“There is no remedy for love but to love more.” -Henry David Thoreau

Last year, after our last Balcony Girl’s group met for the last time for the school year, one of my darling girls dropped off this beautiful pot at my front doorstep.

I loved it and asked her mother if they’d share with me how to make it.

Festive and FUN for Valentine’s Day; a lovely gift for someone you really care about!

1. Find a good patch of ivy, where you can trim off vines. Trim off the longest vines you can find.

2. Put trimmed vines into a jar of water to root.

3. Put potting soil in a decorative pot with saucer.

4. Shape wire hanger into a heart or other desired shape.

5. Poke hanger shape into soil, so that it is well anchored.

6. Plant rooted vines on either side of hanger and tamp down well. Look at the vine to see if it has a natural curve to it. Plant it accordingly, so that the vine will easily grow along the wire shape.

7. Wind ivy around hanger, and water.

8. Water a little bit daily and use fertilizer once per week. Ivy doesn’t like to be soggy but it doesn’t like to dry out either!

Will you be doing anything special for a neighbor, family member or friend this weekend?

Don’t forget that hospitality can be as simple as a hello, a hug, or a leftover piece of cake! :)

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