Chocolate Cake: Freeze it to Give Away!

My daughter is the baker in our home, so we get to reap the benefits of tasting everything she makes. So delicious.

Last week she made a *Brooklyn Blackout Cake 2003. It was so late when she finished it, we had already gone to bed.

The next morning we all had a “sliver” and then froze the rest.

Cut into thirds.

Wrapped in plastic wrap.

And then popped it in the freezer … for a rainy day or to give away!

Do you freeze desserts for last-minute company or to give away?

*Delicious cake recipes from The Cake Book, by Tish Boyle!

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  1. I remember visiting a couple years and years ago. She baked cake layers and froze the unfrosted layers in the big round tins you get Christmas cookies in. I don’t recall if she used waxed paper or plastic or foil around the layers. It’s been so long, I can’t remember all the details, but she was able to throw a cake together for company very quickly with those layers already baked.

  2. I’d never thought to freeze cake this way before. Now that there are not as many of us living in this nest any more we can not possible eat it, or should I say we shouldn’t, all the cake. What a great idea! My daughter is up at WWU and misses our home made meals and so I have been making them in canning jars for her to pop in the oven. I do chicken pot pies and fruit pies in canning jars. I think you will enjoy this. =O)

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  4. OOh,Yummy!

  5. Hang on–you can freeze cake that’s frosted? Really?? I’ve frozen cookies, quick breads, pound cakes, etc., but never frosting. I had no idea you could freeze frosting!

  6. My mother-in-law made wedding cakes professionally. Her tip was to freeze a frosted cake UNWRAPPED, then when thoroughly frozen, wrap it in a couple of layers of Saran.
    Unwrap it to thaw. it will look as beautiful as when you first made it.

  7. That cake looks so good! Sometimes I do freeze cakes and cookies I’ve made. If I leave them around the house, they will gone in no time.

  8. I often freeze loaves of quick breads [banana, pumpkin, cranberry-orange] and cookie dough to have handy for company or hostess gifts. It works great and is always appreciated.

  9. I love freezing desserts for a future time…. I wrap my cake in plastic and then foil, and if freezing for any length of time, in another layer of plastic wrap. It will even keep the top layer of a wedding cake YUMMY for enjoying at the first anniversary. :o)

  10. I love homemade piecrust. I really despise the storebought variety! But I really don’t enjoy making it. However, now that I have finally conquered piecrust, I usually make extra and freeze it in the piedishes. I just put a piece of plastic wrap in between and stack them up (I have half a dozen dishes – I just freeze whatever is leftover.) I haven’t had success with freezing the dough, but in the dish it works beautifully and is ready to thaw and fill with a pot pie, a quiche, fruit, whatever.

    I also try to ALWAYS stock cookie dough! It’s so nice when we have unexpected guests (like yesterday) drop in for coffee on a Sunday afternoon and I can pull a pan of hot cookies from the oven…without messing up my kitchen.

  11. I usually freeze cookie dough, I’ll mix a double batch (or more) and make the balls, freeze those on a cookie sheet and then pop them in a freezer bag once they’re frozen. It’s really nice to have cookies nearly on hand anytime, and it keeps me from eating all the cookie dough!

  12. I also just thought of Poppy Seed Bread/Cake. I usually make it for the holidays. It makes several loaves, so I make it in advance and freeze them. Then, pull them out, wrap with a ribbon, and give as holiday or hostess gifts.

  13. I has never crossed my mind to freeze desserts…that may be due to the fact that my family thrives on dessert, and it would never make it to the freezer. We aren’t so keen on veggies. Maybe we could freeze them and give them away ;)

  14. I’ve never frozen a whole cake, but always keep cupcakes in the freezer. We eat gluten free and since I don’t expect the host to offer gluten-free treats, I like to have the cupcakes on hand so the kids can take them to unexpected birthday celebrations. They defrost pretty quickly.

  15. This sounds soo good! I’m not sure it would last long enough to freeze or giveaway (C:

  16. That cake looks delish! I think I could eat some for breakfast right now! I’ve never froze a cake, but I often freeze loaves & mini-loaves of banana/zucchini bread to have as gifts. Reminds me that I need to make some ASAP ;)

  17. I’ve always been a little hesitant to freeze things. I do have a couple of hor dourve recipes that I freeze to prepare for the holidays but, next time I have the urge to make a cake I’ll consider 3/4’s , so my family isn’t compelled to eat the cake in a couple of days!!! Save us the calories!

  18. Lately, I’ve been freezing more and more, and I’ve been delighted to discover that it’s a terrific way to save goodies until I need them!

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