When a baby comes to dinner, I feel like I’m a really bad hostess. Because all I want to do is hold the baby and forget about everything else!

We had our friends over for dinner last week and quite frankly, although I did know what I was going to serve, I didn’t quite think through where we were going to sit until about 10 minutes before our guests arrived.

Do you ever do that?

I had quickly cut Black-eyed Susans from the front yard.

Thrown down a Good Will table cloth.

Even used paper napkins.

After we dished up our food, we went to the back patio and relaxed together – and my husband held the baby while we ate dinner.

The best part was relaxing by the pool, catching up, and watching the kiddos swim.

Guy talk and life guards.

Sweet mommy and baby.

Oh, and actually the tastiest part of the evening was the dessert that I had delegated to Fiona.

Which we all enjoyed.

I asked my husband about the night, and besides the great company, he recalled how when we were a young family of 5, and we’d be invited over for dinner, it was so nice when, while eating, someone would take the baby so we parents could enjoy our meal. It was a sweet relief …

So that is what he did during this dinner. He allowed sweet relief.

When’s the last time you had a young couple over for dinner? I’d love to hear you stories – who held the baby, did you pull out the toys, what did the kids do?

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