One way to make your Thanksgiving table organized and beautiful is to create your own place cards. Have you ever been to a large dinner party with no place cards and everyone is just standing around, and it seems awkward because they do not know where to sit?

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I believe place cards make people feel comfortable. I think there’s something about seeing your name at the table that makes you feel special, too. But of course, don’t go overboard in making something that takes 1/2 of a day since tomorrow is the BIG DAY.

– You can buy simple Martha Stewart cards for very little money. Or get your kids involved and cut out your own with construction paper.

– Add your own design to them, if you want.

– Use a Sharpie marker and print the names on each card.

– Take white ribbon or twine and tie them to the stem of your stemware.

Wah-Lah — you’ve created a place card that is small, won’t get moved around on the table, and isn’t awkward!

I love taking the art of the season and making it into something beautiful and elegant.

Will you be using place cards for your Thanksgiving table tomorrow?