For 4 years, we’ve entertained in a very small, dilapidated kitchen.
We’ve had problems with our oven, our stove at one time had only one workable burner, the original 30+ cabinets were starting to fall a part, the vinyl floor was peeling, and the list goes on and on.
Our plan was to remodel right away, but … like many people, it took us 4 years to get started.
With the help of friends, my husband and family doing the demolition, and my Dad drawing up the plans – it’s finally coming together.
Summertime has been perfect – because the kids are a part of the project.
I love to see my daughter at work (soon after, she did wear a hard hat and glasses!)
And my sons working together.
It may take us time to complete what we started, but we’ll get there.
It’s not going to stop us from entertaining, like when 35 people came for 4th of July, and Balcony Girls summer fun is up and coming, and the high school youth group comes next month. Plus I’m sure we’ll have numerous dinner parties, where our friends will all contribute and we just make it work!
What I really love about a family project is that unity, and that we can all take ownership of what’s accomplished. Even in a mess …
Oh, but it doesn’t come naturally for teens to get in there and help.  Yes, our kids are a HUGE help, but it takes many talks, family meetings, and direction pulling the family together to tell them the plan, vision, and what their jobs are to be! (Like this picture of Paul talking to the kids … )
Do you have a MESSY project going on in your home, where the whole family is working together?

(Top photo: early stages of gutting – it looks a LOT different now!)