Black & White: Kitchen Pizazz!

After my kitchen was finished a year ago, I had this long, empty, bare wall – just waiting for the right “look.”

I knew at the beginning that I wanted to take photographs – some of our family and friends and some that I used in my book – and frame them on the wall. (Frameless pix in this area next to my pantry.)

I already had black frames, and added in white.

I’m sure there will come a day that I take these photos down or replace with newer ones, but for now, I do love seeing the strawberries that we harvest every year.

The simple picture of a fork and a paper napkin, symbolizing that it’s okay to use paper napkins!

Fresh green beans and sweet potatoes (recipes also found in my NEW book).

It’s a good feeling when I walk down this hallway. And yes, sometimes I have to straighten the pictures if they get bumped.

But for now it’s adds a bit of pizazz that feels just right, in the room where people congregate the most in our house.

Do you have room on your kitchen walls for family photographs, or what’s your favorite art in the kitchen?

(Do you recognize any of these beautiful pictures from The Reluctant Entertainer?):)

29 comments on “Black & White: Kitchen Pizazz!”

  1. Absolutely beautiful and so personal. I can see why it makes you happy and I loved having a glimpse of your kitchen.

  2. I love this idea, I have since the first day you did a post on it. I was sitting here thinking, “no, I don’t have space on my kitchen walls”, then thought”oh, yes I do”! Now to talk my hubby into it (C:

  3. There’s SO much LIFE! I absolutely love it and am inspired :) Thank you Sandy!

  4. I love your frameless pics, how did you manage those? I am always such a perfectionist when it comes to frames. Matching, same color, same size…then do they need to be all black & white if I use black frames…etc. I end up without very many pictures that make it on the wall.

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