RE Friday Round-Up: Christmas Decorating with Apples

Apples, Apples, Apples.

Such a simple, inexpensive, and beautiful way to decorate during the holidays.

Decorating with seasonal fresh fruit is easy, colorful and interesting. You can start with holiday greens as the base, and then mound or arrange the apples in interesting containers.

On the counter – add a wreath to a large white bowl and fill with apples.

Apples and evergreen topiary – HGTV.

Outside – my front porch.

Creative wreaths – BHG.

Make your own centerpiece – BHG.

On the mantel – my friend Melissa’s house in Seattle.

Enjoy a scented wreath – Paula Deen.

Hang from the trees – holiday cheer from Plant Talk.

Apple candle holders – BHG.

Dried apples – ambience with tea lights.

What clever ways will you be decorating with apples this holiday season?

11 comments on “RE Friday Round-Up: Christmas Decorating with Apples”

  1. What a beautiful round up of ideas. I love finding ways to use edibles in decorating.

  2. Love it! You inspired me to incorporate 3 granny smiths that had been hanging out a while in my refrigerator drawer…up on my mantel. (Along with one little tangerine for a pop of orange among the pinecones and greenery.)

  3. Years ago I had an apple “tree” form. Sadly, it got lost in one of our moves, but I loved decorating with it, especially at Christmastime!

    Back when we were young marrieds and on a VERY strict budget, I always made a Williamsburg-inspired centerpiece using fresh greenery from the yard and fruit. Apples were the mainstay of this decoration because they’re so affordable. I would stick a wooden toothpick or skewer into the apple and then stick the other end into a styrofoam form of one shape or another. The apples not only stayed looking pretty for a long time, but they made the room smell good, too! :)

  4. How cleaver…I really liked these ideas. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Absolutely stunning! This Thanksgiving, I had green apples in a simple wooden bowl and two glass jars filled with cranberries on either side of them…it was rusting, but charming!

  6. What great ideas, and absolutely beautiful pictures!

  7. Such wonderful ideas! I am trying to keep things more natural this year. I just purchased rosemary trees for our pots up front and love the idea of adding apples around the bottom!

  8. So pretty!! Filing this idea away! We buy chocolate covered dried apples that the Hungarians make- amazing!

  9. I’m going to make a dried apple garland this weekend thanks to your inspiration. I’ve done this before in a wreath form. The only difference is I use red and green apples and don’t peel them first as Paula does…you know Paula Deen ;-) Aren’t all we crafty, chef types on a first named basis?
    Thanks Sandy!

  10. Something I’ve never done – used gold apples on trees but never fresh. Like the look of them now that you’ve introduced it to me. Couldn’t use them outside though – they would freeze to death poor things.

  11. Love decorating with fruit, too. It reminds me of Williamsburg. I have to chuckle at the apple, pinecone and nut wreath. Just drove in from running errands and there were 4 squirrels in the front yard. The squirrels would be ALL over that wreath!
    Happy Friday.

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