We Coughlins did not get around to getting our annual Christmas letter done this year (remember my post, Too Much Tradition?). So we’re sending all of our family and friends a special greeting from our home to yours!

And with this greeting, this beautiful gift of inspiration:

I came searching for you by lead of an extraordinary light,
Thinking, “Surely my eyes will behold a royal in splendor.”
There you were – small, unassuming, vulnerable.

You embarrassed me with your astonishing humility,
Knowing, “Were I such a king, I would expect honor and adoration.”
I gave it to you freely – not because you demanded it…You deserved it.

John Randall Dennis

Merry Christmas from the Coughlin Family!

(For family & friends who want a copy of our photo: Right-click on the photo & print).

Waitin’ around for Dad to get his camera ready!

Silly kids …

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