEVER I entertain. It’s always a hit!

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  29. Oh pick me pick me! I actually showed these to the hubs. I’m definitely wanting to add rotel to guacamole. Guacamole is my go-to dip of choice. I love my recipe handed down from my Mom.

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  32. retweeted the giveaway…can you tell I really want to win?????

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  35. we usually have classic french onion dip (sour cream plus lipton soup mix)

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  39. i Tweeted this giveaway:

  40. Yup – I like to serve Mexican a lot, so I often serve guacamole and either my home made salsa or pico de guillo.

    So good…and usually so gone!

  41. I subscribe via rss!

  42. We often serve dips. Homemade clam dip and guacamole are two favorites. We serve a lot of salsas, too.

  43. I like Ro-Tel on FB.

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  45. I follow Ro-Tel on Pinterest.

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  48. We almost always serve chips and salsa. Different types, but that’s our favorite.

  49. I like RE on Facebook!

  50. I subscribe to RE on Google Reader!

  51. We almost always serve guacamole with chips and hummus with seasonal vegetables!

  52. I usually serve tortilla chips and homemade salsa and guacamole.

  53. I follow RoTel on fb

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  58. Love chips with salsa or 7 layer bean dip

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  65. tweeted about the giveaway

  66. Spinach dip is my favorite:-)

  67. We like to serve roasted salsa verde

  68. I love serving guacamole in the Summertime!

  69. We always serve veggies and a 1970s-recipe homemade dip made with Italian dressing mix.

  70. Saladgoddess already following you on Twitter.

  71. I usually either do a basic chips and salsa or do a mango salsa.

  72. I serve an artichoke cheese dip recipe I got from a friend. This weekend I made a crock pot Pork Carnitas recipe that used Rotel – it was wonderful and I will be serving it at my next dinner group get-together!

  73. I will sometimes have dips for our gatherings in the summertime. My favorite is the Ro-Tel/Velveeta cheese dip or 7 layer dip. Just can’t go wrong with that, but love trying new recipes as well!

  74. I like RE on facebook!

  75. Cowboy Caviar is always a crowd pleaser

  76. I follow Sandy on pinterest!

  77. I am just recently married and launching out on the entertaining in our home. I have not used any sauces yet in my entertaining.

  78. Of course I follow you on FB and here! When serving a crowd, it’s usually guacamole or my 7 layer dip of refried beans, guacamole, sour cream and all the toppings.

  79. Dips are always a favorite. I try to use what ever I have growing in the garden,

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  84. My favorite hot dip to bring places is super easy and gets tons of raves every single time! It’s queso. A brick of Velveeta, a pound of crumbled and browned Jimmy Dean sausage, and a can of Rotel all in the crockpot, served with tortilla chips! Super good, super easy, and SUPER DELICIOUS!

  85. I “liked” Rotel on Facebook.

  86. I “liked” Reluctant Entertainer on Facebook!

  87. I serve 7 Layer Dip with Tortilla chips and Pita Chips.

  88. Like Reluctant Entertainer on Facebook

  89. I Like Rotel on Facebook

  90. Yes. Dips are my favorite. I like chicken ranch dip the best on crackers.

  91. I serve a dip made with cream cheese and hotel chili without beans. Mix together and microwave. Serve with tortilla chips. I also make guacamole. Avocados, salt, chopped tomatoes, diced onions, a garlic clove, lime juice and zest and top with chopped cilantro. My family can’t get enough of it!

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  95. I liked Sand Coughlini on facebook and am following her and rotfl on pinterest

  96. This is the first year I have really felt led to entertain! I am loving all the dip recipes! :)

  97. I usually just serve store-bought veggie dips.

  98. What a fun give away! Great way to kick off summer!

  99. I am very basic with dips – just store bought salsa but I have been yearning to try a black eyed pea thing I think it’s called Texas Caviar to see if it matches something I had one time in Knoxville that was super delicious.

  100. I already follow you on Facebook.

  101. I already follow you on Twitter (hmferrero)

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  104. Homemade salsa and guacamole are always a hit!

  105. Guacamole and Texas caviar are usually a big hit!

  106. I followed @SandyCoughlinRE on Twitter! (I’m @meljamc)

  107. I like to serve homemade salsa and sausage cheese dip with chips

  108. I love to serve dips, but I usually just make pico de gallo

  109. I follow @SandyCoughlinRE

  110. I like Rotel on fb!

  111. I like you on fb!

  112. I love serving dips in the summertime! Here is a favorite: Fiesta Cracker Spread
    1 package (8 oz.) cream cheese, softened*
    1 tablespoon seltzer water or milk
    1/2 cup finely shredded sharp Cheddar cheese
    1 teaspoon Mexican seasoning or taco seasoning
    1/4 cup sliced green onions
    2 tablespoons finely chopped red bell pepper
    1 tablespoon salsa
    1/4 cup frozen whole kernel corn, thawed (optional)
    1 tablespoon finely chopped jalapeno pepper (optional)
    Read More:

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  117. We don’t really ever entertain, so my anwer would be no. But we do like dips with rotel.

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  120. I now follow Rotel on twitter.

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  122. We normally serve guacamole or pico dips during the summer.

  123. I serve dips occasionally, I don’t really do much besides the chili cheese one! :) Or I do cheeseballs too!

  124. I subscribe to your feed!

  125. I usually serve crab dip or guacamole dip. They are both so easy, and delicious!

  126. I already subscrie to the Reluctant Entertainer Feed. Thanks!

  127. I like RE on facebook. Thanks!

  128. I subscribe to your feed.

  129. I almost always serve dip when I entertain. Spinach-Parmesan dip is my favorite in the summer.

  130. I love serving homemade hummus and fresh veggies during summer parties!

  131. Of course I serve dip! How can anyone not?? Haha! I make homemade salsa or cheesy spinach dip with rotels.

  132. I like Reluctant Entertainer on fb!

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  138. I like to serve guacomole – and I also have a great taco dip recipe!

  139. I subscribe to Reluctant Entertainer RSS

  140. I liked Ro Tel on facebook

  141. I like to serve a dip made from salsa (2 jars) with a can of black beans, 1 cup frozen white corn, thawed, and 2 avocados, chopped. Serve with tortilla chips.

  142. I like Reluctant Entertainer on fb.

  143. I like Ro-Tel on fb.

  144. I follow you on Google reader.

  145. I make my own cheese dip/salsa con queso.

  146. Thanks to the lovely Jessica of ‘How Sweet It Is’ I make an awesome 7 layer greek dip that is always a hit! Layers of tzatziki, hummus, feta, and all kinds of goodness.

  147. And I like Reluctant Entertainer on FB :)

  148. Usually serve a 7 layer been dip and rotel cheese dip.

  149. Like Reluctant Entertainer on Facebook

  150. My favorite dip is a sausage cheese dip! I am always asked to bring it to get togethers or parties

  151. Like Ro*Tel on Facebook

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  153. I like to make a taco dip or spinach dip. Love dips!!!!

  154. I follow RE on facebook.

  155. I Follow @Ro_Tel on Twitter

  156. I Follow @SandyCoughlinRE on Twitter

  157. I Follow Sandy Coughlin on Pinterest

  158. I usually make my homemade salsa and a homemade queso (using RoTel actually) :)

  159. Everyone’s favorite 5 layer Mexican dip!

  160. we like to serve dips
    we like lipton onion soup (dry) mixed with sour cream

  161. like rotel on fb Julie A Scott Laws

  162. like u on fb Julie A Scott Laws

  163. We usually always have dip! The dip depends on the kind of food of course. But my favorite is Taco Dip :)

  164. I like Ro*tel on Facebook!

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  166. I subscribe to Reluctant Entertainer’s RSS feed !

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