Dining with others is an intimate act. And as the hostess, once all of the hard work is done (preparing, cooking, and sometimes cleaning) and the guests are eating, it’s time to sit back and to enjoy the best part of the evening.

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I love watching others enjoy one another as they eat and drink. Again, it all comes back to my Commandment #1: Hospitality is not about me. It’s about making others feel warm and welcome. (Did you know that you can print out my list of Ten Commandments?)

This frees me up. I don’t have to put on airs, try to be something I am not, or act the part. I can enjoy people for who they are who want to be with us in our home. It becomes about “them.”

Enjoying the moment is like the icing on the cake. It’s sweet and it tastes good. It feels right and it makes my heart happy and thankful when people I love are around me and enjoying themselves.

At this point the tone of the evening has already been set, and as I let go of all of the imperfections (and possibly mishaps throughout the night), I get to sit back and enjoy every moment.

Do you enjoy observing others in your home when you entertain?

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