A New Space – My New Pantry!

Walk with me through my OLD back door … to my new pantry!
For now, envision with me, studs and all, what mine will look like.
What was my back-door for years (how many times have we gone through this door?) will now be my new pantry space!
My goal for this pantry:  organization.
And to have a space where I will be able to store all of my pantry items in the same area.  That will be heaven!!
Do you think I’m only dreaming?  I mean, organization is easier said than done, right?

I’d love for you to share your tips on keeping an organized pantry!?

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  1. Yea for pantries! I have done several posts on pantry organization in the past. If you care to, you can search "pantry" on my blog and see them all. Kelly

  2. I love a walk in pantry!

    My advice for keeping a pantry organized is containers and baskets for almost everything. I keep my rice, pastas, flours, sugars, etc., all in sealed containers: keeps them fresher, and it is a better use of space, can be stacked, etc. Baskets keep like items together (i.e., chocolate chips, nuts, etc.).

    My other advice, be careful how you space shelves. Think of what you'll be storing and measure first. Items are taller than they seem!

  3. I have a pantry about the same size as yours. My blunder – we built deep shelves from top to bottom, ala linen closet. What I should have done – narrower shelves on all three sides, so you could step in and have a look around. I often forget what I have because I can't see it all. You are going to love having a big pantry!! Becki

  4. CONGRATS honey!!! YAY!!! I know it's going to be fabulous, I'm so excited for you!!!! xoxo
    I have little containers where all my packets go, i use the fridge can holders for my soups and canned veggies to keep them organized.

    I also pre-portion my goldfish, pretzels, chips.. etc… into snack baggies for easy access and portioning for both little and big hands and those sit in cardboard boxes on my lowest shelves.

  5. LAZY SUSAN'S!!!!!!!! That is MY way of organizing my pantry. All the jars, soup cans salad dressings etc. are on them and I can spin them to see what I have or need. Also 1 foot shelves, any deeper and things tend to get LOST:):) I have some deep shelves in my pantry and don't like it. I had the perfect pantry in my last house (which my husband built) and it was about 8 ft. lond and just one foot deep and held all the food things on one side and appliances, big pots, extra DISHES!!!!!!! etc, on the other. I wish SO much I still had it!!!!!! You will LOOOOVE your new pantry! Keep us posted on your progress, please! Pinky

  6. Looks like it will be a great pantry. Have you ever seen Ina Garten's pantry on her cooking show? I love it.

    I try to manage the pantry with containers. I use a lot of baskets and things that are hard to store (like my triffle bowl). I take all of hunter's treats out of the boxes and put them in the baskets and bowls. I have a basket that holds baking things like chips, nuts, sprinkles, coconut, etc. I also have a large basket that holds my bulk napkins and hides them away. In my trifle bowl, I store the various bags of rice that I have.

    I think that having containers in a pantry helps contain small, open, or messy things.

  7. I used to have a pantry. I miss my pantry.

  8. I enjoy your blog– so many good ideas. My pantry tips are to use containers for small items and to have designated shelf space for categories of items such as baking, breakfast, canned goods, etc. This way you can just walk in and grab what you need.

  9. Just thinking of a new pantry has my heart skipping, you must be so excited, it's going to be great,

  10. Oh girl…if anyone needs a walk in pantry you do. How wonderful. I can envision it!

  11. Hi Sandy, I can't wait to see the pictures of the pantry when it is done.

    How about some out shelves, so you can see everything you have in it!

  12. You're going to LOVE having that pantry! I love having a space for mostly unused appliances that are too bulky for the kitchen cabinets. I love having lots of food storage space. I might not have the most organized pantry but I know where to find stuff!

  13. I think having the right containers help a TON with having an organized pantry! We just moved into a new house and I have the beloved cabinet pantry that I was missing in our old house. It makes me happy every day to be able to have all our canned and packaged goods in one spot! I got great plastic bins from the Dollar Tree that were the perfect side for the shelves and to house oatmeal packets, granola bars, etc. that lets me get rid of their bulky packaging and keep them organized. So far it's been pretty easy to keep it organized! I think you'll love your new pantry!

  14. how exciting for you, Sandy!

    my 2 favorite pantry tips are:

    1. shallow shelves. No deeper than a dinner plate, at minimum for the shelves at shoulder level and higher. Items tend to be forgotten when you can't see them.

    2. Write expiration month/year in big black sharpie on items. Doesn't look much like a Williams-Sonoma catalog that way, but works!

    deb meyers

  15. Sandy,
    Part of a wall in my pantry has shelves and instead of just lining everything up all along the shelves, because that can get too messy after awhile, I have galvanized bins with labels on them, one holds pastas and rice, snacks, coffees & teas,..etc. I love the look and it works so well.

  16. I can totally see it! I just finished my pantry part of my kitchen remodel, so I feel your pain. Right now we are working on the stage 2, knocking down a wall, rewiring , and a kitchen island. It is slow going, but I am inspired each day that I see it. If you want to see some pics, you can hop over to my blog.

    Annie @ astonesthrowfrominsanity.blogspot.com

  17. Your pantry looks like it will be wonderful. Keep us updated.
    We moved our washer and dryer to the basement and made the small laundry next to the kitchen into a pantry. I love it!

  18. Oh Sandy, I am so excited for you…. Can't wait to see more progress in the kitchen.

  19. I am so with you on the pantry. My husband and I can't dream of a house without talking about a DREAM pantry. We are totally into cooking and all the gadgets and food items needed to prepare a delish meal but HATE that all our pantry items are spread out. Glad your dream is coming true ;-) Can't wait to see the finished product.

  20. It is going to be great. We have a small walk in pantry. Think carefully about shelf placement. Ours could be better. We keep saying we are going to redo the shelves. I won't be that hard but it is one of those "someday" things that never seems to be a priority.


  21. I can TOTALLY envision it!!!!!! You are going to LOVE having this space!!!!!! Make sure to update and show us more pictures….

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