Balcony Girls: Vim and Vinegar!

When you sometimes think of girls, you sometimes think of Vim and Vinegar! Our Balcony Girls group met again recently and this time we went to my friend Jeannie’s home, where she had everything set and ready to go – the lesson, craft, and a clean home. I just had to add the “clean home” because sometimes when I hold the group at my house, I am scrambling to get everything done.

One thing about hospitality for me is that it’s not always perfect, but it’s the thought that counts.

The willingness to open my home and “die to self” (or of embarrassment) when it doesn’t look exactly the way I think it should is letting go of perfectionism.

The girls made Lemon Thyme Vinegar and the lesson and the directions will be in my next eBook. If you have not checked out BG E-Book 1, it’s available here with 8 lessons.

Jeannie taught the girls about vinegar, and the variety of things that it’s used for. She taught how it’s used world-wide and she related it to different types of personalities and friendships, noting that sometimes the outside of a girl is not always what is in the inside!

Did you know that one rule that we have at our Balcony Girls group is that we do not use names of other people in conversation? It’s been a rule from Day #1 that the girls can talk about a situation, but no names. Saying names does no good. It can become gossip. The purpose of the group is to help the girls with life lessons that have to do with the relationships with others.

A tasty treat that we made in canning jars and ramekins were Apple Charlottes. Come back later this week for a sweet treat that you might just want to make for the holidays. It’s a really fun presentation and it is mouth-watering-goodness!

Back to Balcony Girls and opening your home to young girls. It would have been very easy for me to say “no” to this group, not always feeling that my house was up to par. But I put it behind me and realize that the time I have with these girls is far greater than worrying about what is not perfect.

The years would just whiz by if I was “stuck” on letting the condition of my home become a joy buster in my life.

I’d love to hear if you are currently hosting a Balcony Girls group, or if you’ve considered starting one?

I’m thrilled to share what’s taking place in out in Colorado, where a reader recently shared about her brand new Balcony Girls group:
We had our first meeting this past weekend….5 girls were there, the other five had prior “fall break” commitments. THEY LOVED IT! They were over the top excited that this was something we are doing each month. They were sponges! They were hungry and are starving for more. I am humbled by all of it. After school on Monday, one of the BGs got off the bus, came over and shared all that happened at school that day. The group of BGs (as they’ve called them selves) were so excited and still talking about all they had learned. They were even able to encourage one of the girls who was being bullied. They were able to support one who was up for an award and they were able to befriend a new girl who had just arrived at school. The seeds have been planted – mostly through your efforts and Balcony Girls.

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  3. I had to forward this on to my SIL with two tweens! What a great gift idea, love the bottles.

    Love that you are MY BG :)

  4. What an awesome lesson!!!!!

  5. What a fabulous thing to do with young girls! I always made it a point to have special times for my girls to have friends over to do something unexpected when they were younger…need to find the time to do it now that they are older and busier as well. Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. I’ve read several of your posts about Balcony Girls. I am intrigued. Is this a curriculum I could find or is it something you designed? I think what you are doing is fantastic. Kids need to know that there are grown ups that really care about them. I had that and it seems that a lot of kids today don’t.

  7. I have been thinking and praying about it. I definitely want to get your ebooks to help get started. I have lots of questions about it, but here are two: How did you decide who to invite? And how big do you let it get?
    Thanks so much for sharing these ideas!

  8. We have “Tea Time Tuesday” at our house- it’s just my oldest daughter and I right now and we have a sweet treat, use her choice of china, and discuss manners, godly traits we want to see her develop/that she needs to work on, and use it as a time of discipleship. I love your idea and would love to do something similar one day.

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