Baby, Just Smell the Lettuce – Garden Party!

Because I love Kimba so much, and because I’m gimpy for a few weeks, laid up in bed after foot surgery, I’m joining in on her Garden Party to talk about our lettuce beds.  
Because a lettuce garden is quite the project!
(Melissa, me, and Kimba – unfortunately not in our gardens!)
Depending on the zone you live in, you may be experiencing what we are here in Oregon: Rain and cool days.  And with the cooler weather, our lettuce is really thriving, as we’ve been enjoying it since March.
Yes, since March!

1.  We start our lettuce plants by seed in our little greenhouse, allowing them to germinate and to grow 4-6 inches high.
2. Then we transfer the germinated plants to the outside raised beds.
3. Water + sunshine = growth.
We’re on our 3rd round now, and my husband will be taking the small plants from the greenhouse today and transferring them into our outdoor raised beds.

Just ask the guests who’ve been to our house for dinner in the last couple of months if they’ve enjoyed our Coughlin greens!? 
(Great friends – Kimberly, my daughter Abby, Lauren, Judy, and myself – at a recent dinner party in our backyard)
Brought in straight from the garden and served with a tiny bit of dressing, cheese, croutons and freshly chopped herbs.
The smell is soooo fresh and delicious, you just want to put your nose into it.
In fact, I recently said to my daughter: 

Baby, just put your nose right in that lettuce and smell!
So she did.
And then I did.
What do we feed our garden?  
Garden food.  Don’t forget to check out our $5 compost bin that this writer is talking about!
Oh, and one more important thing. I think I should add  step #4 to my list:

4. Take your garden greens and share them with your friends!

What is your favorite kind of lettuce?  
(Very top photo:  Various greens that came straight out of our garden beds!  Butter crunch is my favorite.)

38 comments on “Baby, Just Smell the Lettuce – Garden Party!”

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  2. Beautiful! I'm forwarding this post to The Hubster. I want some lettuce beds. It's sooooo much better when it goes straight from the garden to your salad bowl.

    I go to a pick-your-own farm for lettuce. You can get a big plastic grocery bag full for $3. Major deal! And it last a long time because it's fresh!


  3. Wow. Your lettuce is beautiful. I don't grow anything, so I'm super-impressed by people who do.

  4. What beautiful lettuce! I didn't know you had foot surgery – I'm so behind in my reading. I hope you're feeling better soon~ :)

  5. Your lettuce looks so yummy. Makes me want to have a salad right now.

  6. I am not a "food" type of gardener but I have to say I love the color of the lettuce! It is beautiful! I am sure it tastes as good as it looks! ;)

  7. It's beautiful, I love growing lettuce!

  8. do you have some homeade dressings that are simple but good? i usually use Newman's Own Balsamic, which is fine, but I would like to make my own.

  9. Awesome! Nothing like lettuce growing in the yard. Great job, Sandy!

  10. I live in OR too! :) I wish I would have planted lettuce. So far, I haven't planted anything, but my mother-in-law has. Guess we will be enjoying her garden this year.

  11. Oh my! What goodness. It just makes me want a big bowl full of summer. We did find some delicious baby lettuce at our local farmer's market last week. I hope to try some seeds closer to fall. Right now it is so hot and humid here that it's all I can do to keep our tomatoes and peppers alive.

  12. I love lettuce straight from the garden. My husbands grandmother used to give it to us. But she doesn't garden anymore. I have been asking everyone I know to PLEASE plant me some LETTUCE!

  13. We have Simpson Lettuce — wavy leaf lettuce that is delicate, crunchy at the base and soft and tender at the tip. Very delicious.

    We also planted head lettuce – but I'm not enjoying that too much, as Arugula, which we loved, but it bolted way too soon.

    I recently had to cut back all the leaf lettuce because all the rain made it just EXPLODE. I hope some of it comes back!!!

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