Accepting your NOT-perfectness!

I know this post will strike a chord with many.


A friend recently made this comment on my blog:


Dear Sandy, I really enjoy the theme of your blog – I love to entertain but am working on accepting my NOT-perfectness.


My not-perfectness today is that my house is a mess and I need to whip it into shape before I attend 12 soccer games this weekend, so I don’t come home each time to a messy feeling home. (Yes, my 3 kids are playing in the local Cup this weekend!)


I can be put into a bad mood if my house is in shambles. Especially when I return from being gone.  It doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to have some kind of order.


What is your non-perfectness?

(candy-striped tulips from my front yard …)

24 comments on “Accepting your NOT-perfectness!”

  1. Those candy-striped tulips are absolutely beautiful. They make up for the house not being perfectly clean. ; )

  2. Laundry. I have an entertaining post that addresses this. Ugh. Hate piled up laundry, but at times, can’t help it.

  3. Ugh. I admit I am a messy-type creative person. I love to create little areas in my house that I think are pretty, but then I am overcome with papers, papers, everywhere. Oooooh! I sometimes ask God if He has a place in Heaven for messy people. Ugh.

    I am trying to be better, but I am inconsistent. Sometimes I’m good and then I fall back into clutter very quickly.

    It’s also very hard to keep up the house when the children are sick.

    On a brighter note, I am sure God has a sense of humor. He would have to in order to create someone like me.

    I am very un-perfect! :)

  4. Sandy I absolutely love your new blog look!!! Gosh it’s been forever since I’ve been over here!!! B-E-A-U-TIFUL!!!! Man oh Man!
    Hope you and your family have a fabulous Memorial Day Weekend!
    Loads of love comin’ to ya from SB!!
    your new logo is fabulous tooo!!!!!

  5. Those tulips are beautiful!!

    Today my not-perfectness would be all the weeds in my yards. I am way behind in yard cleaning.

  6. My non-perfectness is that my house is in a mess! It’s not dirty, but in between the weekly cleaning, it gets very, very messy. And my “perfect” non-perfectness allows me to enjoy my house, my children, my life, etc until I clean again…. whereupon the house is lovely for … ahhhhh … 4 hours tops!

  7. Well that would be my cooking. Check out my post from this week:


  8. I love to entertain. But, often it’s a collaborative effort, like for a baby shower or a church activity. I have a hard time accepting and being peaceful with what the ladies bring or how they decorate. I have a hard time accepting their “non-perfectness,” with the fear it would reflect badly on me.
    Do you have any advice on how to plan an event with others and be happy with the result?

  9. I have to be careful, because my NOT-perfectness comes in many areas on any given day! Vacuuming and sweeping are probably the worst of the bunch. Although, like Blushing hostess, my hair is usually pulled back, especially in the summer because of the curls. . .

    Thank you for being so real Sandy!

  10. My not-perfectness is the inability to get everything done on a given day. I’m learning to allow God to shift my perspective so that I can get done what he wants, not what I want.

    It’s been a struggle and a lot time means that I don’t end up with a clean and tidy house or folded laundry-I’m learning to let the less important things go and focus on what really matters.

    And yes, your tulips are amazing!

  11. The tulips are beautiful & I feel your pain with the messy house. Same boat.
    Enjoy your weekend of soccer games.

  12. Lovely tulips. My not-perfectness is that I stay up on laundry, but it may remain clean, unfolded and in giant piles in the guest bedrooms for an ENTIRE week!

  13. My not-perfectness is most definitely my master bathroom. I rarely scrub it properly. I just always close the door and pray that no one enters. Terrible!! I would have a heart attack if they did!

  14. First of all the tulips are GGORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!! Our deer EAT all of our tulips so I have given up planting them which make me SAAAAAD! My un perfectness is SLOOOWLY evolving cause I try so hard to make things perfect but don’t always have success with that!!!! I am trying to relax more when entertaining.

  15. My claire assists in my un-perfectness. She is my dog and as much as I love her, I can never gain the upper hand on all the hair she sheds. Its everywhere! And I mean everywhere!!!

  16. Today? My not-perfectness is receiving guests from Los Angeles while my front yard is torn up from attempts to construct a new walkway.

    Consolation is the clean sheets are air-dried and lilacs on the nightstands!

    deb meyers

  17. those tulips are beautiful!! what a great post! since basically everything in my house is not-perfectness, it would be easier to list the one thing that is perfect… if i could just think of it!

  18. I feel the same way! I get very cranky when I come home to a messy home. You’d think by now, my kiddos and hubby would catch on and clean up their own messes! LOL!

  19. My non perfectness showed up screaming yesterday…my brother wants to bring a crockpot of split peas to a party for our grandfather, when the menu is appetizers. ERGH…control…done my way…pride in the appearance of things…and he wants his dessert, not just the birthday cake…I will survive, and it will be a grand time, I might have less pride when we are done. It is a good thing.

  20. I'm right there with Sandy Toes. I'm terrible about doing laundry. I'll get it washed and dried…it's the folding & putting away that gets me every time. Oh well!

  21. Laundry…I am crazy with a neat home but undone laundry and unfolded can go on for days…then one day it drives me CRAZY and I get it all done…I guess I feel laundry will ALWAYS be THERE..EVERYDAY!
    Happy Memorial Weekend!
    sandy toe

  22. Your tulips are gorgeous!
    I have finally accepted that when people drop by unexpectedly, my home “is what it is.”
    Adopting that attitude was a long time in coming but it makes for a more relaxed me and I can focus on the “drop-in” rather than my feelings about clutter or floors that need to be mopped.
    [email protected]~Mella

  23. I had a neighborhood get-together for the ladies last night, and I didn’t freak out about it being perfect. The main floor of the house was clean. BUT, I didn’t go overboard with too much food. I made the menu very simple, prepped ahead of time, didn’t try to get it all done before they arrived. It was great. Funny thing is, by doing less with the food, it looked fabulous and it seemed like I put a lot more effort into it.


  24. Aside from allow my hair to be curly once in a long while I can’t tolerate imperfections and things not well done. That may be the largest imperfectness I deal with each day in and of itself – because it is exhausting.

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