Abby’s New Desk!

I’m thrilled to have a new pantry, but the one thing I will horribly miss about this area being gone, is the little yard-sale table that I purchased years ago for $30, and the wall space. I loved to hang pictures here, rearranging as the seasons would come and go ($3 yards sale art).
The table area was a great place to hang my trays.
I’ll miss this functional little table, which held tea-light holders, salt and pepper shakers, and other miscellaneous entertaining items. It was also a great side table for entertaining!
My daughter snagged it right away when we started tearing this area a part for the remodel. We cleaned the table up together (removing all those spiders!), and she turned it into a desk for her bedroom.
I do love change. And I really get in to moving furniture around, finding a new home where a piece can actually be used in a more functional way.
Abby has used the desk many times now for homework, arranging it “just so” in her room along with her IKEA $12 chair and Wal Mart $19 foot-stool. I wonder where this girl learned how to move her furniture around and decorate? (I no longer have any say! :)
And another fun IKEA touch to her room.
I’d love to hear about a piece of furniture that you just couldn’t get rid of, that you’ve moved from room to room?

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  1. I love finding new uses or places for furniture. The piece that comes to mind is an old wing back chair that my DH drug with him when he moved to CA from the East Coast.

    It has been in the living room and then in the kitchen and now it is in his study – but I occasionally whine that I want it back for the kitchen, LOL!

    It has been recovered twice since we've had it and who know how many times before. It was old when he got it.


  2. That's a cute little desk, I can see why you miss it. :) I have a four drawer dresser that was my Grandmother's sewing dresser. She gave it to me 21 years ago when I was pregnant and I painted it for my baby room (that was probably the 6th layer of paint). Since then it's undergone 2 more paint jobs and is ready to undergo yet one more! It's still in my son's room (now the spare room), I could never part with it.

  3. When my husband comes home from work he always has to look around before he walks anywhere – I have a habit of moving furniture while he is at work! I have an end table that I keep, move after move. It comes in and out of the house depending on how I have configured the furniture at any particular moment. I keep it because it belonged to my great grandmother and then my great aunt/uncle…it is just sentimental…I don't even "love"it but it has memories and so it is special.

  4. I have a computer desk that it big and bulky that my Grandma had given us when we were first married. It stayed in one of our main rooms until a few months ago. We had finished the basement and moved it downstairs only to find it didn't fit in the nook created for the computer desk so we had to buy a new one. I thought we were going to throw it away when I figured it could be moved into our craft room. It works perfect to hold the sewing machine and other supplies. The cords from the sewing machine fit perfectly through the hole on top made for printer cords. I was so excited to find a new use for it.

  5. we have an old wood, drop leaf table that was left by the sellers in our very 1st house 37 years ago…with the chairs! it has been used as a kitchen table, an "island" to roll out pie dough, a table in the laundry room, and now it is my computer desk!

  6. You know it's funny, I have furniture that I've spent a fortune on and furniture I've picked up at yard sales but my favorite piece is an armoire I got from Ikea about 7 years ago. In our old home it was extra storage for clothes in our master bedroom. Now in our new home it is in our master bathroom holding the towels and all the extra toiletries. It's not even real wood but for some reason I have always loved it!

  7. I have an medium sized antique white pantry cupboard that was my grandparents (at least that's who I got it from). I love it! And will never part with it…

    When I first got it – I acutally used it for my clothes, instead of a dresser. Then after awhile it was actually used in my dining room for various table lines and misc. items. Then after we moved to a different home – it was put into the bathroom for a sort of linen closet, all of my extra candles, etc. Now, at this home it is back in the dining room -BUT, it just might get put back into our bedroom. I wouldn't use it as a dresser this time though.

    To be quite honest. I have quite a few pieces of antique furniture from my grandparents. But this is the only piece that I've felt liberty to move from room to room. All the other pieces have their reason for being where they are, and will most likely stay put.
    I'm sort of like that.

  8. Girl my whole house is filled with move around furniture. :0)
    I don't think I've ever filled any space with totally new furnishings…

  9. I have a small but wide dresser that is probably the bottom of a hutch. I snagged it at a yard sale in Eugene, Oregon for $15 sometime in the early 90's. Its been everywhere in the house—dining room, living room, my bedroom…currently its in its second life as a changing table for my daughter. It even moved cross-country with me to SC.

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