The guests have arrived, you’ve made your introductions and everyone is having a great time, drink in hand, mingling and enjoying appetizers. The music is humming in the background and there’s a yummy smell in the house.

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Entertaining reminds me of Thanksgiving Day, when life smells of really good things. Turkey. Family. Friends. Thankfulness. Love. I always know that a good time is about to take place.

My favorite way to entertain is a sit-down dinner. I love to plan ahead, set the table, and serve my guests. But thinking back to my early days of entertaining in a home of less than 1000 square feet, I had to be creative.

I explore the different options for serving in my new book, The Reluctant Entertainer, even various dinner party ideas, but the easiest, least-stressful way to serve a meal is buffet style.

I now have a long center island that works beautifully for serving, but some other options are:
– clear off your piano or desk or sideboard for dishes or food
– set a piece of plywood or an old door on sawhorses or book shelves and cover with a beautiful tablecloth
– transform your dining table
– set up folding tables in your living or family room

Entertaining for me is a bit of work up until it’s time to serve the food. You have to be organized in bringing it all together. People are depending on you to make it happen.

But once the guests get the food on their plates, and I serve myself, I can relax …..

Ahh …….

Have you learned to be creative in the way that you serve your guests?

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