Baby Potatoes: Tender and Tasty!

Welcome to my new look here at RE, and a big Thank YOU to Darcy (Graphically Designing) who has helped me with this fantastic change! Now on to the tender, tasty baby potatoes …

We’ve been enjoying delicious meals with fresh potatoes from our garden. The best is when you pull them from the ground the same day that you cook them.

Scrub them up.

We love younger potatoes because not only do we think they are tastier, they are very tender. (We planted the potatoes early spring.) Microwave first, then add butter, sea salt, white pepper, minced garlic, and a tiny bit of olive oil.

Our favorite way is to barbeque them in the summertime.

I put my husband to work in the kitchen, preparing them for the grill. It’s just one more thing my husband does a great job with. (He’s really the expert gardener around here, too.)

Do you barbeque potatoes? What is your favorite way to serve them in the summertime?

14 comments on “Baby Potatoes: Tender and Tasty!”

  1. Oh my delish! I’ve never thought of bbq’ing potatoes…my fam’s been missing out. Sadly, our bbq has only cooked meat and corn. Tonight will be different. ;) I just need to get me some of those handy dandy cooking trays.

  2. Sandy, it’s a beautiful blog! Hats off to your designer- just pulled her site up to see what she could do for my photography site!! whohoo!
    always love what you have to share here – such eye candy and mouth watering goodness! I speak of you often to many of my Texas friends..
    keep it up!

  3. Great new look! I love roasting potatoes the best! Drizzled with olive oil, garlic, salt, pepper and some italian seasoning is the best.

  4. We tried our first baby potatoes from our local farmer’s market recently. I scrubbed them clean, cut them in half and cooked them with raw butter, sea salt and chives from the garden. Wow, they were so wonderful! I’m looking forward to having more. Yours look beautiful!

  5. YUM on those potatoes! I love your new look!!!

  6. We have never grilled potatoes but we love roasting them in the oven.

  7. Hi Sandy – just wanted to say I have been following your blog for a couple of years now, and just bought your book yesterday from our little bookstore where I work at our church! I was so thrilled to see it, I told everyone about it and snatched it up. I just love it! I work at The Chapel Store at Calvary Chapel of Melbourne here in Melbourne, FL. Can’t wait to read it cover to cover, and I was glad the Dill Bread recipe was in there! ;-)


  8. We also grill ’em! Toss with olive oil, black pepper, and finely chopped fresh rosemary. SO good!

  9. One of the best things about summer is grilling potatoes, yum!

    Love the redesign as well!

  10. I WISH I had an outdoor grill now. I never thought I wanted one since I am a single empty nester, but this idea for taters just pushed me in that direction. The little old George Foreman just wouldn’t cut it on the taters…. Thanks for sharing.

  11. I do bbq them. I slice them, add sliced onion, then I drizzle with EVOO, add salt and pepper and wrap in foil. Mmmm … my favourite.

  12. Where did you find those great grill pans? What a yummy looking dinner!!

  13. Our magnum opus!

    And now I’m hungry from talking about potatoes.

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