My friend Pam and I have been talking about doing this for over a year.

And since food concerns us all, to some degree, we busy moms of 6 active kids tried something different with our cooking.

I’ve said it before: I really get tired of eating my own cooking! So I asked Pam if we could swap meals once in awhile? She’d cook for our family and I’d cook for hers!

So I brought Pam this one night last week:

And she brought our family this:

I said – No Frills! As in, let’s just swap the main dish and keep it simple.

Meals can be very inexpensive and don’t have to be elaborate at all. We all have our shortcuts in preparing a meal, but sometimes it takes creativity. Meals should always be more than just food.

Pam and I try to make our meals interesting – pleasing to the eye. Because guess what? Every family has blue, dark, grey days. When the team lost their game or a kid gets a bad test score. When a kid is bullied at school, or comes home sick, or even when the parent gets some not-so-great news!

Isn’t it up to us moms to get something on the table that looks good, and is also healthy and comforting to the belly? I know for a fact that children can feel the difference in a home that takes on this attitude.

So Pam helped me out one night last week, as we enjoyed her delicious lasagna. And her family benefited from my green enchiladas.

By the way, I changed it up a little. Using my green enchilada recipe, here, I added green chilies and black beans to the meat. YUMMY!

I also took an extra pan over to my friend who just had eye surgery, along with individual potpies that I cooked up the night before. I threw in fresh apples (future post) and tomatoes from the garden.

Yes, ladies, we cooks have a great opportunity to make something very real out of the dishes we prepare. When I get down or blue, I need to remember that I am making a difference to my family.

And it was actually fun last week to maybe make a difference in another’s.

Have you thought about a dinner swap with another family? Change it up a little and give it a try!

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