Look at the size of this apple!

This time of year I anticipate the phone call when my good friend Roger calls to say, “Sandy, the apples are ready!”

Sharing apples with our family has been a tradition for years. Sometimes we pick them ourselves, but many times he and his wife, Faye, deliver them to our home.

Last night they delivered buckets of Golden Delicious apples to us. They have been so hospitable in sharing their garden and fruit with us over the years. It is a memory my kids have forged in their minds, a true gift of hospitality.

I often wonder if Roger and Faye know the impact that they have on our family, in their giving ways, in every time we bite into these delicious apples or open a new jar of applesauce or apple butter.

The quart jars are now washed and ready for the homemade applesauce processing. It’s easy and fun for the kids to participate in.

Lined up in the pantry, applesauce is not only beautiful to look at but yummy for winter eating, warmed with whipped cream on top.

It’s a true crowd-pleasing snack.

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