$20 Crate & Barrel Find!

When catalogs like these come to my house, I rarely get a chance to look at them.
But I love Crate & Barrel catalogs, and it reminds me of one of my favorite SUMMER FINDS this year.
For $19.95 I bought this large water dispenser from a Crate N’ Barrel outlet store.
If I had had more room in my car at the time, I would have picked up extras for my friends for birthday presents.
It’s plastic, easy to clean, and perfect for a hot day of summer fun.
We rarely buy soda (unless we’re having a large party), so water is the BEST for kids.
My kids don’t complain.  They love water!
And the soccer girls who were just at our house didn’t seem to mind either!
What beverage is your family’s favorite during the hot summer months?
(I have a glass beverage jar almost twice the size, that I bought at Costco a few years back. But this size is perfect for smaller parties!)

22 comments on “$20 Crate & Barrel Find!”

  1. I need one of those! Can you fit it in your bag to Chicago?!

  2. Sam's Club had the plastic dispensers for $20 this summer.

  3. We love water too. Pop is a rarity. If we don't have water, I serve 100% juice.

    I love that container!! And being plastic is a bonus!! Where are Crate an Barrel outlets? Near you? I may have a soccer game down that way and would love to hit it up!

  4. H20 is the best! Your post reminds me though: we had one of those glass dispenser jars from Costco in our family. I forget the name. It had been used a thousand times and my husband went to pick it up and move it once and it completely exploded. We had to rush to the emergency room for some stitches. I think we'll stick with plastic ones like this from now on! No explosions! :)

  5. Arnold Palmer's

  6. oh, that is cute!! great find!

  7. I have a large dispenser like that too…. I love to make lemonades with different fruit (strawberry lemonade, blueberry lemonade, watermelon lemonade, etc.)

    I also serve a lot of crystal light.

  8. Love this water thingie!! Too cute! I'll be on the lookout for sales.


  9. I recently bought one at Sam's club, I think it was $30. I'd like another for lemonade!

  10. Ooh I love that jug! I would love to have one. My kids love ice water as well but we also drink a lot of Crystal Light lemonade. :)

  11. I'd love to have something like that. We prett much drink water all the time, but when we have guests, I like to make up a batch of Sweet Iced Tea, Mmmmm. :)

  12. I love these kinds of things! Good find!

  13. That was a GREAT find!

    We drink a lot of water, but we certainly consume more that our fair share of sweet tea, too.

  14. Awesome! I've been wanting a glass one, but now I want a plastic one too.

  15. That is a beautiful water jug! We drink water…mainly for the cost, but it's better for us, too!

  16. I love it! Too bad we don't have a Crate & Barrel in Nova Scotia. But then again, it could be dangerous for me! (I'm guessing that Home Sense is our Crate & Barrel.)

  17. What a great bargain, Sandy! I love it.

    Our favorite beverage, in addition to water, is pink lemonade.

  18. I have a large dispenser like this, but it cost me about $65! I love to fill it with lemonade and sliced lemons, it looks so pretty for a party! But around the house, we drink water all day.

  19. What a great find!

  20. Water is our #1 choice of beverage and apparently for our younger friends, too.
    Our 3 year old friend went to lunch with us recently and he declared that 'water is the best drink'. We all agreed and ordered a round of water with our quesadillas.
    Sandy, I really like the water dispenser, might have to scout one out in our area.
    love ya!

  21. WOO HOO!! I totally love this!

    We drink sweet tea ALL DAY LONG here in the summer. Even though we're stuck in the Midwest, we still enjoy a taste of the South everyday with our refreshing glasses of sweet tea.

  22. Totally agreed! I am waiting for a similar item to go on sale at Pottery Barn – if I can score two for both water and lemonade next summer's buffet will be gorgeous!
    With you completely! Be well, Catherine

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