I’m thrilled to have a new pantry, but the one thing I will horribly miss about this area being gone, is the little yard-sale table that I purchased years ago for $30, and the wall space. I loved to hang pictures here, rearranging as the seasons would come and go ($3 yards sale art).
The table area was a great place to hang my trays.
I’ll miss this functional little table, which held tea-light holders, salt and pepper shakers, and other miscellaneous entertaining items. It was also a great side table for entertaining!
My daughter snagged it right away when we started tearing this area a part for the remodel. We cleaned the table up together (removing all those spiders!), and she turned it into a desk for her bedroom.
I do love change. And I really get in to moving furniture around, finding a new home where a piece can actually be used in a more functional way.
Abby has used the desk many times now for homework, arranging it “just so” in her room along with her IKEA $12 chair and Wal Mart $19 foot-stool. I wonder where this girl learned how to move her furniture around and decorate? (I no longer have any say! :)
And another fun IKEA touch to her room.
I’d love to hear about a piece of furniture that you just couldn’t get rid of, that you’ve moved from room to room?

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