Balcony Girls take a Taste Test!

Our Words can cut like a knife, I told my Balcony Girls last month as we met after school.

As Hanna cut through an apple with a knife, I told them, you can never take your words back.

Our Words can shape us, sometimes for the rest of our lives.

They can also affect another person’s life forever!

It was a simple Balcony Girls lesson as we focused on slander.  

Slander is saying something about someone that is not true. Words spoken that may damage the reputation of another. Ouch!

Just for fun, and because the girls LOVE this game, we played the Tasting Game.

I blindfolded each girl as they dipped their fingers into 12 different tiny cups of … vanilla, pickle juice, hot sauce, cherry juice, cinnamon.  You name it, they tasted it.  And Ally was the winner, getting 10 out of 12 right!

I love the creativity that spills over with these girls when we do projects. Last month my niece Lisa came to help me with BG, and we painted large canvas bags. (See more Lisa talent, here.) This time each girl decorated their own apron to give to their mother for Mother’s Day.

How appropriate for Abby to make for her mama

Beautiful flowers, soccer moms, and bright fun colors

As the girls painted and decorated their aprons, we talked more about our tongues.

There’s always a lesson to learn about our words.  For the younger Balcony Girls and for the not so young (me!)  

I love opening my home to these girls.  It’s easy, fun, and I learn something every time!

16 comments on “Balcony Girls take a Taste Test!”

  1. I love it! What a great illustration for them. I love that you do this, Sandy.

  2. Sandy, this is SUCH a timely and important lesson. I LOVE IT! My sweet 9yo has been letting some not-so-sweet things fly from her mouth this year, so on her spiritual birthday, I gave her Ephesians 4:29 as her verse for the coming year (Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen.). I told her not to focus on avoiding bad words so much, but to focus on the good words. I love your idea about the apple, however…she is very visual and this is a great way to SHOW how words, once said, can NEVER be unspoken. Thanks for the idea!!!

  3. I am so inspired by the wonderful influence you have on these beautiful girls!! I am a mom of 3 girls and you encourage me, as well as remind me to help shape my child’s heart to be prepared to listen and hear the word of God! Thank you!

  4. What a great lesson!!

  5. Such important lessons to learn this young. And a great reminder for us all- no matter what age:)

    What a great bunch of girls you have there! You are doing a great thing- having them in your home:)

    Have a great week!

    Linda C

  6. Such important lessons to learn in such a fun way!

  7. Great lesson-again! One of my daughters is dealing with a friend who is quick to use harsh words towards others. We have been finding words that God has given us to help fight through the fearful times. . .Thank you for your work and words of inspiration and learning for this precious group of girls!

  8. I always love these entries about the Balcony Girls. The lessons are for us older girls, too! And isn’t it something that all of them have the same hair color? They are all such cuties!

  9. I love this lesson-what a great reminder on the power of our words! And what a fun group of girls.

  10. When I was a MS administrator, I would have the girls/boys read Madonna’s picture book on that same topic. Such an important lesson. I love to read what you do with the Balcony Girls.

  11. What a precious ministry you have there! and what a wonderful teacher you are! Have a blessed week. Jackie

  12. Aww–I love it! What an important lesson and creative way to teach it.

  13. You know I can’t pass up a post about the Balcony Girls. You are doing such a wonderful thing with the group. I love the last photo.


  14. What sweet girls….such a ministry to them….I love it!!! Are these girls from church, school, neighborhood? How did this all begin?
    sandy toe

  15. You are such an inspiration. We have changed churches and are praying for where we are lead to disciple. I loved my college girls and think I will end up with girls again. They are my heart.


  16. I’m always amazed at what you are teaching the balcony girls!! This is such an awesome ministry that you have!

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