A Flickering Flame in Balcony Girls!

BG Christmas 2009

We’re drawn to Jesus as a Baby at Christmastime. We’re drawn to the Light of the World who came to earth as a vulnerable baby, to live in a human body. Who grew up as a kid and experienced everything we feel. Our hurts, pain, fun, and all. Christmas is about Jesus coming and living like us as he took on human form.

That is the true meaning of Christmas, and my Balcony Girls all agreed as we came together last week to celebrate, and to decorate candles (inspired by my friend, Melissa, from The Inspired Room).

BG Snowy Candles

Making Snowy Candles
1. Fill a bowl with Epsom Salt
2. Spray the outside of a candle (I used Mounting Spray) or paste with glue
3. Roll in the Epsom Salt, and let dry

Epsom Salt Candles

What is it about candles that mesmerizes us?

As each girl lit a candle around the room, we brought them together and talked about warmth, light, ambience, feelings, beauty, peace, security, even the scent.

BG contemplating flickering flame

I then asked the girls about their lives. Do they have a light inside of them, a flicker of something special that shines through to others? That others are drawn to? (My answer is yes! I totally see it in each of these girls!)

How we make an impact on others starts with us. In our hearts. I then shared a story with the girls about a Down’s Syndrome boy who was inspired by an idea that led to a good deed. He eventually touched many lives of those around him with the love that was in his heart.

And then we engaged in some easy Oreo cookie decorating (hand-dipped in white chocolate and a lot of frosting).

BG Oreos Christmas

So our lesson revolved around the Ultimate Act of Love. Jesus being born for us! Taking this all to our hearts, I must say we did have some fun. There’s never a dull moment, as I love opening my home to these teen girls. They’re interactive and teachable. They’re zippy-fun and always laughing. They are beautiful girls.

BG Toe Socks

I’m thankful for the gift of giving at Christmas. Balcony Girls is a way for me to give out, in my own home. And I’d encourage you to consider doing the same. Kids are just so easy …

Have you thought about sharing your home with younger kids in the New Year? It’s a great way to give out, to share that flickering flame that we each have inside of us!

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  2. So HAPPY to see that the Balcony Girls are still meeting together. That shows that what you do while they are there is wonderful and draws them back for each get together.

    God Bless YOU and the Balcony Girls!

    Betty in Oklahoma

  3. Thank you, Sandy, for sharing this message and your time and energy with these girls. I know Madeline enjoys these afternoons with her friends, as well as the fun activities and lessons that you have planned for them. You are a gem!

    Kristin :)

  4. You are amazing with those young ladies!

  5. Oops….that should be “[email protected]”….not Newt….lol

  6. It’s been such a long time since I have seen you. I am so glad you stopped by! You are such an inspiration to the Balcony Girls, of that I am so sure. Love this post and the beautiful photos. And I have got to try the oreos dipped in chocolate. How decadent. I bet they are over the top delish! I had a cookie party so I have tons of cookies for the holidays but I am making some more tomorrow…a new cookie I saw in a mag. that looked wildly wonderful. xo Lynn

  7. A flickering flame that others can see….Oh, I love that!

  8. Your Balcony Girls group is always such an inspiration…what a treasure you are to these girls!!

    The candles look fantastic, what a fun thing to do with a group!!!


  9. Sandy as usual what a great day!!!
    The candle is standing as a reminder of the “flickering flame” in our kitchen. We also like that is red because it is the symbol of the blood of Christ. Our 20′ Christmas tree is decorated each year in silver balls with one red one in the middle to stand as a reminder of the true meaning of Christmas. We love the color of red at the holidays.

    The boys loved the cookies, although eaten in the car was a “got milk” moment. :)

    Thank you for sharing your talent of love and concern for others with our girls.
    Happy Hoidays.

  10. sandy,
    starting an encouragement group has been on my mind since first read your blog a few weeks ago. my daughter is in the 3rd grade. we adopted her from kazakhstan 8 yrs ago. i think it’s very important for her to have connections to other adoptees as well as to young ladies who are following Christ. i am going to pray about hosting a young ladies group.
    thank you for sharing.

  11. Sandy,
    So good to see you at my blog this morning. Thanks for the visit!

    I cannot believe you haven’t seen Julie & Julia. You’d love it. You have to watch it. It’s right up your alley!

    I feel as if I’ve been out of pocket with blog visits. My daughter got married in October and then Thanksgiving hit. I’m glad to be able to visit today. Your blog looks beautiful as usual!

    I pray you have a blessed Christmas!

  12. Thank you! I have teenagers over to our home quite frequently, but I need to take more time to teach them and listen to them and really pray about the time we have together to encourage and to nurture eachother as followers of Christ! You are such a blessing, Sandy!

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