Our Words can cut like a knife, I told my Balcony Girls last month as we met after school.

As Hanna cut through an apple with a knife, I told them, you can never take your words back.

Our Words can shape us, sometimes for the rest of our lives.

They can also affect another person’s life forever!

It was a simple Balcony Girls lesson as we focused on slander.  

Slander is saying something about someone that is not true. Words spoken that may damage the reputation of another. Ouch!

Just for fun, and because the girls LOVE this game, we played the Tasting Game.

I blindfolded each girl as they dipped their fingers into 12 different tiny cups of … vanilla, pickle juice, hot sauce, cherry juice, cinnamon.  You name it, they tasted it.  And Ally was the winner, getting 10 out of 12 right!

I love the creativity that spills over with these girls when we do projects. Last month my niece Lisa came to help me with BG, and we painted large canvas bags. (See more Lisa talent, here.) This time each girl decorated their own apron to give to their mother for Mother’s Day.

How appropriate for Abby to make for her mama

Beautiful flowers, soccer moms, and bright fun colors

As the girls painted and decorated their aprons, we talked more about our tongues.

There’s always a lesson to learn about our words.  For the younger Balcony Girls and for the not so young (me!)  

I love opening my home to these girls.  It’s easy, fun, and I learn something every time!