My husband and I wanted to start raising chickens a few years ago, so we started doing our research. After finding out that we could, realistically, have chickens in the city limits, we were told if there were any complaints or if we had a rooster – the chickens would have to go. Then we figured out that chickens just wouldn’t work with our pets: one dog and 2 cats. So we let our chicken idea die.

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Raising chickens are the big rave lately. I have several friends whose experience has mostly been pleasurable, who enjoy about 6 eggs per day, one friend 10-12!

I’ve asked what they do with their chicken manure. Easy answer: Put it on the vegetable garden! I know what I would do if we had chickens. I’d be composting it in our $5 compost system!

One of our friend’s sons is in charge of chicken duty each day, and gets to keep the proceeds from eggs sold to family and friends. Great idea for a 10 year old boy.

I was really delighted when my friend Barb was creative enough to send fresh eggs across the country in the mail! Yes, she sent eggs wrapped in lamb’s wool (in a carton) in an overnight box. How creative and fun. (And crazy! Thank you, Barb!)

And enjoyable as we made sure and made something yummy with the eggs, as we were all fighting over the farm-fresh eggs.

Do you raise chickens, or do you only buy farm-fresh eggs from the market?

OK, a little story about me. When I was 6 my family moved to the country. We got baby calves, ducks, rabbits, horses, cats and dogs. My job was to help my Dad make the formula, and then to feed the baby calves (above photo). But we never raised chickens …