I didn’t think I’d write a post about Balcony Girls this week. But two things happened. A thrill for cooking was reignited in me. And the girls learned a powerful lesson again!

Our time started off in my home, sitting together and discussing what it means to be a Courageous Girl. Showing bravery in the face of fear, learning how to be an encourager (fostering courage in another person), and how it’s almost impossible to take any chances in life without facing your fears and showing courage.

Then the fun began. We went down the street to Kitchen Depot where the owner, Judy, allowed our Balcony Girls group to come into her kitchen store for a cooking demonstration. First she walked us through the store and showed us the many cool, yet so practical, new kitchen tools. Something burned inside of me after seeing all of these tools. A thrill for cooking defiantly was reignited just walking through this awesome store!

The girls sat on the barstools in the kitchen while Judy taught them how to make several appetizers using some specialized kitchen tools. Each girl got to participate, ask questions, eat, and enjoy. The girls were so excited and energized, and I must say that Judy was an excellent teacher, very knowledgeable and very patient.

As we were getting ready to depart, the unexpected lesson happened. Judy wanted to know what a Balcony Girl was – and as each girl explained it to her, Judy got tears in her eyes. She got down on the girls’ level and looked into their eyes.

She explained how her experience in school growing up was a very painful one, because she was always the tallest girl in the class. She was not accepted, she was picked on and teased, and those experiences went deep into the core of her being.

She explained to the girls that she wished she had had balcony friends in her life growing up. And right then the girls got it!

Can you imagine how different life would have been if Judy had had friends who were “courageous” and stood up for her?

We often think of courage being fostered only in ourselves when we are brave. But what about being a courageous friend and actually offering courage (encouragement) to another person, including the victim of a bully? Those friends could have pointed out the positive aspects of being a tall girl. They could have included her more. They could have seen beyond Judy’s height and awkwardness, straight into her loving soul!

The girls and I gave Judy a hug, we thanked her, and we walked away with yet another lesson for Balcony Girls: that courage really matters. That we can’t pass up one opportunity when it comes to being a courageous Balcony Girl!
(Photo: Girls getting an Extreme Juice drink right after Kitchen Depot fun!)

Exciting News!

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