When it’s time to shop for a party, make a list of what you need to buy.

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– Stock up on little notebooks at the Dollar Store or start a list on scrap paper
– Go through your recipes and write out what you need to buy
– Keep the list out on the counter where it’s accessible
– Make sure and take the list to the store with you

One thing I’ve done when entertaining is try to only go to the store once for each event, so it pays to be organized. I just don’t have time to be running from store to store. Another little tip is that if I don’t have something, I try to improvise.

With the internet now, did you know that you can Google what you are trying to improvise? I find so many great tips through “Google” when I’m short or run out or I just don’t have a certain food item.

How are you with improvising? And do you find that making a list before a party helps you to stay on task and organized?

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