When we moved into our home a few years ago, we thought its original lighting was kindof cool. The retro style fit our 1978 home. These cool round fixtures are inside the house, on the front porch, and outside on our back patio.

When Paul was on a recent speaking engagement, he ate at a restaurant which had some really cool lighting! Hey, it looks a bit familiar!

Yes! I’m so glad we left these fixtures to add to the uniqueness of our home!

Things don’t have to be perfectly new in our homes to make them cozy and warm, do they?

When we entertain, we know that our time with our friends is way more than the meal served, or even the outdated fixtures.

And I bet our guests don’t even notice!

Do you have something in your home that bugs you, that you want to change up a bit? How about changing your perspective and viewing it in a different way?

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