Balcony Girl Artists and Orange Jell-O Cake!

Let your creativity flow, we told the girls!

Classical violin music was playing in the background, the weather was perfect – sunny, with a warm breeze in the air – the girls were leaning over the table deep in thought as their imagination was spilled out through their paintbrushes onto the watercolor paper.

We told the girls that being creative starts with an idea, or more than one idea, and the ideas sometimes flow in many directions. But you have to make a choice! You have to start with something. Their palate of different paint colors got them started.

It was a Balcony Girls day today, and my cousin Anni came to give the girls a water color art lesson. An outstanding artist herself, she took the girls step by step through the process of creating their own pieces of art!

(Anni’s beautiful work!)

What is art?
Whatever it involves, it’s about you being creative and original.

It’s not about being perfect.
We discussed that art is never perfect to the artist! It’s easy to be down on yourself when things don’t turn out the way you think they should.

There is one exception to perfection.
And there is only one perfect artist – God! We talked about God’s many forms of art and creation. How each girl was uniquely made, perfect in His image. Sculpturing – the mountains and humans. The movement of art – the winds and the rains. Beautiful light reflected in the morning sunrise or evening sunset or even a falling star. The sounds of art – hearing the ocean waves or a thunder storm.

What about the respect for art?
What is inspiring to one person may not be to everyone. The person who is creating the art – that work satisfies something deep inside that person. So it’s so important to be respectful of that person’s talent!

We need to learn to appreciate art!
These girls have all experienced art in many forms. Some play piano, violin, and even French horn. Some are really good at putting it down on paper, and some even like to sing!

Beautiful results!
When our time came to an end these beautiful flowers were expressed through these girls paintbrushes.

Today I pulled out a recipe from my childhood – Orange Jell-O Cake. My mom used to make this cake frequently during my growing up years. It’s a very easy recipe and fun for kids to create!

Pull out the ingredients, bake the cake as directed

Poke holes in the cake with a fork

Make 3 oz. Jello, any flavor, as directed and pour over the warm cake

Chill for 2 hours or over night; top with Cool Whip

Sunny weather, a very talented, willing teacher (thank you, Anni!), creative girls, discussion about God and His creation, beautiful, inspiring music – and Orange Jello Cake.

What more could we Balcony Girls ask for today?

I love how the girls could take home a completed project – one that was ready to be framed! I don’t know if you are like me, but I appreciate my kid’s art.

(Want to know more about my Balcony Girls group? I’ve been meeting with the same group of girls now for 3 years, going on 4. We focus on God and relationships. Check out my sidebar to read more about it!)

I have an idea everyone is going to ask about the “hands” photo. The girls stood behind the shade that we pulled down in our patio area, because the sun was so bright! Cool pix of Anni and the girls!!

34 comments on “Balcony Girl Artists and Orange Jell-O Cake!”

  1. YOU are an artist my friend. What a wonderful time they had and beautiful post.


  2. What a completely wonderful idea…I love that your artist\cousin taught an art lesson with the balcony girls!
    And all of the art is absolutely beautiful!
    (And yes, that hands photo is awesome)

    My husband was an art major, so I have persuaded him to sit down with the girls every other week for a short art time with them. And they get so excited over it! (Partly because they love art, and partly because they can have this special time with their daddy!) :)

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful edifying time with us!
    Oh, and I think I want to try that jello cake! :)

  3. morning Sandy

    oh wow, a great post, you are creating such a wonderful heap of memories and learning for those gals for sure!

    hmmm and the cake sounds delicious


  4. I remember that cake. We used to call it Poke Cake because of the holes you poke to pour the Jello through. Sweet nostalgia! I love being reminded of things that have slipped away.

  5. Beautiful! I have framed art from my kiddo’s and I couldn’t love it more.

    I must try the Jell-O cake! Maybe this weekend..

  6. How fun! I’ve been seeing posts from a few people on using water colors. My girls love drawing and painting. We may pull some out and do the same thing.

    I am planning a holiday craft day with the girls (I hope). Once we’re in our house…hopefully by November 13th. I thought it would be fun to let each of them invite friends. we’ll order a super fun holiday craft kit from Oriental Trading, ask each girl to bring $2 to cover the cost (since money’s pretty tight), and make a craft, have hot chocolate, some other yummy goodie and listen to christmas music! The girls love the idea.

  7. Great blog girl! I love it. You have made me hungry at 9:30am in the morning. I yearn for your “want” to entertain too. I wish I had it in me like I used to. Can you rub some off on me? Ha ha! Thanks for the compliment on my pictures over on my blog this morning. It really means a lot to me. I soooooo appreciate you taking the time to comment. Keep in touch and I’ll do the same – DEFINITELY – now that I know how to find you. Wink wink! :)

  8. Hi Sandy!
    I just discovered your blog and am enjoying reading all your archives. I love the idea behind “reluctant entertaining”. It is right where I am. One question, in all your pictures you are wearing the cutest tops…where do you do most of your clothes shopping? Hope you don’t mind the question!

  9. I love these lessons of the Balcony Girls. This was exceptional. What beautiful art work.

  10. Such a wonderful post. Thank you so much for sharing this fabulous art experience with your Balcony Girls. What a precious time for all of you.

    I too love orange jell-o cake. My aunt used to make it and now I do.

    Memories created and remembered.

    Thank you.

  11. This looks like such a great time. I want to be a Balcony Girl!!! What valuable lessons these girls are learning.

    Love the picture of the girls raising their hands. The most beautiful pictures are of the artwork that was done though.

    I’ve made that cake before( also doing it with lemon) and it is delicious. I love old, familiar recipes.

    Thanks for you comment on my post. Our daughter has been struggling with migraines and has had the worst one yet these last couple of weeks. God has answered so many prayers through this. We are so thankful and He continues to restore her health.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  12. Your girls’ and your cousin’s artwork is so pretty. Your balcony girls group is such a neat idea, along with all that you are teaching them. And the cake recipe sounds great. :)

  13. Hi Sandy! Beautiful, beautiful post! Visiting your blog again was just like visiting an old friend ~ you should have seen the smile on my face. :-)

    I've been really busy these days with Root & Sprout, but I'll definitely find the time to catch up with you.

    Hugs, to you!

  14. I am so inspired by the way you set up an opportunity for the girls to create…..and your sisters art is amazing! Does she sell any of it?

  15. What a lovely post…I love kids art because it is so uninhibited and enthusiastic. I am also excited about your blog. A new place to kick my feet up. :)

  16. I would have loved to have been a Balcony Girl on this day.

    A good reminder for all of us that we need to stop and take some time to let the Creator flow through us.

    Stunning pictures!

  17. How impressive. I’m glad you played classical music while they created. I played the classics a lot while my kids were growing up. Thanks for stopping by my site today and thank you for the cake recipe. : )

  18. I loved every one of these photos. Especially the one where the girls were in shadow. I’m sure you could sell that to some photo company as a stock photo. Just stunning.

  19. I love this idea to teach girls about their creative sides! And what wouldn’t be better with a little cake? :)

  20. I love, love, love this! What an amazing idea and opportunity to speak positive words into these precious girls lives!

    You are doing a wonderful thing and I love the idea of using art. I would have loved to have been there myself. I’m sure the young girl inside of all of us would appreciate such a precious gift.

    That cake looks delicious too! I’ve just crawled out of bed and it’s making me hungry for brekky!

    Have a great weekend xx

  21. What a fabulous time that must have been, art, fellowship, creativity, and eating CAKE!!

  22. We create because we are created in the image of the Creator!

    Loved your valuable lesson on creativity… its something that flows within all of us.

    Yum, Jell-O cake!

  23. What a great group of girls and you – the leader. Glad your cousin is so talented and was willing to share her talent with the group. That is an important lesson – sharing talent with others.

    Also, your cake sounds great and now I am hungry!

    Betty in Oklahoma

  24. I love that the girls were invlolved in an art lesson. So many time older kids are so busy that we forget to let them just paint and be creative. I know my oldest daughter loves to come home and find that little brother is painting. This gives her an opportunity to join in. I also love the way you tied it in with the perfection that only God can achieve.
    We love that cake too.

  25. OH! I loved this post. I wanted to climb right into the computer and create with the girls. Hugs, Sonya

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