Day 30: The Night Ends with Affogato al Caffè

Thanks for joining me in my “30 Days of Summer Entertaining” series. (Scroll down to the bottom for the entire series) :)

Summer entertaining can be really fun and lively, or it can be really relaxing and relational.

As my 30 Days Series of Summer Entertaining comes to a close, I want to thank you for joining in, and for all who left comments and supported my endeavors, I offer this story that took place in my backyard.

One hot summer’s night I remember vividly.

The friends who came got babysitters, and I was able to put my kids down early, with the older boys watching a movie in our room.

Dessert was a treat. We served one of our favorite summer recipes, Affogato al Caffè, and then we moved over to a different setting.

There were 8 of us total and I started massaging my guests hands.

One by one …

It was not planned.

It was intimate.

It was relaxing.

It was relational.

To this day these friends are very close to our family and part of our lives. I love unplanned moments that transform us into who we are today.

So many of these moments have happened in our home, when we invited others in.

The benefits of entertaining are far greater than good meals and checking off our to-do list of potential guests.

The benefits for my husband and me, since we’ve been entertaining for 20 years now, have been the people.

As I said in Day 1 of this series, it’s all about the people.

Affogato al Caffè with Storyville Coffee
Serves 8

1/2 gallon Premium Vanilla Ice Cream
Shots of Espresso
Unsweeted Scharffenberger Cocoa

1. Put a scoop of vanilla ice cream into each of 8 small bowls (I used 1/2 pint canning jars), and put bowls in freezer for at least 1 hour.
2. Pour a hot shot of espresso onto each bowl of ice cream.

3. Sprinkle with unsweetened cocoa.

4. Serve to your guests immediately.

(If you want to read more about Storyville coffee, you will find their story very inspiring.)

Now that “30 Days of Summer Entertaining” is over, will you share what kind of entertaining you’ll be doing this summer?

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(The winner of The Hip Hostess apron and a copy of my book, The Reluctant Entertainer, is Sarah from Upscale Downhome blog. Congrats, Sarah!)

10 comments on “Day 30: The Night Ends with Affogato al Caffè”

  1. Hi, my sister subscribes… as a table centre piece, would you ever fill a bowl with bath bombs? say Christmas Spice. I make them but wondering if people would do this? or even a lemon scent for summer.

    I’m from over here in UK and sell lots for wedding favours but wondering what the opinion is for a table?

    With love Anita x
    Bath Bomb Creations
    anita.bonney[email protected]

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  3. Loved this series!! And that “nightcap” looks amazing!! Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Thank you so much for listening to your heart and sharing these last 30 Days. Each post spoke to me in some way either as a reminder or inspiration to try something new. Your stress on the importance of focusing on our guests and making them feel special by serving them, is the message we need to hear. It’s fun telling others about your site and spreading the word to “reluctant entertainers”. You are making a difference in many people’s lives. May God bless you and continue to enrich your life through hospitality!

  5. What a great series. Very useful information. Great job, Sandy.

  6. *Lots* of entertaining, hopefully! Thank you for sharing. Some of the tips were exceptionally helpful, but mostly, your insight and encouragement were inspiring. Thanks for the lovely reminder that entertaining is really about serving.

  7. Yum, I was so inspired that I ran off to the kitchen to make one (we always have vanilla bean ice cream and espresso on hand) and it was delicious and so easy. I will definitely keep this one up my sleeve for last minute entertaining. Thanks so much, it’s been a fun series!

  8. Thanks, Sandy! I can’t wait to receive it! And always, thank you for your inspiration to be our true selves and to make our entertaining about others.

  9. How wonderful! I loved your series. I hate that it is June 30th already…because your series comes to an end and because that means summer is that much over. Thanks for sharing.

  10. i have LOVED this series. and i love that story.

    when i was a little girl and my parents had their friends over for dinner after dinner and it had gotten dark my mom’s best friend would allow me to lay my head in her lap and she would gently stroke my face while the adults chatted. i remember feeling so safe and loved in those moments and now, reflecting on it, i am so grateful for the community of women who surrounded my childhood and helped to raise the next generation of daughters.

    thanks for reminding me of the memory.

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