Earlier in May we shared an al fresco meal with great friends.  For no reason at all, except to be together.
The night started off blazing hot, but cooled down to a perfect temperature.
The kids’ ages ranged from 6 to 17.  Little Jonathan was concerned about whether he’d have fun or not, being the youngest with a bunch of teenagers!
I don’t think he lacked for attention or fun.  He didn’t miss a beat.
And when you’re having a great time, and no one wants to leave at the end of the night, what do you do?
If you’re Jonathan, you might just fall asleep.  

Or, just sit back and enjoy, and relax in the moment!

Brad’s Strawberry Coulis
(Sorry folks, Brad cooks like me:  Estimate ingredients, cook, and serve!  I don’t have the exact measurements …)
Lemon Juice
Grand Marnier
Hot Water
Boil over med heat. Transfer to blender. Puree untill smooth. 
Serve cold over pound cake with ice cream or whipped cream.  
Perfect ending to a great meal!
What is your favorite strawberry dessert?

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