Be prepared. It seems that in anything good that we do, something bad always happens. As in, no good deed goes unpunished. LOL.

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Inviting people into our homes is a good thing. We need each other. We’ll die in isolation if we don’t prioritize fellowship.

So mistakes will happen, things will not be perfect, people will cancel at the last minute, kids will be sick … but I have a few tips for you.

What if people cancel?

– Have a few back-up friends in mind to call last minute
– You can be honest with your back-up friends, but don’t make a big deal out of it. USE HUMOR (regarding why they were invited last minute)
– Think about your neighbors for last-minute
– If you can’t find someone, it’s okay! Enjoy a wonderful meal with your spouse, or kids.

Although it’s disappointing, t’s not the end of the world if your guests don’t come. This has happened to us many times over the years.

Life happens. People cancel. It’s reality … and it’s all about attitude and perspective when this happens.

Have you been disappointed with your guests canceling at the last minute? If so, what was your back-up plan?

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