Welcome to my new look here at RE, and a big Thank YOU to Darcy (Graphically Designing) who has helped me with this fantastic change! Now on to the tender, tasty baby potatoes …

We’ve been enjoying delicious meals with fresh potatoes from our garden. The best is when you pull them from the ground the same day that you cook them.

Scrub them up.

We love younger potatoes because not only do we think they are tastier, they are very tender. (We planted the potatoes early spring.) Microwave first, then add butter, sea salt, white pepper, minced garlic, and a tiny bit of olive oil.

Our favorite way is to barbeque them in the summertime.

I put my husband to work in the kitchen, preparing them for the grill. It’s just one more thing my husband does a great job with. (He’s really the expert gardener around here, too.)

Do you barbeque potatoes? What is your favorite way to serve them in the summertime?

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