A night of fire magic and s’mores, a movie and sleeping outside–these started off our new Balcony Girls season.
You have to have a goal, and to stay focused on it, I told the girls the next morning as we sat around and ate French toast.
7th grade is full of excitement and a lot of changes.
My advice, taken right out of Philippians 3, was to have a GOAL. The goal being, follow who God made each girl to be, treat others with respect and dignity, and don’t follow the “in” crowd, just because it’s cool.
~ Stick with like-minded friends
~ Hang with girls headed toward the same goal
~ You may be swayed, but stay true to who you are
~ Don’t follow the crowd, just to be cool
~ Sometimes it seems easier to just “follow” but in the end it’s much harder
~ “Easy” is often a dead-end
Our craft
In less than 5 minutes, we made individual chalk boards. I bought these trays for about $1 each at IKEA earlier this summer.
We sprayed them with chalkboard paint, so each girl could write an encouraging word that would make them THINK.
GOAL was perfect for my board.
Having a goal and balancing it with God’s Word keeps me focused, and to stay on the right track.
A new spin on s’mores
Cinnamon Graham Crackers
Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups
Mmmm, Delicious!
Have you tried these?
Sleepy girls who got to bed very late!