One of the things I love about my friend, Faye, who’s a former kindergarten teacher, is her love for kids, her no-nonsense approach to young people, and the sparkle in her eye!

And a few years back, Faye hosted my Balcony Girls group in her home, and the lesson went like this … (click, HERE.)

I wanted to share with you a much earlier sample Balcony Girls Lesson! I’ve been hosting girls in my home for 5 years now, and you can read all about it, HERE.

Balcony Girls is now available in E-Book form, with 8 lessons. I’m currently working on Book 2, which will have 8 more lessons. This book will tell you how to get started, and each lesson will guide you along.

If you know of a Mom who’s looking for something meaningful to do in her home, please send her to RE! It’s rewarding and special, and my prayer: life impacting! Thank you already for so much support!

(By the way, I just found out that Alli Worthington has extended The Reluctant Entertainer GIVEAWAY on her blog to tomorrow! You still have time to enter for a FREE COPY! Thanks, Alli!)

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