Today I’m sharing the details of our Backyard Novelty Lighting for Outdoor Entertaining.

Backyard Novelty Lighting for Outdoor Entertaining

Enchanted evenings depend upon the magic of lighting – which is why we’ve lined our fence line with small novelty lighting.

There’s just something intimate about a dinner party under the stars … and lights. And the glow in the garden.

Backyard Novelty Lighting for Outdoor Entertaining Backyard Novelty Lighting for Outdoor Entertaining
You can also add flair by stringing lights in trees, pergolas or trellises, and the most common summer decor is to use candles or hang lanterns. So pretty!

What caught our eye, when searching for the perfect lighting for our backyard, was the feature that if one bulb burns out, the rest will remain lit. YAY!

So we lined the parimeter of our property.

Backyard Novelty Lighting for Outdoor Entertaining

Novelty Lighting for Outdoor Entertaining

Early this summer we removed our very old green-wire lighting we’ve had for years on our fence, we’ve replaced it with these new warm, white lights.

When I put this picture on Instagram, so many wanted to know where to get the lights? So here you go. (Amazon – thank you!)

Why we bought Novelty Lighting:

-50 light White Brown Wide Angle Mini Lights have 50 commercial grade LED’s on 6″ centers, making each string 25′ long. We bought them here, at Amazon.

-Because these strings have non-removable LED’s, this eliminate failures from loose, broken or removed bulbs, making these commercial grade LED Christmas lights very durable, long lasting, and extremely energy efficient.

-Each string is full wave rectified, which eliminates any flickering, while making these LED Christmas lights brighter than ordinary LED mini Lights.

-Energy Star qualified and UL Listed for indoor and outdoor use.

-You can connect up to 43 strings end-to-end.

Novelty Lighting for Outdoor Entertaining

The varying intensity and source of illumination adds a depth of drama to our backyard, party site, and garden area, which I love. (Enjoying our friends a few weeks ago at this party.)

Novelty Lighting for Outdoor Entertaining

They just say “festivity.”

Which is a word that makes me giddy, especially when it has to do with food and people!

The intimate glow that enhances the mood (add in the music? perfect!) is the final touch that you may need in decorating an outdoor entertaining area!

Oh, and one more touch. A few Mother’s Day’s ago, my lovely husband hung this strand of lights (bigger bulbs which we bought years ago from Pottery Barn) in the garden for me, from one side to the other.

The heat is on in Oregon!

So get the party started!

Do you have party lighting in your entertaining area? Share the details?

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