Catch the Passion

Have you ever noticed that some people have the uncanny ability to inspire those around them?

My mind goes back to about ten years ago to mouth-watering meals and magical evenings spent with friends. I walked away from those meals not only inspired, but I had a deeper feeling and sense of love toward those couples.

Authenticity and intimacy shifted from couple to couple, person to person. Because of those evenings, early on in our married life, a passion for entertaining was born in my heart. I was catching the passion.

What I came to realize was the more I started entertaining singles, couples or families in our home, the more I received from the other end. It became easier as I got my routine down.

Now I’m at the point where, as I prepare or pick up the house, (not that it’s mandatory to have a clean house!), I find myself thinking about the family coming over for dinner and envisioning our time together.

That might sound a little trite, but thinking, or praying, helps me to focus and get done what I need to!

Here are 3 easy steps to remember, and if you haven’t caught the “passion” yourself, maybe following these steps will get you going in the right direction.

1. Make it fun and simple (Commandment #2). Pull out an easy, standby recipe. Be organized by preparing ahead of time. Start off the evening with energy and optimism.

2. Remember it’s not all about you (Commandment #5 and #7)! Shift your attention from yourself to your guest. Don’t ask yourself, do they like what I cooked? Do they like me? How am I coming across as a hostess? How do I look? But rather, what do my guests need or what can I give them? And, help me to listen!

3. Show them your passion (Commandment #1). Charisma is letting your enthusiasm and optimism show by inspiring those around you. Don’t hold back! Show them the benefits of entertaining by experiencing an unforgettable evening. Kids are often so passionate about life. Including your kids as a part of the evening will always please the group! Your family’s charisma can inspire your guests to drop their guard and then they might follow suit with friends in their lives. And hopefully they will reciprocate. (Hey, isn’t that a great idea?!?)

Approach the evening with confidence and leave your guests with a gift, the gift of catching the passion!

(All photos are from Thanksgiving 2006, as our kids were so much a part of that day! And the guests loved it!!)

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  1. Hi, Sandy, I see that your hubby is on Midday Connection today with Moody Broadcasting. I love that program & try to listen to it often. I’ve already missed the live version, so I’m going back to listen once they get it up for replay. How neat that I met you & now I can hear your hubby on my radio station!


  2. I appreciate your advice so much. I always think that my house has to be perfect, and the meal spectacular to entertain. When I think back on some of the last minute get togethers they have been the most memorable.

  3. Hello!
    I’ve been thinking about you and your blog alot lately.
    I love to entertain and God has opened the door for me to use this gift.
    We do trackside support at motocross races and while my hubby is working out of the trailer I am hostessing out of the motorhome.
    It is a little different than most of my past entertaining, but it is so much fun.

    I make food and set it out on a table in my cute little baskets and people just stop by and eat.
    Lots of the kids only come with Dad, so their Dads send them over to eat. Works for me! I love it.

    I am praying that this will show them God’s love and build relationships as we tend to see alot of the same people all over the nation.

    Your blog has been an inspiration to me- thank you!!

  4. Your blog is truly a gift to your readers. I just discovered it and I can’t tell you how inspired I have been since doing so. I find myself in a bit of a quandry in that I love having people over but my husband really does not. Or rather he is okay with having ‘adults only’ over but finds other people’s children very challenging to be around. We have three children of our own but we seem to raise our children differently than alot of people. Anyway I wish my dh would be more accepting of the differences but he isn’t. He just does not enjoy having ‘families’ over. Sigh. I usually get my ‘fix’ for being hospitable during the week with my children and their friends and families. It’s wonderful and our home has become a haven to many of these friends but I still feel so sad that we can never do this as a family. Yes I have talked to my dh about this many times but he is so uptight that our guest feel it immediately and then everyone is uncomfortable so I just stopped trying for family/friend type gatherings a long time ago. Do you have any suggestions. I would love to be able to reach out to others as a couple/family like you do. Thank you for your blog! Christine

  5. I am blessed every time I come here – thank you for your writing.

  6. I LOVE your blog, and I SO want what you’ve got as far as the gift of and for hospitality! I also really need to improve my conversation skills! One reason why I am so shy~

    Our church has a dinner for six thing that it does every 3 mos. where 6 people get hooked up for dinners at each others homes, usually couples, but sometimes singles as well. Each couple takes turns hosting dinner for the others. We did this once, I was a little intimidated since we have 6 children, but I want to do this again soon! I will be back here for lots of tips, advice, and looking for recipes!!!

    Jenn =D

  7. I luv that aerial living room shot! It’s true–the more you entertain, the easier it becomes. We’re having a couple over tomorrow night and at this point, after years of doing this, my biggest challenge is to not get in ruts, but to occasionally look for different recipes or think of different ways to host (different times of day, different mixes of people, etc) Other than that, the routine is down and we know we’ll have a good time no matter how our preparations turn out!

  8. I love all of the photos, but the last one, espcially. You can just tell everyone is having a wonderful time.

  9. Great advice again! I especially like the get the attention off yourself and on to your guest concept. That’s a great mind shift to make! I have a dear friend with the gift of hospitality. For some of her dinner parties she sets the table and includes place cards then she prays over each chair for the person who will be sitting there later…

  10. I love that – leave your guests with a gift of catching the passion! I love reading your posts because I just love to entertain people in our home. I’ve gotten some great ideas and today reminded of the gift that entertaining really is. Thanks.

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