Don’t expect a bully to ever apologize to you, because in most cases, most of the time, the bully thinks very highly of herself. -Paul Coughlin, The Protectors

These were the words that my husband shared with the Balcony Girls last week as we discussed The Theatre of Bullying, as we met on a beautiful, sunny day in southern Oregon. There’s the star (the bully), the target (who is not a victim), the authority, and the by-stander. And in the theatre, you’ll find most bullying happening in places where there is a lack of supervision. Non-assertive kids are the #1 target! And research suggests that girls use social media more to bully (or be bullied by) than boys.

My husband told the girls the story of Greg …

I shared some stories from my growing up where I lacked courage …

Everyone has a story about either being a bully or have been bullied during their lifetime.

Paul explained to the girls that bullying is not about miscommunication or misunderstanding. It’s not about anger management. Bullies often think they are WONDERFUL, and with girls, they are often prone to jealousy or envy.

Power of Two
-Find a friend and make an agreement that if you ever see each other being picked on, you will stand up for each other.

-Be watching out for each other on Facebook or any social media, because people can be really stupid and say mean things.

-Make the agreement with each other that if you see someone else being picked on, you will stand up together for that kid.

Dignity equals our worth and value. It is something that should never be stripped from a human being.

As parents, teachers, and leaders, it’s never too early to start teaching our kids about courage and that it’s required of us!

We made our own delicious homemade chocolate sauce. Yum.

Decorated the inexpensive bottles (thank you, Rachael Ray!)

Poured the sauce in the bottles and each girl took theirs home.

Homemade Chocolate Sauce
Serves 8

3 cups cocoa
4.5 cups sugar
3 dashes salt
4.5 cups water
3 tsp. vanilla

Stir together. Boil 2-5 minutes, stirring rapidly, until sauce begins to thicken.

Set aside and cool (store in fridge).

Pour into bottles.

It’s the best for sundaes or milk shakes, for strawberries or garnishing a dessert.

If you have kiddos, do you make it a priority to discuss and teach courage to your them?

(You can read more about Balcony Girls, HERE. My Ebook 2 will be coming out soon with 8 more valuable lessons on virtues, one specifically on COURAGE and BULLYING. Paul is speaking nationally on The Theatre of Bullying. If you’d like to bring him to your school(s), visit his site, HERE.)

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