Borrow a Farm for a Birthday!

My friend Barb decided to host an “Animal Party” on her farm, for their 8 year old, friend, Lexi’s birthday.
It was the perfect time of year for Lexi and her friends to enjoy the animals, and play farm-related games!

~Stick the tail on the cow.  A big cow was simply drawn on tagboard and tails cut out for the kids to use.  The kids colored their own tail, then were blindfolded and turned 3 times before they stuck (with tape) their tail on the cow.
~Find the candy in the straw.  A small pool filled with clean straw had “penny” candy in it for the kids to dig through and find. 
~Guess the number of pumpkin candies.  A mason jar full of pumpkin candies was set in front of the kids and they wrote how many they thought the jar contained.  The winner took the jar (and candies!) home.
~Eat like an animal.  Disposable bowls of Jello were given to each child and they had to try to eat it with no hands!

Party-goers also got to go to the barn to see the animals, and go for a ride on the hay wagon around the 20 acre hayfield, where they were able to see beehives and the neighbor’s cows (who tried to follow the wagon along the fence!)  The kids also experienced the bumpiness of the tractor/wagon ride!

The food existed of:  Jello!  Treat bags the kids wrote their names on (John Deere gummies, Teddy Grahams, Yogos, mini Cow Tails (caramel), a straw of drink mix, and candy the kids added to it from the games).  Also, cake and ice cream and drinks the birthday girl’s mom brought.

The total cost for Barb was really mostly for the candy!  Next time she said she’d consider using something like pumpkin seeds in the Guess the Number (of candy pumpkins) game, and maybe putting something like sunflower seeds and stickers in the treat bags, along with the treats they added from games.  Good idea!
Each child got to choose their own pumpkin from the garden as a party favor, providing a great ending to birthday fun!
And Lexi was one happy birthday girl!
I think you’d be surprised how farmers want to share their farms!  Especially with little kids.
So why not just “ask” and see if you can borrow a farm and have some birthday fun? 
My friend Barb always inspires me, as she often opens her home and farm to young kids. 
Hosting children is a great way of practicing hospitality and giving back to families who may live in the city!
Do you ever host others’ parties on your farm or at your home?

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  3. What a great idea! It looks like so much fun, thank you for sharing!

  4. Looks like it was great fun! What a good idea to "borrow" a farm for a birthday.

  5. Neat idea!
    When I was a kid, my parents sent me to stay at a working farm for a couple weeks. I never forgot how much fun I had, how great the food was and how hard everyone worked.

  6. Oh cheeze! Joe and his head are totally worth a plate of brownies, and more!
    If y'all don't have a farm connection, try seeing if a pick-your-own type place would host a party. We have one not far from us that has blossomed from originally just selling produce years ago to now having a petting zoo and hosting corporate parties as well.

    • I thought I recognized the “—- Animal Room.” You are an awesome, generous soul and a blessing to those around you. I’d love to have my birthday at your farm but it’s in December and waaaay too cold!

  7. Barb is the hostess with the mostest! I have fun as a grown-up going to her farm. You two (Sandy and Barb) are my entertaining and hospitality inspiration.

    Joe was in a nasty car accident yesterday. He ended up at the Trauma Center all day. Thankfully it turned out to be "nothing" more than a concussion (he was knocked unconsciousness!), a big head laceration, and a very banged up body (not to mention a totaled car). At any rate, guess who showed up today with a plate of brownies? That would be Barb! A perfect example of kindness and compassion when the going gets a little tough for a family. (The apple doesn't fall far from the tree… Her lovely daughter Grace showed up to help the kids yesterday, make sure they were well fed and managing okay while I was at the ER with Joe.)

    I'll take a party at Barb's homestead any day. :)

  8. How fun for everyone! Including "The Duke"….aka John Wayne standing there watching (O:

  9. This is awesome! I have a friend who comes up with the best birthday parties and I'm always so envious of her ideas. No farm or friends with a farm, but you've inspired me to try to come up with something special for my almost 9 year old.

  10. What fun! I love theme birthday parties, and so do the kids. My mom threw the best fall birthday parties when we were kids.

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