Albion Fit Holiday Giveaway

This Albion Fit Holiday Giveaway is just in time for your online holiday shopping!

Albion Fit Holiday GiftFriends, just in time for Christmas, you can enter to win this Albion Fit Holiday Giveaway!

Albion Fit is my favorite go-to fitness apparel brand, and let me tell you why.

First of all, their mission is to provide women with the most luxurious, flattering, and hassle-free fitness and leisure apparel on the market. It’s so easy to order, and they have great customer service.

Albion Fit Holiday Gift

Their garments are fashionable and unique, but more importantly, very practical. In fact–sh-h-h-h … I ordered this Pace Setter Zip-up Hoodie for my 2 sisters for Christmas this year! I’m so excited to give it to them!

Albion Fit Holiday Giveaway

Albion Fit products are designed by women, and crafted for women wherever they may be in their fitness goals.

Ideas for you

Albion Fit Holiday Gift

So if you’re really serious in your exercise, or you are looking for clothing that easily transitions from work-out gear to lounging gear, they’ve got something for you!

Albion Fit Holiday Gift

Here are some new styles this season!

Albion Fit Holiday Gift

Fitting to whatever your lifestyle may be.

Albion Fit Holiday Gift

Albion Fit Holiday Giveaway – $250

Albion is giving away a very generous gift this holiday season. $250 of the winner’s choice of fitness or leisure clothing! Something for you, or possibly gifts to give?

A discount for you

They are also offering a coupon for all RE readers: RExALBION15 for 15% off. It will be good Dec 15 – Jan 5, 2016!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck, and Merry Christmas, Friends! Happy Shopping!

This post is sponsored by Albion Fit, but as always, all opinions are my own. This giveaway ends 12/20/15 at 11:59 pm.

163 comments on “Albion Fit Holiday Giveaway”

  1. My style would be more leisure, but items that can be worn for fitness as well. I love to give and receive great tops, but also socks!

  2. These clothes looks so comfy!

  3. Love both styles and would love to give a couple of bottoms to my daughter for her upcoming birthday.

  4. I love to give food gifts! My style is definitely leisure.

  5. My actual style is more leisure than fitness/athletic, but I’m training for my second marathon and always looking for good running clothes! 

  6. I love to give homemade food gifts.

  7. I’m more leisure than fitness, sad to say! I like giving and getting food items for gifts, usually foods that person (or I!) am noted for especially.

  8. When investing in good quality clothes they have to be multi-functional and work both for fitness and leisure. My favorite gift to give, movie or theater tickets. 

  9. Wow I love these fashions!

  10. I’d like to say fitness, but honestly I’m more leisure right now :)  I love giving gifts of food and I love giving jewelry with meaning (charms, etc) to my friends, my mom and daughter.

  11. My style is either hard work outdoors clothing or leisure. I like giving gift cards so friends can choose their own clothing style.

  12. My style is more leisure, but I really want to swing the other way and be more focused on fitness.

  13. Those swing tops would be lovely for leisure and make a great gift!

  14. I’m more leisure at this point in my life, simple comfort but style. I like giving things that people wouldn’t normally get for themselves, it’s always nice to feel like someone knows you. 

  15. I’m definitely more leisure.  My favorite gift to give is clothes

  16. I would say I am a combination of the two.
    I usually give gifts that I have made lately–I am a knitter and I make things from scarves to shawls to sweaters.

  17. I’m more on the athletic side but I love pieces that can do everything from the workout, to dance class to everything in between.  Right now, I’m loving comfy pull-overs for everyone.

  18. I’m a good combination. I am loving the comfortable looks!

  19. I’m all about the leisure style!

  20. I would say a mix of fitness and leisure!  I like to power walk, but I don’t run or lift weights.  I love to give and get gift cards or cash, unless I know something specific someone wants.

  21. well….I’d like it to be fitness…lol…but leisure is more like it. I love the longer cinched waist shirt

  22. I am more into the actual fitness items

  23. More leisure. Books are my favorite

  24. The clothes look great would wear them both for fitness and leisure. Would be fun to win and also be able to give some to my daughter, Mom or friends. 

  25. I would love to give some to my daughters and DIL for Christmas!  Also for me too!

  26. I dress more for leisure. I love to get new running gear for Christmas and to give fun clothes as well!

  27. My style is definitely more fitness. Fitness clothes are comfy and very versatile. 

  28. I love to give tights as a gift seeing as they are super comfy and  fit every size and shape. I like receiving candles and lip balm. 

  29. You can find my pins on here – 

  30. I’d say my style is more leisure but I do like fitness gear for my cardio days. My favorite gift to give right now are handmade items off of Etsy.

  31. My style is more leisure but can double as fitness, and I love giving homemade cookies and sweets.

  32. I’m more leisure with my style but it motivates me to actually workout. I love giving items that are handmade locally.  I get to send a little piece of my community to those I love!

  33. Leisure and I love to give cute socks

  34. Both!  But my leggings definitely go from workout to real life on the reg.

  35. My style is leisure and my favorite things to give are my homemade seasonings.

  36. I’m a fairly casual girl…jeans and a nice top. My favorite gift to give is Philosophy Shower Gels. Merry Christmas! 

  37. hi, my style is more leisure, i love giving & receiving home baked goodies, thanks for an awesome giveaway !

  38. I would probably wear these clothes more for fitness. I love giving cookies for Christmas!

  39. I love leisure clothing. Books, cookies, baked goods are nice for giving.

  40.  fitness  for me and i like giving spa items and i love getting them also like towels and candles and robes 

  41. I love their clothes and their designs. I’ve never ordered from them, but I love the stuff. It’s a great company. 

  42. I’m more leisure in my non working hours, but a lot of these pieces would work for the casual Friday and when I want to toss on a top to head out and meet friends!

  43. The Albion discount code doesn’t work.

  44. My style is more leisure.  I dress up for work 5 days a week but I still like to look somewhat chic in leisurely wear.  Albion Fit has some lovely items!  Food … I’m always baking or cooking and do love to share food.

  45. My style is leisure. I like to give eyeshadow palettes.

  46. Love all their styles !

  47. My style is leisure as I have a baby at home that I chase around all day.

  48. My style is definitely casual leisure..bordering boho eclectic.
    Fave gifts to give or receive are thoughtful..not just shopping. But, something I know they would love.
    BTW. A heads up the link to your Instagram is least it was for me.

  49. My style is leisure and I love to give books.

  50. soooo pretty!

  51. I would say more leisure. I love to give handmade knitted items

  52. Definitely more leisure. I like to receive cookbooks!

  53. I like to walk for exercise, but I want to look presentable while I’m out there in public. So that would be fitness AND leisure. I love to make up theme baskets, whether they’re food, candles, hobbies, whatever your giftee is into. 

  54. I always love getting people socks! Such a simple pleasure and you can never have enough! I’m more on the fitness side of things and this brand looks amazing for some staple pieces for the New Year!

  55. mine is more fitness. i love to give cookbooks.

  56. I am more fitness. I give GGs.

  57. My style is more leisure, and I love to give cooking items!

  58. Fitness clothes take up a lot of room in my closet.  Love sharing food.  Sure wish Albion Fit would carry petite sizes.  Seems strange for a company that caters to women.  Cool stuff.

  59. I have a couple of daughter in laws who would LUST after this company’s products.

  60. My style is pretty much an even split between casual and fitness. I love the tops posted above. 

  61. Lovely clothes – new to me brand.  Thank you for introducing!  I enjoy your blog!

  62. I am a mixture of both styles depending on the day. My favorite thing to give is homemade baked goods or diy beauty items.

  63. My style is leisure. The Albion Fit clothes are so soft and comfy:-)

  64. My style is more leisure.  I absolutely love gifting tickets to fun events!

  65. My style is more leisure. My favorite item to give is get is sweaters.

  66. These clothes look sooooo comfy! I definitely want to try their leisure wear!

  67. I’m a big fan of AlbionFit, too. My favorite is my swimsuit from them. But I live in workout clothes that I can go out in! So much cuteness to choose from.

  68. Such a rad giveaway – I la la LOVE Albion!
    I’d say I’m more of a leisure fashionista :)

  69. I lean towards fitness style everyday wear. I love receiving anything – gifts are precious, jewelry, perfume, I love girly things. I enjoy giving gift cards that I know the receiver will enjoy shopping for themselves. 

  70. For the weekends, it’s leisure! I’m always looking for tunics to wear over leggings.

  71. Fitness is my style. Favorite gift to give is cooking items

  72. My style is leisure. I love giving books.

  73. I am a more leisure girl. I love sweaters & boots, those are my favorite. I love giving someone a Spa Day

  74. I usually run errands after I work out, and spend the most of the day in my workout clothes, these outfits would work great!

  75. I’m definitely more leisure!  I have 3 boys and a little girl so I’m always running around after them (great exercise!)  My favorite clothes are my workout clothes (leggings and a tech tee with a great yoga jacket) because I can really move around in them!

  76. Leisure over fitness! And I love giving clothes to people :)

  77. I’m more leisure & I love giving/getting candles!

  78. i am more leisure and i love Love Racer, Antigua Slate

  79. I’m totally into fitness style! Cute, comfy and athletic is my go to. I LOVE giving workout clothes as gifts because it encourages healthy activity and nowadays there is just some AMAZINGLY cute and comfortable workout clothes. LOVE this clothing line.

  80. I’m both but leisure is probably the best fit! Ha!  I love to get and to receive pedicures!  

  81. Fitness! I live in fitness clothing like Albion Fit!!

  82. Leisure over fitness, except for January when I restart my annual new year’s resolutions :)

  83. My style is more fitness these days! I love to look like a soccer mom!! I love to gift English chocolate bc I’m English and it’s amazingly delicious

  84. Probably more leisure but would like to make it more fitness so would love to get some of these awesome clothes!

  85. I cannot tell a lie: I’m more about the leisure than the fitness. In my defense, I have health issues that make exercise difficult. Anyway, my favorite thing to give is my homemade canned goods, like apple butter and different jams and jellies.

  86. My style is definitely more leisure than fitness. Best gifts are gift cards – they are always the right size and color! :D

  87. Definitely leisure! But I really do need better fitness clothing. :) I love to give cookies and spiced nuts. But books for good friends and loved ones are even better!

  88. My style would be leisure but in a classy way. i like to give handmade gifts like quilts and/or table runners.

  89. I like leisure style!

  90. My style is a fitness look. I like to give scarves as presents. 

  91. A great way to start 2016! Fit!

  92. Love both styles and I LOVE getting hoodies. I practically live in them.

  93. I am a nurse so most days I dress for comfort. I love giving gifts but I also love to receive cook books because I don’t often buy them for myself.

  94. mine is more fitness, I love to receive new sneakers & running shorts!

  95. I am more into a more sophisticated leisure style! I love to receive gift cards to stores, so I can buy what I really want.

  96. My wife is more into leisure, I would love to win this prize for her.

  97. I love the look of their clothes! My style is more leisure, and I like giving food-themed gifts for the holidays. 

  98. My style is more casual leisure. I love to wined and dined! lol

  99. My style would be leisure, I would love to win this for myself. 

  100. Really my style is more leisure and if clothes can do both then so much the better. I would love to see my niece in some of these items. She’s an athlete and would look so darling.

  101. I am more leisure.  I tend to get crafty and make most of my gifts.

  102. My style is more leisure, and I love to receive comfy socks!

  103. I love leisure and I’m a nurse so I love giving comfort and a smile to make someone’s day brighter.

  104. My style is more leisure. I love giving a nice comfy jogging suit.

  105. I too say leisure.  I love scarfs. I also love warm blankets.

  106. My style is more leisure, and my favorite items to give and/or receive are items for the kitchen.

  107. I prefer leisure style for everyday wear, but fitness clothing is a must for working out. Really, I love them both!

  108. My style is a mixture of both! I love giving and receiving food items…gourmet items that are a treat. 

  109. My style is more fitness. I find that if I dress to work out, I’m more likely to do it.

  110. My style is more leisure. I love to give and receive books.

  111. leisure, i like to give gift baskets

  112. I am way more leisure! I love to give pretty scarves for gifts!

  113. My style is more leisure. I love to give and receive gift cards and gift baskets. 
    Thanks for the chance to win!

    wildorchid985 AT gmail DOT com

  114. I’m leisure.  I love to give sweets.

  115. My style is more leisure. I love that albion fit clothes are comfortable and fashionable! I love giving and receiving clothes the most :)

  116. My style is leisure mostly and I love to give and receive books!

  117. Buying some new fitness and leisure wear is a great way to incentivize my self to keep my resolutions!

  118. My style is definitely more leisure, and I love giving impractical, pampering gifts :)

  119. My style is leisure. I like to give and receive books.

  120. My style is leisure. I love to gift items I hear in a conversation they want. Or I love to give them a gift to go somewhere; best gift idea was to a musuem for my mother-in-law. 


  122. Thank you for the chance!

    I love this comfortable and bright , Alta Tunic Hoodie, Merlot

  123. Comfortable and stylish clothes. Thank you for the chance!

  124. my style right now is more leisure.

  125. My style is more leisure but I am equally into fitness as I am into relaxing. I enjoy receiving jewelry and plush animals just about equally. I enjoy giving gifts I know the person will like, I try to ask questions far ahead of the big day so they don’t suspect much and I can get them something that is their style.

  126. My style is more leisure and I love giving gift cards as gifts to stores that I know the person shops at.

  127. I think I’m 50/50.  I would love to receive albion fit merch!

  128. I love the casual style that doubles as fitness wear as well.

  129. I am more fitness, but still comfy

  130. I am more fitness style.  I like to give personalized gifts.

  131. I love comfort so my style is casual however you’ll always find me in fitness clothes at least part of the week….hey they count as comfy.

  132. I would say my style is a combination of fitness and leisure depending on the situation. My favorite gift to give is books.

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