Do you ever hear laughter and conversation – lively parties taking place over at the neighbors, and you wish you could just “peek” over the fence, or maybe be a fly on the table to see what’s going on?

Blank Form (#3)

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If only you could have peeked into our backyard seven years ago, and then again into our backyards this year, because I think you would have liked what you saw.

Seven years ago on that warm, starry night, three families got together for an evening of fun and celebration. What we had in common was that our 5th grade children were moving on to new schools for 6th grade. Read the rest of the story over at SC Johnson …. HERE.

(I love partnering with SC Johnson and how they are a family-loving-business! Thank you for visiting me over there the last few weeks and leaving comments! As you know, my son is now graduating High School! The above photo brings back many memories at my old house … It’s fun being on the outside and taking a peek in!)