California Dreaming with Recipe Girl’s Spinach and Cheese Stuffed Manicotti

RecipeGirl’s Spinach and Cheese Stuffed Manicotti is a great recipe to prepare ahead of time, then pop in the oven when the guests arrive!

Spinach & Cheese Stuffed Manicotti
In beautiful San Diego, a few weeks ago, a few blogging friends and I met and spent some time with Lori from Recipe Girl (who has a brand new cookbook out – we are so proud of her!) You may remember, I hosted a giveaway and posted her Upside-Down Brown Butter-Banana Cake recipe. My family was crazy about that recipe!

It’s fun to get to know other bloggers, and over the years many of us have traveled on various trips together. It’s really a treat to visit them in their homes and their kitchens! I love Robyn’s “In the Kitchen” series that she writes on her blog, Add a Pinch, with thoughtful interviews with other bloggers.  She wrote a beautiful post on Lori, here. Good job, Robyn!

Recipe Girl

When we flew in to San Diego, and got to Lori’s home, we enjoyed some mighty tasty appetizers and drinks. It was a typical sunny California day. Seriously, I could live there. SUNSHINE!

Good times with Heidi, Lori, and Carrie.

Girls at Recipe Girl's for appetizers

And then she treated us to one of her recipes from her new book for dinner – Spinach and Cheese-Stuffed Manicotti. You can also find this recipe, here. (Yum!) I love Lori’s recipes because she tells you how to lighten them up (calories), change them up, as in what to substitute, if they are gluten-free, dairy-free, or vegetarian. Brilliant!

This particular recipe is vegetarian with spinach and other cheeses. Manicotti is fun because you can really make it your own and have fun with the ingredients!

Lori is quite the entertaining gal. We sat in her formal dining room and her family ate with us. I love family-style meals. We got to know her husband and charming son, Recipe Boy!

spinach & cheese stuffed manicotti from recipegirl

The next day, before we left for the Big Traveling Potluck, we hiked down at Torrey Pines State Park.

Torrey Pines State Park

Beautiful – perfect weather.

We had a little excitement along the way, when a rattlesnake decided to scare the bejevies out of us.

Torrey Pines State Park

California dreaming. Love that song, even though it is about the winter months! :)

Lori for sure has hospitality down. You can tell she’s a pro – and she practices exactly what she writes about on her blog, and her book.

Thank you for your hospitality in sunny California, Lori!

What’s your favorite “spin” on making manicotti?

19 comments on “California Dreaming with Recipe Girl’s Spinach and Cheese Stuffed Manicotti”

  1. How fun! I can’t wait to get Lori’s new cookbook. I love using chicken in my manicotti and making both red and white sauces for it.

  2. Looks like such a fun trip! Sending you hugs; can’t wait to see you in 2 weeks!!

  3. What a beautiful place to hike (minus the rattlesnake, ack!!). And such a lovely meal with lovely ladies!

  4. That looks like such a good time and the manicotti yum!

  5. Cute pictures!

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  7. What fun times! I have a vegan recipe for manicotti that we just love. It’s one of those dishes that looks really difficult, but really isn’t that bad. It’s those slippery pasta shells that are the hardest things to deal with. Otherwise, it’s an easy, tasty dish! Thanks so much for sharing about your trip and the recipe!

  8. How fun! Love this post :) The manicotti looks amazing, toO!

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  10. Yup, we are spoiled with our weather but such is life, looks like Lori put on quite the spread for you guys!

  11. I’m dreamin’ of the next time I can see all of you lovely ladies! Love Lori’s book!

  12. Looks like a blast, and I’ll take a double helping of that manicotti right now!

  13. So fun! My fave spin is to make crepes instead of using the premade noodles. They are lighter and more delicate but still packed with flavor.

  14. XOXOXOXOXO I could have written the very same post about you, my friend. So thankful we met and are friends! Big hugs.

  15. Lovely post, looks like you guys had a blast! I love me some manicotti!

  16. Ah!! A rattlesnake!! Love all these pictures Sandy, and that manicotti has me craving it! I love Lori’s recipes for the same reason, being able to lighten them up. I’m heading over to check this one out! Looks so delicious.

  17. How much fun!!! I’m sure all of you had a great time, Sandy! It looks like the weather was gorgeous too!!! So happy for Lori and the success of her book – she is such an inspiration and truly amazing person!!! xoxo

  18. I love this story. Meeting and spending time with other bloggers has been one of my favorite things about blogging. It’s such a wonderful community of fun, friendly and giving people. So jealous you got to hang with Lori! She seems so awesome!

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