A Challenge for your Family: Foster and Grow Hospitality!

Mama in the Kitchen

A few weeks ago I woke up at 3 am and got up to read and write. I was thinking back to our NYE party, at the end of the night, as the women were all in the kitchen doing dishes.

I love the sight of women working together in the kitchen. It makes me giddy just thinking about it, because along with our hands being busy (with what we love to do), we’re talking, getting know each other in a deeper way, discussing our families, and life.

The murmur of conversations that went on on this night I still hear in my mind.

I love the feel of women working together in the kitchen. An occasional hug, bumping in to each other, smiles, expressions on our faces that are priceless as we share our hearts.


The truth is that human beings are made for relationships. We crave them and usually enrich our lives with those closest to us. But it’s also important to have a goal to reach out to new people.

Every time we sit and eat and drink together, we know each other more. And for those new faces around the table, it is only the beginning.

Do I always want to be doing dishes after midnight? No, not really. But it’s fun to think back to that night, and also a reminder of how the many hands made it all come together that night.

One goal our family has this year is to reach out yet a little bit more. It’s a good goal to have.

Have you considered talking about hospitality as a family, thinking about it not as a quick fix, but as a way to foster and grow what we were really made for?

I’d love to hear your thoughts?

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  1. That is an awesome goal! I am going to talk to my family about hospitality, it is definitely not something we do a lot but I wish we would!!

  2. I love how you described the women in the kitchen with all the smiling, conversations, bumping into each other, hugs, etc. I love when I see that too. It’s all the camaraderie, I suppose. I know too many times I tend to “shew” everyone else off (go sit and visit!) – just so I can quick “get it done”, and out of the way (or I’ll just do it later after they’ve all gone) and in that I KNOW I am missing out on a lot.

    I really appreciated this convicting post. Because here of late I’ve been learning that hospitality is not necessarily about offering a meal or having people over to your home…it’s about letting people intentionally in your life. Period. Rubbing elbows in the kitchen is certainly a good place to start.

  3. Thanks so much for the reminder. I always kinda think I’m cheating when someone tells me that hospitality is a gift, a service, because it’s so fun! But sometimes we find ourselves always making excuses to not open our doors. Maybe the floors need mopping, you’ve had a busy schedule, funds for throwing a get-together are low or you’re just tired but I always learn that not only does it always bless someone else (even if my potty isn’t perfectly cleaned) but it brings joy to me as well. And that’s the whole point of sharing our gifts – to bring joy that ultimately glorifies the Lord. Right?

    Thanks again for the reminder – I needed that right now.

  4. Beautiful! I couldn’t agree more. Having others over to our home is what has fostered such special relationships in our lives! Hubby and I plan to do quite a bit more entertaining during 2010 now that we’re a bit more settled in our new home. I hosted our church’s womens ministry team brunch last week (15 ladies came!), even though our kitchen is half torn-up (beginning a remodel) and our house can get very, um, cozy :) with a larger group! But everyone seemed thrilled to be there and had a great time fellowshipping together! Thanks for your encouragement, I can’t wait to read your new book out this summer!

  5. When you live in a rural community, as we do, and the nearest “city” is over two hours away, women struggle with what to do to escape for a little while. I feel God pressing it upon my heart to have afternoon get-togethers with other stay-at-home moms. We as family love to have people over, we stepped it up recently and I hope to post on it soon…we are hosting a foreign exchange student, possibly for the rest of the school year, but for now just this month. What an experience!

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  7. Women together in the kitchen are awesome, but couples together are better in my book—-I love it when my husband joins in and we work together on a meal or the cleanup. Best of all, when my grown kids came home this Christmas, we were all in the kitchen creating wonderful sights, smells, tastes and memories—almost magic.

  8. My goal to will be reaching out more, and opening up my home on a regular basis. I want to fellowship and enjoy the company of others much more than I have in the past. Jackie

  9. Those are great thoughts-we so quickly neglect the things we really need in life. Reaching out and making connections with others doesn’t just happen, it takes a commitment. We have been thinking about how to do this more as a family and not being so stuck on what to do with our kids while we are opening our lives to others. Ministry (as youth pastors) and life does not happen exclusive of each other. We’ve been trying to extend ourselves more, and we’re thinking about opening our home for a soup night to our neighbors.

  10. I was sitting in church this AM looking around and there were 3 women that I would love to get to know more. They are busy moms like me, but I wonder if they have a support group or people in their lives that reach out to them. So, I thought if I have one gal over for coffee/playdate once a week that’s 4 new relationships that might blossom. I can’t tackle entertaining at dinner time now with the babies eating their meal first, then the rest of us. It’s complete chaos. But I can offer coffee/tea/and cookies and a chance to connect. We’ll see where this goes, but one of the gals this AM couldn’t exchange phone numbers quick enough and she’s coming over on Friday with her 3 boys!

  11. I love your passion and I couldn’t agree more! Having pastored and been in ministry for so long, our kids have been raised in a home where they regularly ask “can I eat this or is it for the get together?”

    One night, we had a meeting planned and ended up in the hospital with one of our children…my oldest son and his friend decided to help get things together for me and they made deviled eggs and put them on a platter for our guests! It was especially funny because I had never made them in my life…not sure what made them think that was a great idea for party food. But it was precious and I was thankful that the other wives brought things too!

    Thanks again Sandy for the encouragement!

  12. Yes, definitely we use entertaining in our home for that purpose. It also helps our ministry to the people in the church. But we wouldn’t know as many of them “personally” if we didn’t invite them into our homes. And our lives wouldn’t be touched by their’s in the same way if we were only casual about our encounters with them. I think that can translate into anyone else’s lives as well.

    By the way… I just adore your little girl’s drawing. How sweet. :)


  13. my husband and i were talking about this sort of thing the other day. we are currently interviewing at a church for the senior pastor position (his first, been a youth pastor 15+ years) and one thing that he tells the churches that he has interviewed at in the past is that one of his goals is to visit every family unit in the church at least once (if not more) during the year. then later him and i were discussing how at the church we are interviewing at it would be possible to invite each family unit in our church over for Sunday dinner and we would be able to do most of them in one years time (it is a smaller church at the moment). i thought that was a really good idea and one that i really want to try and implement in our new church home (when we get there!) but i do think that it would not be an every Sunday occurance for us. So maybe 2-3 families a month would be better; letting us get to know our memebers but at the same time having family moments.

    thanks for all the advice and encouragement on your blog, i have really enjoyed reading it since finding you

  14. I think your picture is just priceless!!! I’ve also been thinking about how we can grow deeper relationships with people as we “do” things with them!

  15. Love the drawing and how there is something baking in that oven that looks so good :0)

  16. I think I crave having people over. It’s just in me. A lot of our friends have any where from 5-8 children and I was always a little nervous inviting a family of that size over because of taste differences. But I finally got past that and invited friends of ours with 8 kids over and made 2 casseroles and EVERYONE loved it and had seconds. It was a real boost for me.

    This week I’m having a fondue night with some girlfriends. I can’t wait. I’ve never made fondue so it will be interesting. I’m sure I’ll be blogging about it.
    I think once we get past our initial fears and failures we can move forward and just enjoy each gathering and have fun!

  17. This is something that has been on my heart lately, and I’m actually reading a book now. I’ve never been much of a cook or the really outgoing type, so the thought of entertaining often feels intimidating. I want to make it a point to start opening our home every month and getting better at this lost art!

  18. I love this! And yes, I totally agree with you about working with women in the kitchen! I’ve only experienced that a few times, but just love it. It’s one of the ultimate ways to connect with those you love!

    Our family has been talking more about this lately…and trying to figure out how we are supposed to have more community than what we do today. Can’t wait to see where we go with it this year~! =-)

  19. Great thoughts!
    My sister..like you…has lots going on in their home!
    She is always celebrating…throwing a fun party for her children and their friends.
    I think teaching your children about hospitality enourages them to want to entertain their friends at home…which can really pay off as the kids grow into their teens.
    Wonderful lessons!

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