I love entertaining. And I really appreciate the different seasons in which we can create a lovely table setting. My table settings are so simple, one might even criticize me for being too simple.

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I always think ahead to what I want my table to look like. I use what I already have and come up with a simple plan. The idea is to not get stressed-out over “the look.” Most of the time the guests will not even notice. Can you believe that? All the work you seem to put into having a dinner party, and the guests walk away and 2 weeks later probably won’t be able to tell you the details of how your table looked.

We worry way too much about things that do not matter. We live in an image-driven world that derails us. We get sidetracked, limited, and suckered in.

A year ago we were over at the High Desert at our friends’ house, which they generously shared with us. My daughter and I went on a walk and we created the table centerpiece from some weeds. We added them to a canning jar that I had just washed out.

Our lovely work of art!

Whether it be your piece of creativity, or your children’s work of art, I’d love to hear of your most simple, classy, inspiring, creative centerpiece – one that surprised you with little time it took to make?

You know mine. Weeds in a jar. Candles will do. A single bud. Tree branches or garden herbs!

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