When my friend Jeannie gave me mint from her yard, to plant in my yard, she warned me.

Mint takes off. And mint multiplies. And mint just takes over!

But we love where we have it in our yard, and we use it quite a bit for cooking!

When my cutie-patootee niece came over for this party, we boxed up some starts for her garden!

I’m looking forward to trying a new dressing that Lisa shared with me.

Light Summer Dressing
Fresh mint, chopped
Olive oil
Lots of garlic 5 cloves+
1/2 tsp salt
Rice vinegar
Blend it in the magic bullet. Serve!

Jeannie didn’t know how much she’d be sharing the love when she passed down her plants to us!

Do have any herbs in your yard that you could pass on to other friends?