22 years.
This week, being our 22nd anniversary week, I’m going to share a short story. Hopefully it will encourage and inspire somebody who needs a little bit of inspiration when it comes to entertaining, because I’ve been doing it for a long time!

By the way, I am very thankful for all my RE readers over the years; so many have become friends! I appreciate YOU!

Here’s my story: Think of two people coming together, newly married, both raised and taught to entertain in different ways.

Let’s do it this way.
Let’s do it that way.

Which way was right? (Our lovely engagement picture 22+ years ago!)

Engagement 22 years ago

In steps rigidity, the silent squelcher of joy and friendships. And also hospitality, and for that matter, marriages!

So take stubborn me, wanting to do things my way. And then take my wonderful husband, who also felt like his way was right.

22 years later?

We both learned to compromise, to bend, and to blend our styles. So now we really enjoy entertaining together!

Together we started creating new ideas and ways of invited people into our home, became more patient with each other, and when I felt like I was falling in to the “RIGIDITY MODE,” I came up with a new check system that I would ask myself. It challenged me to change and “bend.”

1. Do I want to be miserable?
2. Do I want my husband or my family to be miserable?

Keeping these two thoughts in the back of my mind helped me learn to make changes more easily and go with the flow.

Dinner Party on Havana(Dinner party about 12 years ago in our old house. Which feels like forever-ago!)

It’s true that guests will cancel last minute, our food doesn’t always turn out the way we think it should, kids get sick, and entertaining moments can sometimes seem like a flop.

But, in those moments, we learn to relax and realize that perfect rarely exists. Situations of “failure” may actually turn out to be life changing events that help us grow and change and learn to laugh and enjoy.

Thus, here we are today … inviting a lot of folks over for a home cooked meal!

Do you struggle with the curse of being rigid and wanting things to be perfect when you entertain?

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